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Posted in: Culling of 330,000 chickens begins in Kagawa after avian flu confirmed See in context

Meanwhile Denmark is to cull all farmed mink in the entire country (some 17 million). What a year indeed...

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Posted in: Man arrested after refusing to pay hotel bill for 15-night stay See in context

50,000 dollars for a 15-day stay? What was this, an Aman resort?

As the hotel is apparently located in Hamajimacho, I am pretty sure it is Amanemu. The other hotel in that area capable of such a bill is slightly outside of Hamajimacho.

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Posted in: Japanese firm wins world's 1st sustainable label for tuna fishing See in context

Tell the younger Japanese to watch YouTube videos about Norwegian Salmon farming. I guarantee they will never eat again.

Yes, unfortunately it is going in the wrong direction. Salmon used to be healthier and rich in oils, now it’s becoming more similar to chicken after being fed soy their whole life. Not to mention the salmon louse problem and the fact that the salmon way too often escapes the farms and destroy the natural salmon population.

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Posted in: Japan must avoid rise in property tax for commercial land: LDP exec See in context

I own 3 companies in Japan and I have to pay “ residence “ tax on my offices, every month. Never heard something that stupid. That is for the privilege of paying office rent, Including tax, so we can work to pay corporate tax, and tax on salaries. And personal taxes.

If you indeed own 3 companies you should know how to reduce your tax by now.

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Posted in: Japan to mark 75th anniversary of World War 2 end in scaled-back ceremony See in context

Why is Japanese news always full of WWII news?

Indeed. Full of it lately. When you look at the comment section, you will understand why though.

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Posted in: Man who feigned coronavirus at town hall gets suspended sentence See in context

Corona sure brings out the crazy in people. Lots of these cases unfortunately. Worst case I’ve heard so far was a woman in Norway who spat a random baby in its mouth while saying “Corona Corona”.

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Posted in: Pandemic derails Abe's strategy to revive regional Japan with tourism See in context

Let us not forget Hotels as well that charge per head rather than per room.

This is perfectly normal.

"The hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops expanded business, perhaps too much, since inbound tourism was bringing in so much money," said Nobuhiro Doi, president of major regional lender Bank of Kyoto.

This. There are guest houses literally everywhere here. Everyone jumped on the trend just like they did some years ago when Machiya (traditional town houses) restoration was the trend. There are some seriously dodgy Chinese developers here which buy out tons of old houses in just a couple of years and rebuild them into guest houses (they run them or try to sell them to Chinese investors). Chinese taxi companies also expand, again having a huge pool of luxury vehicles in no-time.

I am also concerned by all the low quality souvenir shops popping up everywhere selling cheap junk trying to make a fortune on tourists. I wish Kyoto could focus more on high-end tourists. They built some good hotels here lately (Aman, Park Hyatt), but they need to stop washing out the culture with cheap gimmicky crap aimed at Chinese mass tourism (e.g. “you can dress as legendary Ninja!” and then they give you a black hood and a plastic sword to pose with. Sigh). /rant

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker wants sales tax ditched See in context

A wage tax is like a penalty for having a job.

Exactly. This is why the middle class (the employees) will always be the most taxed and one of the large reasons the rich gets richer.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs ¥1.13 tril in reserve funds to cushion impact of virus See in context

You are not going to get anything it's all going to go to industrial companies that SUPRISINGLY are linked to the LDP.

I understand what you’re saying, but most, if not all, companies we partner with have received huge money support without too much hassle. These are all small businesses. The government needs to reconsider this “drop in sales” requirement though, as this does not apply to new business which does not have any sales yet. The local office here tried very hard to help us (had a long Zoom meeting) saying that we only needed a tiny amount of income (in December), basically anything, to qualify. However having started up in December we have absolutely none, and will thus receive 0 JPY.

By the way, there is something called 給付金 which is a flat out payment you can use as you wish, and 助成金 which will cover your expenses for various things (new business ideas, creating new websites, keeping your employees etc). I must say they are generous enough towards businesses at least.

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Posted in: Abe says no need for another state of emergency over coronavirus See in context

You will need to tighten your belt and live frugally during the lockdown.

For business startups it is not that easy. If you lose your entire income for up to a year, it doesn’t matter how much you metaphorically tighten your belt. For instance, companies which started up in late 2019 with no income in December get no support, a terrible “loophole” which I hope they address soon. The taxes keep coming though, everything OK in that department!

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Posted in: Hiroshima marks 75th anniversary of A-bombing See in context

Look what they did to Singapore Hong Kong, Guam, PI, Vietnam etc.

Forgot to add Taiwan to your list?

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Posted in: From outbreak to surrender: World War II in the Pacific See in context

The timeline starts in the middle of the Pacific War, only when the US finally became involved.

No, it should start as far back as the the power balance in Asia before and after the opium wars and when Perry forced Japan to open. Japan had to either join the race or become colonised. Unfortunately that meant that she too had to expand throughout Asia. Looking at WW2 without background and context is stupid at best.

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine a symbol of haunting wartime legacy See in context

Adding that I did not only mean the Tokyo trial (e.g. Yamashita went to US Supreme Court in the end).

Revenge driven trials were common unfortunately.

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine a symbol of haunting wartime legacy See in context

It amazes me how the winners of wars get to choose who are the war criminals.

It all started with the insane Tokyo trial. Just by looking at General Yamashitas trial, it doesn’t take many brain cells to realise that it wasn’t a fair trial. I do think they should remove the “war criminals” and enshrine them elsewhere however, just to see what China and Korea will come up with next.

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Posted in: Abe to attend Hiroshima, Nagasaki events marking U.S. atomic bombings See in context

@Cricky and @bokuda haven’t read many books since middle school I guess?

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing cow, stealing its head See in context

Seems like they were trying to bring the cow (Kuroge Wagyu btw) with them but gave up and tried to slaughter it on spot (to sell the expensive meat perhaps?). The head was found nearby.

Bizarre to say the least.

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Posted in: Gov't considers stockpiling 'Abenomasks' after delivery plan draws criticism See in context

Just stop it already with the masks...

How about receiving even the first ¥100,000? Admittedly I applied a week or two after the form arrived but it's been over 2 months and still nothing in my bank account.

Got mine really fast after applying (about a week). Where do you live? Either they are extremely slow, or you accidentally crossed the “do not wish to receive” bracket.

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Posted in: Japan reports record new coronavirus infections for 3rd straight day See in context

400!!! Next are we heading towards the 4 digit mark?

And you honestly think we are not way beyond that already? Half a year in a mega-city like Tokyo with half-arsed measures, surely the infection rate must be huge. Have yet to see people dying like they did in the US/Italy however. I guess we’ll see after Obon.

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Posted in: Gov't issues false strong quake alert See in context

I'm pretty sure it would've taken them all of 5 minutes to determine nothing was happening.

Then maybe you should teach them?

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Posted in: Japan, China to work toward restarting travel See in context

Oh wouldn’t chairman of ANTA and China friend Nikai love that.

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Posted in: High court acquits assistant nurse over fatal doughnut suit See in context

The Japanese judicial system is sometimes just so bizarre.

Sure is when you only read English news.

The lady ate the doughnut and fell unconscious immediately. She was brought to a hospital where she died 1 month later from a stroke.

6 years to clear her name. 

Nobody blames her. In fact 700 000 signatures were delivered to the Tokyo High Court demanding her acquittal.

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Posted in: Gov't persists with 'Abenomask' giveaway, reigniting social media outcry See in context

No joke, I have been walking around for the past month and my little game is to spot someone wearing this mask. Not a single soul so far. Only Abe on TV looking all comical.

Doing the same game. Have seen about 5-6 the past months. Always elderly ladies.

Think I will use mine as cleaning cloths.

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Posted in: Children of Jewish refugee who fled Nazis thank Japan over visa issuance See in context

The history needs to be taught correctly in the classrooms.


Everybody praises Sugihara, but nobody mentions Higuchi Kiichiro, the man who convinced Tojo Hideki himself (the so-called “Hitler of Asia”) to save thousands of Jewish refugees by letting them enter Manchuria, even though it would make Germany very unhappy (they were trying to establish a concentration camp in Shanghai after all).

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Posted in: Japanese student criticized for campaign against excess plastic packaging See in context

Biscuits and snacks are not individually wrapped in many countries. The ones you don’t eat you put in a tin for later, that’s how the rest of the world manages. Things are horribly over packaged here, it’s ridiculous.

Agreed, but don’t forget the high humidity. Things mould incredibly fast here in this season. I don’t think it justifies the excess use of plastic however. As mentioned in the article, there is also the Glico Morinaga and similar incidents. It’s easy to do a flat out comparison, but countries will always be different. Luckily things are changing slowly bit by bit!

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Posted in: Supreme Court rejects appeal by 'vagina kayak' artist over obscenity See in context

And it is the responsibility of actual advanced nations to shame this socially and morally under developed group of islands into change.

You sound like some missionary from hundreds of years ago. Good grief...

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Posted in: U.S. State Department OKs possible $23 bil sale of F-35s to Japan See in context

If Japan is to take more responsibility in protecting the Pacific region and keeping China in check, it is going to have to build more Izumo-class ships armed with fighter jets.

yep, but they are not allowed to have “offensive weapons” due to the constitution.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 124 COVID-19 cases Friday; 70% in their 20s and 30s See in context

Closing in on half a year of Covid-19 in Japan now. Why are we not dying en masse yet with these half hearted restrictions?

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Posted in: Japanese women feeling pressured by image of perfect 'mama': study See in context

Sorry, but in Japan, I feel more for the salary man who has to be a slave in the office until retirement (or death...).

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Posted in: 18-year-old girl arrested for not paying ¥160,000 Tokyo-Shiga taxi fare See in context

It is not for the driver to give the customer the third degree as to whether they can pay, they tend understandably to become aggressive.

Normally yes, but we are talking about an 18 year old girl who could’ve taken the much cheaper and faster train. Only 8 p.m. in the evening. Seems quite odd if you ask me.

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Posted in: Japanese start traveling en masse on 1st advisory-free weekend See in context

At least this shows that a lot of Japanese people obey the restrictions despite no legal penalties. The fear of being judged by society lies deep here.

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