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japan at its best

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a good thing to increase pay considering the dangerous condition of the operations in particular to the health of the workers themselves. maybe this should be increased more as the country must need them more now than the tepco executives who are just sitting and watching from their very first class office.

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well, whether u call it diplomatic tongue or what other names u might give it, i will think the president of SK also has made the right decision in not considering this meeting, as the response "extremely disappointed" to me it also shows how forceful this kind of invitation was, i think leaders as well sometimes have to test their counterparts on how sincere they are to whatever they propose.

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Document signed, checks cashed, apologies accepted, matter resolved.

u must be right, but, u keep on skipping u'r own politicians' actions and words in downplaying what your cruel history has done to u'r neighbours..of course u already paid large sums of money, thats the fact, but of course another fact is politicians are also still downplaying and try their best to hide what should not be hidden to free Japan from all the hates and pain that still inflicts its very next door neighbors.

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The more Japan apologizes, the more Korea demands apologies.

yep, and the more japan downplay history's reality, the more they will expect future meeting invitations to be accepted and respected. :))

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Japan is “extremely disappointed” that South Korean President Park Geun-Hye sees no point in a summit with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, an official said Tuesday.

extremely disappointed? do they really expect that asking for a meeting with a neighbor like this will be very easily accepted like that? did they really mean what they ask to SK or they just want to make relations much more complicated. i am not sure whether this is an intelligent official response from Japan. it looks more like an emotional response. or maybe it simply shows the kind of habit that Japan also don't want to humble herself when it comes to such matters but perhaps making themselves always on the top. how can u find new close friends if u will always want to be like that.

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one good vid documentation of the fukushima problem, a bit long but might worth watching.


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welcome to Japn Katy, is she going to perform somewhre or promote something, or is she just on a trip to have a 'looking good' pose at the airport!!

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Japan does, and that is why Abe is able to take the hard-line. He, or rather Japan's diplomatic core, has worked this out with the US. The US has Japan's back.

well, that might be the meaning of the security pact, having each other's back. but i think the security pact was there as well as a means to deter the rise of china, but not to solve any disputes of any sort. and i don't think japan should use it as a means to give warnings to china, etc.

while the US still tries to sort out its probs as well in the middle east through diplomacy (under the current govn't) rather than military, well i think japan can maybe try that as well, but looks like leaders never tried to do that. don't expect china as well to go to the ICJ - they will never do that i think.

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So it shouldn’t take that path, and many nations expect Japan to strongly express that view.

i don't think many nations expect japan to express that view or i might be wrong. true that there is a security pact with the US, but the US sometimes confirm that they are not going to take sides in such disputes. i think japan should not depend on the US (no matter what the security pact means) as it is a developed country itself, so perhaps it should develop its own network to try and solve this rather than waiting for another round of scrambling jets, and warning each other, etc.

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if Abe san cannot himself make diplomacy work, then maybe it would be good if he spend money on setting up an "intellectual team" who can maybe try ways to make diplomacy work. i think this would be a good project not only for the sake of japanese but for the sake of neighboring countries. and perhaps it would be better to spend huge amount on the things that would drive peace rather than on the things that would drive conflicts and war.

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President Xi Jinping adopted a more conciliatory tone at a conference on diplomacy this week, saying good relations with neighbors were crucial to a stable foreign policy.

how can good relations be achieved - i think this is a controversial question that needs to be answered. From Abe san:

He said he had realized at recent meetings with South East Asian leaders that the region sought leadership from Tokyo in terms of security

yes, but maybe they might be looking for a peaceful and diplomatic means as a first step rather than staggering weapons and readying everyone to once again shot each other.

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On October 14, IAEA experts began a mission to assess clean-up efforts at the crippled Fukushima plant.

good to kno the involvement of IAEA. hopefully this will bring things more into perspective and for a faster recovery of the crippled reactors.

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Kyodo also said Abe had told reporters on Saturday he still regretted not visiting the shrine during his earlier term as prime minister.

he still has no willingness to balance his views between war criminals and the victims of WWII. quite natural to pay respect to war criminals in this government, as if japan is still in the samurai period. and if two or three very close countries are still making it their political agenda to maybe gain political points out of this, isn't it possible for japan to stop this and be a leader in mending ties? how about restructuring Yasukuni shrine if it is still one source of hate from our closest "to-be future allies"?

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maybe this Doctor should try to challenge any political position in future, he has an outstanding broad view not only for his own prefecture but for the safety of the most affected citizens in this country. i do believe that he should receive more aid from the nearby municipalities as the message from the central govn't is nothing but 'under control'.

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credit goes to the hard-working rescue team who are still working around the clock within this very affected area.

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the hardwork pays off, both are cute by the way, Mao san and her young fan!

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omedetou gozaimasu!

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He has not visited the shrine in person because he wants to rebuild relationships with China and South Korea.

the PM identify Yasukuni shrine as one of the diplomatic obstacles with the said countries however, sending ritual offering is just no difference with visiting. and such war criminals are still glorified - looks like the only strategy for them to instill nationalistic feelings - and perhaps to keep their posts!

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i think japan's problem is not its current constitution, maybe it would be good to look carefully at u'r closest neighbours before u change article 9. changing the constitution can be good because of the presence of the US and its balancing to Asia. but without US presence, i think peace in this region would be more doubtful once the govn't change its position on how its should be able to not only defence but maybe also to attack.

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perhaps things will gonna be fine, except the fukushima area, hope this one will not cause more leaks, it is an headache to see if it will again allow tons of contaminated water running to the sea and the nearby environment.

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condelences to the family, this is not its supposed to be..the father may not know how to swim, but his love for his two children breaks all boundaries..

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Posted in: Stalker hid in closet at girl's home before killing her See in context

maybe police roles should be increased in this area, it is very sad that the life of an 18 year old (pretty young lady) - someone who has future graduations and dreams for herself and her family, was taken just in minutes when she was in a very defenceless position against this brutal attack - from some kind of coward, uneducated, abunai stalker. RIP young lady.

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what wrong to safety first. i think hospitals should be the first to be well equipped in times of emergencies like these, RIP.

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the PM was talking about women issues in the UN but never mentioned any relation of it to this story or any others that were already been heard. Japanese politicians are just afraid to talk about reality. looks more like they have no more visions and/or willing to approach it and try to solve it. or they are just tired of it. can be part of why most seats were empty during the speech. the world might be tired as well of the same stories as I think there is nothing new to learn from it. and i think addressing women issue is not only the goal of japan but every country are looking into this issue. there is something that makes japan exception into issue. and what is that! i don't think i heard it during the speech.

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Posted in: Abe pledges global focus on women's rights in U.N. speech See in context

tried to listen to his speech, expecting to hear his govn't's plans to tackle diplomatic problems with very closest neighbors, which might includes the rhetoric surrounding yasukuni shrine, maybe the issue around comfort women, major disputes, and others, but none were addressed. looks more like shifting everyone's view out of Japanese reality, or maybe his govn't won't try to address those as well.

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such a happy meeting.

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quite strange if China support the idea that any country should not try any attempt to defend or prepare themselves against any threats from NK. to some extent it also means they also support NK.

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so this drama finishes this Saturday, thanks for mentioning that.

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Posted in: China says it is ready to talk if Japan admits isles are disputed See in context

It would be more interesting if this can be brought to the ICJ. i think Japan should win this one. but if they win, is China going to end their sailings around the islands! i think no.

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