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Posted in: Calls for 'smartphone free' childhood grow in UK See in context

Both of my Gen Z offspring received their first smartphone when they were independently capable of financing it.

Basically, they had to earn it. Even though they were paying for it, I retained control and could take it away at my discretion. Total tyranny. And I exercised my authority often and with a vengeance.

They are grown up a bit now and free from my oppression. They both turned out just fine.

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Posted in: Blinken tells democracy summit that technology must sustain democratic values See in context

Interesting. Could you provide some examples?

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Posted in: Blinken tells democracy summit that technology must sustain democratic values See in context

Define MAGA.

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Posted in: Israeli airstrikes hit camps in central Gaza See in context

Why aren’t the Egyptians, the Jordanians, the Lebanese, the Saudis, the Emirates or any of the other sympathetic Arab countries in the region taking in Palestinian refugees?

The King of Jordan was pretty clear about the issue when he declared that his nation as well as Egypt would not accept any Palestinian refugees.

It wasn’t that long ago that Lebanon actually killed thousands of Palestinians.

Is there something they know the rest of us are unaware of?

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Posted in: Jacob Blake speaks out for first time since police shooting See in context

Also, you didn’t bother to comment on Blake’s message either,

"But nothing about the message that Jacob was putting out to his community." That's a comment BTW.

but instead decided to disparage me for not doing so.

Pointing out that you didn't say anything about Jacob's message, is just that, pointing out a fact. It's only disparaging if I was criticizing you. I wasn't, I was merely pointing something out.

The hypocrisy we’ve come to expect from the right.

Okay. But, Jacob Blake had something to say, you could at least acknowledge that.

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Posted in: Jacob Blake speaks out for first time since police shooting See in context

@P. Smith

Did you read what Jacob said? Or watch the video?

As of the time that I am posting this you have made nine posts to this thread covering a number of different issues. You've taken issue with the police, conservatives, Trump, Trump's people and posters with different opinions than yours. But nothing about the message that Jacob was putting out to his community.

Jacob Blake had something to say, you could at least acknowledge that.

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Posted in: Harris' mostly virtual campaign to get Wisconsin road test See in context

Most far rightists pushing ultra-nationalistic authoritarianism can only see existence in binary terms

How many far right, ultra-nationalist, authoritarianism pushing people are out there suffering from non-binary vision impairment? Any idea of the actual number? Sounds like a serious problem.

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Posted in: Harris' mostly virtual campaign to get Wisconsin road test See in context

A Trump supporter disparaging anyone for lying is comedic gold. How many lies does Trump spew in a single hour?

So you concur that she is a liar. You just find it funny in a "pot calling the kettle black" kind of way if a Trump supporter points it out.

As to your question, I'm interested in the answer myself. Exactly how many time "does" Trump lie in an hour?

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Posted in: Suspect in Portland protest killing dies in hail of gunfire See in context

He was ex-military 

The DoD has no record of a Michael Forest Reinoehl. Of course he didn't say which army he was in.

He got in an argument with a pro-American protestor and decided to shoot him dead in cold blood. 

Photo evidence from security cameras shows Reinoehl standing on the sidewalk looking in the direction of the victim and his companion as they approached in the distance. Reinoehl then ducked into an alcove in the front of a parking garage to hide his presence and waited until the two men walked pass his hiding place. Reinoeld is seen in the footage with his hand grasping something in his waist band or a pouch. As he passed, the victim is seen looking back at Reineohl at which point he and his companion crossed the street and out of the view of the camera. Reinoehl is then seen emerging from his ambush spot and running in the direction of his targets. Footage from different vantage points shows Reinoehl approaching his intended victims from behind shouting and as his targets turned to face him he shot one of them, fatally.

No argument involved, just a targeted murder. But I wouldn't call it cold blooded. Reinoehl was burning with a sense of outrage and self importance. He clearly believed he was a crusading white knight striking a blow for justice. If you watch his VICE interview and then see the actual circumstances laid out in clear view, it's spooky how deep his delusion was. But the spookiest part is that, this level of Delusional Disorder is becoming mainstream and more and more people have abandoned even the slightest attempt at differentiating between what is real and what they want to be real.

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Posted in: Biden slams Trump over alleged comments mocking U.S. war dead See in context

Okay... so let me get this straight. The Atlantic publishes a story based on informants statements, but the informants don't want anybody to know who they are because they're afraid of Twitter. None the less, the Atlantic pushed ahead. Apparently the Atlantic felt it was their duty to publish what is, essentially, a rumor because it proved how bad that orange man is. Aha! Exposed the Devil is.

So far at least ten officials, who were there at the time, have publicly gone on record to refute the allegations, but the "sources" are still anonymous. If they exist it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who they are. These kind of events are highly planned and orchestrated and also highly monitored. Based on the after action reports from field agents and data collected by electronic surveillance, the Secret Service is able to create a detailed timeline with the who ,what, where and when of every step of the trip.

According to the anonymous sources Trump made those comments within a specific context. In this case it was during a discussion about a helicopter trip. Referring to their time line the Secret Service will be able to identify every person in the proximity of the President in that specific time frame. A lot of people that fall in that group have come out, on the record, and strongly stated that this never happened. Even John Bolton (who was there) said he never heard anything like that. It might be interesting to see who else was there.

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Posted in: Head of Khmer Rouge torture prison dies a 77 See in context

My family has direct hands on experience with that.

You had family in the Red Guard?

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Posted in: Head of Khmer Rouge torture prison dies a 77 See in context

You just agreed it was the leaders, not the systems.

Okay... so the leader of the Khmer Rouge was Pol Pot, and Kaing Guek Eav was the chief torturer and executioner for the Khmer Rouge so essentially the top executioner and torturer for Pol Pot.

In contemporaneous writings and statements, Pol Pot's motivation for forming the Khmer Rouge were clearly and openly expressed. Pol Pot's quest was to build a society based entirely and literally on the ideals set forth by one Karl Heinrich Marx.

Kaing Guek Eav just "respectfully and strictly followed the orders" of a man who's dream was to bring the ideals of Marx to real life. What we saw back in the late seventies was a "system" of applied Marxist ideology on full display. The Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, were just trying to be the best Marxist anti-fascist they could be and the "system" they came up with was totally based on Karl Marx's version of socialism.

It is the system.

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Posted in: Biden hits campaign trail; blames Trump for city violence See in context

Kyle Rittenhouse who illegally carried an AR-15 across state lines

The rifle involved never crossed state lines, the rifle was legally purchased and possessed by a Minnesota citizen who lent it to Rittenhouse. The state of Minnesota is an open carry state and an exception is in effect that allows 16 and 17 year old's to carry a rifle or shotgun.

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Posted in: Biden hits campaign trail; blames Trump for city violence See in context

Biden's only been around since the campaigning started. This national divide has been happening long before that, especially right-wing murderers.

Biden has been around for 47 years, most of that a US Senator. And what campaign are you referring? 1972?

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Posted in: Rally supporting police draws scores to downtown Kenosha See in context

Expect worse. The far right, the internet research agency and fanatics are prepared to sacrifice the very fabric of reality in order to get their agenda across.

"Yeah, ain't it cool?"

John Travolta 1996

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Posted in: Rally supporting police draws scores to downtown Kenosha See in context

Why only mention Antifa and not white supremacist groups

Antifa is a white supremacist group. Take a gander at the booking photos of arrested antifa rioters, white, white and white again. Watch the videos of white antifa screaming racial epithets at black cops, lily white privileged "suburbanites" calling a black person the N-word. Racist to the bone and white as the driven snow. They feel like they need to be the voice of black people, why? Because they are white so their voice carries more weight.

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Posted in: Biden, aiming at Trump, says he won't use military as 'prop' See in context

A lot of mention has been made to the GOP running on platform of fear. Which more and more is looking like a winning strategy. Following Trumps acceptance speech C-Span's call in line was flooded with calls from voters who had identified as Democrat, before, but were switching parties expressly because of the Democrat response to the rioting. Many of them expressed a sense of frustration and fear and a deep disappointment with the the Democratic Party.

People are afraid, not all, but a significant amount. While the GOP has demonstrated a willingness to listen to them, give them a voice and offer a commitment to address the source of their angst. The Democrats have dismissed their fears and sided with the very forces that elicit them.

A platform of fear is far more effective when you have people who are actually afraid.

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Posted in: California, Florida, New York, Texas will not follow new U.S. COVID-19 testing plan See in context

suggesting that such tests may not be needed.

Two key words in this statement are "suggesting" and "may". In this case the CDC is proposing a theory that under specific circumstances the testing of asymptomatic individuals who have had contact with Covid 19 might not be necessary or advisable.

Suggesting is not dictating and may is not must.

Like Black Sabbath eluded to it is now up to the states to evaluate what this would look like for them and represent their citizens appropriately. As much as some people want to believe it, this is not Trump ordering doctors to stop testing. There are issues associated with testing too early like false negatives that go on to become positive and then inadvertently spread the disease. That's some of the science behind it.

So what are the responsible states doing now? Evaluating, like it was suggested they do.

What is Cuomo doing? Pontificating, like he always does.

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Posted in: 17-year-old arrested after 2 killed during unrest in Wisconsin See in context

 I think Dems have lost control of the monster they made

A lot of people are talking about how a civil war is coming. If you have been paying attention you will see that the civil war has already begun and has actually been going on for a while. It's just not the red vs blue, right vs left kind of thing that it seems most people are imagining.

This civil war is taking place within the Democratic party. On one side you have the establishment Dems like Pelosi and company and on the other you have the far left. Take notice of where these riots are occurring and who is in charge of the governments in those cities. The police departments under attack are the police departments of Democrat run administrations. The racist policies that have fueled the riots are the policies of Democrat run city and state governments, that have been in power for decades.

The establishment Dems are scared, the far left has dragged them so far away from the values that were once the foundation of classical American liberalism that it has become unbearable for many moderate and center left Democrat voters. Pelosi and Co. have bent the knee and tried to say all the right things to appease the extremists but all they have seemed to accomplish was to alienate the Democrat core and pushing more voters to Trump. It has to be a very uncomfortable position. If the Dem elite take action to quell the mayhem they will become the target of the extremist, if they continue to do nothing majority public opinion will turn against them. Either way they're screwed, and they know it.

Hillary just went on record advising Biden not to concede if he loses. She said that no matter what the actual outcome is the Dems can not accept it and will keep fighting until they win. Really. Even Don Lemon is worried because all the rioting is showing an effect on polling data and it's not good. Today Rasmussen reported Trumps approval at 52% while Trump and Biden are in a dead heat in fifteen battleground states. And this is before the pollsters have figured out a way of counting the "deplorables". Yep they're still out there and are pretty much uncounted. I guess we'll all find out in November.

Wow! After refusing federal help for two days of carnage the Gov. of Wisconsin has asked for federal troops, wow!

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Posted in: 17-year-old arrested after 2 killed during unrest in Wisconsin See in context

Let me remind you who is president now. FYI it's not a Democrat.

The Mayor of Kenosha is, so is the Governor of Wisconsin.

What do want? Federal troops in Kenosha? Do you think that Trump condemning anything will have any effect on the BLM rioters?

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Posted in: 17-year-old arrested after 2 killed during unrest in Wisconsin See in context

We were all chanting ‘Black lives matter’

That must have been have been in between the chants of "death to America" and "kill the police".

One lesson that can taken away from this, is that there no reset button in real life. People who want to go out into the street and pretend that they are righteous crusaders for whatever cause they think is cool are going to find out real quick that real life is a cruel master.

The shooter is seen on video "pretending" to be an EMT and tending to BLM rioters who were injured while participating in a little looting and rioting a few hours before. I bet he was looking for the reset when he was smashed in the head with a skateboard. And for sure when he shot his attacker in the head. He probably forgot all about that when he was running down the street being repeatedly jumped and knocked to the ground. I bet when he was on his back with a "peaceful protester" approaching with a handgun he was wishing he had never played this game to start with.

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Posted in: Man not likely to walk again after police shooting in Wisconsin See in context

As long as people continue to assume someone is guilty until proven innocent, things will never improve.

Does that sentiment extend to the police?

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Posted in: National Guard called out after police shoot Black man in Wisconsin See in context

I watched that video, it showed Jacob Blake resisting arrest with two cops trying to restrain him, it then showed Jacob Blake break away from the cops and begin moving around the front of his car. All the time that Jacob Blake was moving around the front of the car the cops, that he resisted and broke away from, were pointing their guns at him and telling him to stop and get on the ground. The video then went on to show Jacob Blake failing to comply with the police demands opening the door of his car and reaching in.

Jacob Blake has an open arrest warrant for domestic violence and sexual assault and an arrest record that includes resisting arrest, firearm charges.

What I saw was the police attempting to execute an arrest warrant and the subject of that warrant resisting arrest, assaulting the police and attempting to flee. Believe it, when the cops ran the plates on his car they not only verified that the fugitive subject of the warrant was present, but also received all the information about his prior arrest, for illegally possessing a concealed firearm and resisting arrest resulting in injury to police officers. So you have a guy that has a history of resisting arrest and carrying concealed firearms who is resisting arrest and reaching for something out of sight.

Is everybody supposed to disregard the circumstances of this event?

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Posted in: Trump says Democrats' convention was 'gloomiest' in history See in context

Maybe Trump found it gloomy, and maybe the Right found it cringe worthy, but the whole thing and especially Biden's acceptance speech clearly have had an energizing effect of Democrats.

So much so, that right after Biden's speech, some of his followers took immediate action to begin to "build back better". First step was to attack a 7 year old boy wearing a MAGA hat holding a pro Trump sign, the next step was to destroy the kid's sign and steal his hat. These warriors weren't deterred by the cries and pleas from the 7 year old and refused to return the hat. In response to the protestations of the 7 year old's mother the Biden supporter's physically assaulted her and a passerby. That's the way to "go get some", Go Dems!

Harris/Pelosi 2021

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Posted in: Trump says he'll send federal agents if New York City can't stop bloodshed See in context

Trump's troops left Portland with their flash bangs and gas hanging low. Chalk up another big L for Trump.

Federal agents never left. They disengaged with the rioters when that duty was assumed by Oregon State Police. The State Police have subsequently withdrawing from Portland citing the lack of prosecution by local authorities of arrested rioters. Rest assured if the Portland LARPers decide to go back to the courthouse there will be federal agents there to great them.

How much is this security theater, done for the benefit of suburban Americans worried about 'property values' and the 'others', costing the taxpayer.

Remember now, those "suburban" Americans are the "taxpayers". And they're not worried about "property values", they're worried about having their neighborhoods looted and burned. Now that rioters have actually begun to invade the suburbs those "worried" suburbanites have gunned up and are standing their ground. So far it hasn't worked out that good for the rioters.

By sending heavily armed forces to forcefully attack his opponents, Trump's showing once again he's just another Xi/Putin/Erdogan/Duterte running a thugocracy.

I guess we'll see that when it actually happens. Until then I guess we'll just have to settle for Orange Man Bad.

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Posted in: New Zealand drops plans for armed police patrols See in context

Maybe it's the American in me, but there's something intrinsically attractive about an empowered woman holding a Bushmaster M4.

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Posted in: Protesters march again in U.S. cities despite curfews; Trump vow to crack down See in context

What's the military going to do? Shoot people?

Probably, especially if some people start shooting at them. But you have to remember, the US military is not only about shooting people. They possess one of the most sophisticated intelligence gathering apparatuses on earth. These are the folks that can, and do, tap into cell signals, operate data collection platforms that can read a news paper headline from 25,000 feet. All they have to do is watch the events on the ground, listen in on phone conversations, run their very capable facial and voice recognition software in their very capable computer systems and start the process of identifying, locating and apprehending. Really all they have to do is run the thousands of videos posted online and they would be taking care of most of the data gathering right there.

If some LARPing wanna be revolutionary decides it would be cool to take to the streets and get a little wild they would be running the risk of having their image running through the system. Ever had a drivers licence.... busted. Ever had a college ID....busted. Bank account? Credit card? Forget about that, use it....busted.

But you shouldn't be worried about the military. The real danger is the suburbanites who are gunning up big time, as we speak. Over 6 million guns purchased in the past 3 months, 40% first time buyers and of those 40% women. With governors, mayors and police chiefs across the country standing back and letting the rioting, arson, looting and killing go on (pretty much telling people they are on their own) sooner or later regular folks are going to take things in their own hands. Picture if you will almost a million suburban Karens each armed with a gun and scared out of their minds. Scary, huh?

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Posted in: Trump threatens to deploy military unless states halt violent protests; Floyd's brother pleads for peace See in context

The country has been beset by angry demonstrations for the past week in some of the most widespread racial unrest in the U.S. since the 1960s

Ah.... the sixties. Anybody here old enough to remember them? If you do, and were paying attention, you might recall that the race based riots back then didn't do much of anything to usher in a wave of progressive policies. In fact, they were probably one of the driving forces behind the election and then reelection of one Richard Milhous Nixon. Nixon carried 49 states in 1972 as American voters shifted their political alignment solidly to the right, this as a direct result of the social and racial unrest that was unleashed on the American public by violent activists.

This is not a theory (conspiracy or otherwise) but the result of numerous studies examining the problem. A very recent study out of Princeton University ( as reported in the NewYorker Magazine) reports that, historically, race riots in America have not resulted in a shift in public opinion towards a more liberal progressive attitude but have, in fact, had the opposite effect with a clear backlash in public opinion and a major shift to the right. This study found that non-violent demonstrations did not have this effect. It's the rioting and looting that set the attitude shift in motion. It should be noted that neither Princeton nor the NewYorker are bastions of right wing ideology and this report was issued as a warning of what could happen in November.

If history can tell us anything about what is happening now, it might just be that the antifa and BLM activist passing out bricks and hit lists of who and what is to be attacked might as well be passing out red pills and MAGA hats.

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Posted in: Truck drives into protesters on Minneapolis highway See in context

maybe he was even driving down an unblocked multi-lane expressway, doing his job, driving his work truck.

Maybe this driver was thinking about Reginald Denny. Remember him?

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Posted in: Virus count revised, new clusters emerge as France reopens See in context

Unfortunately it looks like they jumped the gun.

Did you read the whole article, or just the headline?

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