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The difference being that the left is afraid of a very real danger, a president who is eroding America’s freedoms and democracy,

Now to really add some punch to that statement you should elaborate with something like "a president who is eroding America’s freedoms and democracy by......" And follow that with a specific list of examples where America's freedom and democracy have been eroded. That would be a slam dunk, as it is the statement begs the question, How?

whereas the right is afraid of a boogeyman created through trump whipping up fear and hysteria to get the people to let him erode America’s freedoms and democracy.

You just might be right on about the right being afraid of something but it ain't the boogeyman. They have a whole bunch of different reasons for their angst. Each one open for dissection and discussion and each one open to be judged on its merit or lack thereof. Offering examples of the right's fears and disputing them if it is warranted makes for a better comparison than just dismissing them as the boogeyman.

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There's nothing you can say to help Trump fans. They are terrified.

Republican men will feel less fear.

Okay, now that we have determined that the primary motivators for "Trump fans" and in particular "Republican men", are fear and hate. I think it's reasonable to ask what the motivators of the resistance are.

The resistance seems to have a really good hate on for Trump and it is a very popular activity among many of the resisters to imagine a litany of potential injuries and insults that Trump could probably inflict on humanity. You will find a lot of people within marginalized communities like the LGBTQ community and among racial and religious minorities saying that they live in fear of Trump and his policies. Their fear of what Trump might do, drives their acrimony towards him and his regime and that only exacerbates their fear.

Wouldn't that indicate that much of the resistance, just like the other guys, is motivated primarily by fear and hate? A good first step in any negotiation is to look for commonality. If both sides openly embrace their own fear and hate, then their positions and concerns will be more understandable to the general public. Unless the intention is to mislead, an open and honest discussion should be the goal. If both sides however, deny their own fear and hate and only assign that trait to the others, well then we have what we have now, I guess.

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Mexican TV has been running a news clip of one of the rallies in Tijuana where a guy on a loud hailer is addressing a crowd saying that "Trump was right. This is an invasion".

And? What does that have to do with anything?

What does "that" (what Mexicans think about the situation) have to do with anything? Isn't the sentiment of a significant number of Mexican citizens relevant in this discussion? After all it is their country. Why demean their voices in the matter?

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The mayor of Tijuana showed up at an anti migrant rally wearing a bright red "Make Tijuana Great Again" hat. Mexican TV has been running a news clip of one of the rallies in Tijuana where a guy on a loud hailer is addressing a crowd saying that "Trump was right. This is an invasion". I guess these guys didn't get the memo.

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This is an environmental problem that cannot be reduced to politics or a single person.

Exactly! This calamity has been decades in the making and there is plenty of blame to go around. But pointing fingers is not going to make the threat go away. This problem is not insurmountable but politicizing it and competing in a game of dueling diatribes only makes a solution harder to achieve.

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For millennia prior to the European discovery of what is now known as California, the native people maintained an ecologically balanced relationship with their environment which promoted the availability of useful resources and established a more stable environment. Early Spanish explorers wrote about vast parklike vistas of open grasslands punctuated by stands of oak. The open land was utilized for low intensity agriculture on a rotational basis and the oaks provided acorns which were an essential component of the native people's diet.

What the Europeans found was not a natural environment, what they found was an environment shaped and maintained by the native inhabitants. The native Californians were able to achieve this through their intimate understanding of their environment, it's natural cycles and through the use of controlled burning. By regularly conducting low intensity controlled fires the inhabitants kept the ground free of accumulated dead fall and brush while also benefiting from the temporary soil enrichment provided by the ash. The fires also kept the ground under the oaks clear of litter, this facilitated the gathering of acorns and removed fuel that if allowed to accumulate could feed wildfires that could injure or kill the tree.

Not all that long ago California used controlled burns as a fire abatement policy, and it helped. But in more recent times those kinds of policies have been discontinued. It is estimated that there are well over one hundred million dead trees in California's forests. Large tracts of forest land are littered with years of accumulated deadfall and are a tinderbox awaiting a spark. Recent wildfires in California have been so big because they have so much fuel to burn. That's an undeniable fact and it has nothing to do with Trump. If California doesn't want a repeat of this kind of thing it is going to have to clean up it's forests, simple as that. People can argue about why there is so much deadwood. Global warming, environmental policies, whatever. But the fact remains that the wood is there and if it isn't removed, it will burn.

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 as I look through the lens of facts, rather than the lens of batty conspiracy theories.

Did your "facts" lens happen to pick up the fact that one of the instrumental organizations behind the organizing and facilitation of this caravan was and is Pueblo Sin Fronteras. Pueblo Sin Fronteras makes no secret of the fact that they are a political organization with a specific political agenda. Pueblo Sin Fronteras' stated goal is to create a world without borders or impediments to the free movement of people. "This" caravan, like the ones before it, is part of the effort to achieve that end. What makes this caravan stand out is the sheer size of it and the subsequent political attention it has garnered. But it is still part of an overall political strategy.

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That’s not clear at all.

That depends on the lens you look through.

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I was watching an interview with a young Honduran guy, who was among the folks piled up at the fence in Tijuana. He expressed the opinion that he and his friends felt betrayed. Apparently (according to him) when the caravan recruiters came to his village they assured everyone that if they joined the movement they were certain to get into the US. Now, that the reality of the situation is sinking in this kid and his friends feel they were lied to.

I wonder how many others among the group have a similar tale to tell. I wonder how many have suffered hardship or even paid with their lives for believing the recruitment propaganda and joining in. I'm sure that the organizer's job was made easier by the rhetoric coming out of the US.

This caravan phenomena is about as organic as a polyethylene bucket full of GMO corn. Clearly, this was conceived, planned and executed as part of a political strategy. The sick part is the apparent willingness of the strategists to exploit the hardship of these people, just using them as pawns to advance their political goals.

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Who had been saying the caravan didn't exist?

Well, my old hometown boy Barack Hussein Obama for one. Then there are the towering intellects, Brian Stelter, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo. All of them said that the caravan was just a scare tactic on the part of Trump and repubs to effect the mid-term. All of them said that the caravan existed only in the imagination of Trump and his low IQ followers. So that's whos been saying the caravan didn't exist.


Calling Obama the boogeyman is not very nice. After all he was the best President, ever!

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If I was a Mexican, I would go to the border and sell tunneling equipment and fake US army uniforms

It might surprise you to learn that, right now, hundreds of Mexican citizens are blocking migrants from getting of their buses, chanting for the migrants to go home and leave Mexico. They are being told, loud and clear that they are not welcome and that they should go home or be arrested and deported back to where ever they came from. Reports from inside Mexico are that migrants have attacked the police and that fighting has broken out between Mexican civilians and migrants.

Pretty amazing when you take into consideration that Americans have been told for weeks that the caravan didn't exist.

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There's nothing bleeding heart about wanting to save your family from death squads, religious pesecution, rape and genocide.

So maybe the headline should be "56,800 saved"

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So it turns out this guy a is rabid trump supporter, had a van covered in pro-Trump stickers and posters, also had images of prominent democratic political figures and liberal personalities with crosshairs over their faces.

He also has a substantial online presence which was pretty much pro Trump, anti Democrat/media. He has an extensive criminal record including allegations of making bomb threats. In a 2012 bankruptcy proceeding he stated that he lived with his Mom (he would have been around 50 at that time). He was busted for illegal steroid possession ( he is also a bodybuilder).

He identifies himself as a member of the Seminole tribe and has promoted his native heritage in a number of businesses he has owned including a Native American catering company as well as a dry cleaning firm. He also worked as a road manager for a traveling male exotic dancer troupe.

This guy reminds me of the crazy chick that shot up You Tube. Same kind of narcissism, same kind of crazy.

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Just a friendly reminder, the deplorables don't like being called stupid. And a very predictable deplorable reaction to being demeaned and belittled is to go out and vote. Better hope that more deplorables don't read Japan Today comments because the level of self righteous "othering" here would almost certainly add a good tail wind to the red wave coming next month.

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 but is at the ready to call in the military to gun down women and children on our southern border. God help us all.

Do you honestly believe that the US military would gun down women and children for attempting to cross the border illegally? Do you honestly believe that Trump would order them to?

If the Mexican government is unable or unwilling to address this issue, the potential for a humanitarian crisis at the US border becomes a serious concern, for everybody. If it remains unchecked, this influx of people at the border will definitely overwhelm the already strained resources available and there is probably no organization better suited to handle the logistics of a humanitarian relief effort than the US military.

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Not a chance. Drugs are drugs; they are banned.

Yes, but a relevant question might be, why is cannabis banned in Japan?

The Japanese people had a long history with the plant's cultivation and use. I had a childhood friend who's grandmother had a beautiful antique kimono that was decorated with cannabis themed embroidery.

The laws enacted to criminalize cannabis were forced on the Japanese people, by the occupational forces of the U.S., not for public health reasons but because of the Americans anti cannabis bias.

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*In other words, nothing much has changed. But Trump wants his base to believe otherwise. *And they will.

Which only raises the possibility of another red letter day for the deplorables. If you want to really raise the odds keep calling them rubes and yokels, nothing gets the base fired up like being called names. For some reason it really gets them to go out and vote, go figure.

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I think the leftists have overestimated the the strength of their cards and may have overplayed their hand. Maybe the biggest miscalculation they have made is in reading the American public's sense of fair play and decency. The leftists like to think that they are the voice of America and only truly evil people disagree with them. But it might come as a surprise to some of you that there are a lot of Americans who don't agree with the rush to the left. And after the leftists let America see just how despicable they can be, there are a lot of Americans who no longer want to be associated an organization that is as sleazy as the Dems have become.

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but it's funny to watch you guys try and spin what Trump says into what you WANT it to mean

Yo Smith! Get a mirror.

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Wow! It's amazing how technology has changed our lives. Back in Jim Crow days the Dems would need at least a day to round up a lynch mob. Now with a couple of hyperbolic talking points, a twitter army on tap and a lot of eager participants they can string a guy up in a matter of hours. I guess that's progress.

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that would be rush of

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Wow! Incredible hate from the left on here.*

When a person eats their favorite food, their brain releases some dopamine and they feel good. Likewise when a person sees someone they find attractive, the brain does its thing with a little squirt of dopamine into the tuberoinfundibular pathway and again a good feeling is on the way.

The interesting part is that a normal brain responds to feelings of hate the same way. When a person really hates, the brain does its gig and sends out the feel good juice. That's why people love to hate. It not only feeds their ego by making them feel "better than", but it gives them a little rush dopamine as a reward.

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I think it would be legitimate to ask Dr. Ford some questions as well.

Like why did she go drinking with four older boys in the first place? And in light of the fact that she can't remember when it happened, of where, or how she got there, or how she got home; I think it would be fair to ask if she was drinking at the time of the alleged assault.

Alcohol has a way of playing tricks with people's memory and if she was drinking at that party it could be a significant factor in what she remembers and how she remembers it.

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They are murderers, not Muslims.

Don't tell them that. The takfiri ideology that drives ISIS strongly maintains that they are the only true Muslims and anyone that isn't with them is marked for slaughter.

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Okay. So, how many other refugees did China accept?

Matt Hartwell pegged that number at 154, but that was for 2015.

Do you have something more recent that would indicate a significant increase? I haven't seen anything myself that would indicate that China has changed it's stance on refugees. China has expressed a willingness to assist in the global refugee crisis by ponying up some cash to finance relief and support efforts in the refugees home countries and/or in third country refugee facilities. But still balks at accepting any foreign refugees.

China has a pretty nasty refugee situation right in its own backyard with the plight of the Rohingya in Myanmar. China has a vested interest in the region and desires to play a leadership role in regional activities so they identified (what they understood to be) the root problem and took measures to address it. The way they see it the real problem is an unequal access to resources, wealth and influence. So they went to work developing infrastructure and investing in economic development projects, aiming to raise the standard of living for everybody and reducing the gap between the insiders and the outsiders. They donated thousands of temporary houses and worked with Bangladeshi and Burmese officials to facilitate the refugees safe return to Myanmar. China is doing a lot to address the situation, but at no time did they offer to take in any refugees.

Maybe the virtue signaling western powers could learn something from the Chinese on this one.

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The US averages over a million legal immigrants a year, with close to 1.5 million in 2016. Legal immigrants have made enormous contributions to American society over the years and continue to do so now. All over world people are hitting up the local US embassy, filling out the forms, providing necessary information, paying their fees and getting in line. Millions have done it, millions are waiting and many millions are now living and prospering in their new country.

But this story is about refugees. In 2017 the US accepted and settled more refugees than any other single country on earth. Between 1982 and 2016 the US consistently accepted and settled more refugees than the rest of the world's countries, combined. Consider this, in 2017 Japan (the world's third largest economy) accepted 20 refugees. And China (the world's second largest economy) has refused to take any refugees from Syria at all.

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I thought the story was about Florence, you know the hurricane. I guess, what is turning out to be a very significant weather event, is just the back story. Apparently the real headline is that Trump is a jerk.

To paraphrase Rick James, TDS is a hell of a drug.

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 Why would Feinstein NOT sit on this since July if it was of strategic value to wait until now...

The only strategic value the Dems could find in this is if they could make the case against a vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation based on the fact that he was under investigation by the FBI. It was a stall attempt.

The FBI declined to investigate the issue, based on the information that Feinstein gave them, and turned the matter over to the White House for consideration. So that stall didn't work and Diane knew it wouldn't.

First off, any case of attempted sexual assault occurring in Virginia is a Virginia state matter. The FBI doesn't have jurisdiction and Diane knows that.

The real goal of sitting on this since July was to build suspense and plant the seed. Plenty of people had heard about the "letter" but Diane kept the details under wraps. She even hid the contents of the letter from her fellow Dems. And like I've said before, reality is no match for a propagandized imagination. By the time the rumor mill had gotten done with it, it was looking pretty bad, probably rape.

Now apparently, there really isn't much, if any, "there" there, but that doesn't matter. The seed has been planted and grown. Going into the future the Dems will use Kavanaugh's lurid past as an alleged, teenage, sexual assault attempter to try to delegitimize him as a Supreme Court Justice.

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The late timing really hits her credibility.

Two words, "Hail Mary".

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Crazy people find a way.

Ain't that the truth. And looking around the world, one could get the distinct impression that "crazy" is on the rise pretty much across the board. Looks like society is swinging away from the path of liberal progression and is becoming more reactionary, intolerant and violent. That's probably because humans, by nature, are reactionary, intolerant and violent.

You see it all over the place. Governments becoming more conservative and some more dictatorial. Extremist religious ideologies are finding fertile growing environments around the world. Genocidal policies, political violence in the streets, mass shootings and terrorist attacks all seem to be becoming the new normal.

It just might be that the progressive path that society has been trying so hard to stay on for the last 80 or so years, is just too artificial and contrary to basic human nature to be unsustainable.

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