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So far the Russians have reportedly conducted just shy of 4 million tests or about a rate of 27,000 tests per million of their population.

According to the article 114,431 of those tests were positive for the Covid 19 virus, with the article going on to report a death toll of 1,169. Those numbers are outdated, the latest update shows 124,054 total cases with 1,222 total deaths. That's an increase of 9,623 cases and 53 deaths since the numbers in the article were published, one day ago.

So, 3,945,518 tests resulted in 124,054 positives and 3,821,464 negatives. That's roughly 3.14% positive and 96.86% negative. Of the 124,054 confirmed cases 1,222 people have succumbed to Covid related complications with 122,832 either recovered or in treatment. That's a death rate among confirmed cases of 0.985%.

Given Russia's population of around 146 million, there have been roughly 850 confirmed cases per million and 8 deaths. Going just by the numbers, Russians have a .085% chance of infection and a .0008% chance at death from the Covid 19 virus.

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Except that day one wasn’t mid March.

We know because it was January.


The quote you included from January 14 states that the WHO reported that there was no evidence of human to human transmission. Hardly a dire warning to the world.

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Taking a look at what was going on between the CCP and WHO back at the genesis of this mess, is not such a bad idea. If everything is cool, then no harm no foul. If something cheeky was going on then I think most people would want to know. After all, it's much easier to form an educated opinion if you have all the facts, right?

Most countries, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum, were caught with their pants down on this one. And likewise most countries don't have the capacity, or will, to embed their own observers within the CCP medical research apparatus to keep tabs on potential problems. That's where the WHO comes in. Countries around the world have relied on that organization to lead the way and tell them what to do. Just how well placed that trust was will eventually come out in the wash.

As a side note, in the US the FBI is looking into a sizable grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology specifically for coronavirus research. Years back, it was determined by US health officials that research in these types of viruses posed a serious risk. The primary concern was the potential for accidental release of a novel strain which could potentially cause a global pandemic. For this reason the US placed a moratorium on this type research. Not everybody was happy about that, there were doctors and scientist that wanted to continue in spite of the potential danger. Among the dissenters was the US National Institute of Health. To circumvent the moratorium the NIH took money that they had budgeted for domestic coronavirus research and gave it to the Wuhan Institute of Virology as a grant. Essentially outsourcing this potentially dangerous research to the CCP.

Maybe if something fishy was going on with the WHO and CCP, it will show up when the FBI puts this whole thing under their microscope.

BTW: The US moratorium on coronavirus research went into effect in 2014, the grant from the NIH was awarded in 2015.

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So can we get back to the actual topic now?

Been there for awhile. It doesn't matter what subject is reported in the story. The real topic is, and will always be "Orange Man Bad"

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"The federal government has passed three bills to address this crisis. Of those three bills the state governments have gotten precisely zero, zilch, nada in unrestricted aid," 

The key to that sentence is "unrestricted aid". Back in late March, Congress passed a $2.2 trillion stimulus package that allocated just shy of $400 billion to state and local governments for coronavirus relief efforts. New York's cut was a little over $7.5 billion. New york also got a share of the $60 billion specifically allocated to support state education institutions, mass transit infrastructure and community development block grants.

So it looks like New York received a bit more than "zero, zilch, nada". Apparently, Cuomo objects to the fact that the funds his state received were specifically for coronavirus relief efforts and not a blank check to spend on whatever he sees fit. In other words, "unrestricted"

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This pandemic is having a very corrosive effect on a number of ideological institutions. The egalitarian underpinnings of the CCP have definitely been challenged. Now we see the Party, as well as, economic elites utilizing their disproportionate resources to protect themselves by any means with the regular folks bearing the brunt of the hardship. At the same time, individual cities across China are either becoming fortresses of their own or pariahs to be shunned. All kind of conflict is arising, with town against town, country folk against city slickers and so on and so forth. Things are getting pretty tribal.

I guess it boils down to ideology versus human nature. Marxism is not a natural condition for humans, it requires the suppression of naturally occuring tendencies and the continued maintenance of that suppression to insure the masses don't stray. Because if they are left to their own devices, they'll go feral. In this situation it appears that the Chinese have shaken off some of their ideological restraints and are returning to a more natural state.

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Are these re-infected or re-activated cases resulting in the pattern of disease progression that was seen in the initial outbreak? Are these patients re-developing symptoms, as well? The article reports the positive test results but doesn't say if the individuals involved are following a similar statistical trajectory in regards to hospital admissions, ICU admissions or mortality.

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Three weeks ago New Yorkers were being told to by their mayor to go about their lives in a normal fashion. Ride the subway, take the bus, go out with the family, catch a movie while your at it.

Something has come home to roost, but it sure ain't chickens.

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Thanks for the link. I checked it out but I didn't see Carlson "telling Trump followers that it's the medical community who are at fault for saying more physical distancing is needed."

I did see him saying “Once the coronavirus reached our shores the CDC couldn’t seem to produce working tests, Those were disasters. Many people died because the people we trusted to protect our health didn’t do it.” 

Criticizing the CDC's actions at the beginning of this crisis is a legitimate complaint. And that's who Carlson was talking about, not the medical community as a whole. And for sure, no where in the article did Carlson say anything about medical community being at fault for saying more social distancing is needed.

So I guess that part is a matter of interpretation and projection.

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Thats socialism

How? I always thought that socialism was a political and economic theory in which the means of production, distribution and exchange of goods are owned and controlled by the members of a society through direct action.

America is a Constitutional Republic where the citizens can express their interests by electing representatives at the local, state, and federal levels. And each of those levels has a responsibility to their constituents.

If an individual state determines that their economies can continue to provide goods and services due to their specific situation and in doing so provide those good and services to people who need them then they are not practicing socialism. They are practicing what a Republic is all about and be assured there will be a lot of capitalism involved.

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What are you talking about? Carlson was sounding the alarm about the Covid 19 threat to the US in January while the likes of CNN, MSNBC were breathlessly covering impeachment. In early February Calson did a long segment on his show about the situation in China and again reiterated the message that people were not paying attention to the problem. On March 7 Carlson went to Mar-a-lago to have a private meeting with Trump to push his message of the danger of this virus and the need to be prepared. On March 9 Carlson went on his show and in stark contrast to some of his FOX colleagues said, “People you know will get sick, Some may die. This is real. That's the point of this script — to tell you that.”

Meanwhile on February 1 from the Washington Post

“Clearly, the flu poses the bigger and more pressing peril; a handful of cases of the new respiratory illness have been reported in the United States, none of them fatal or apparently even life-threatening,” 

One day before that (01/31) VOX told it's readers "Is this going to be a deadly pandemic? No!"

Interestingly this was 2 days after the White House announced the formation of the Coronavirus taskforce and expanded travel restrictions for China.

And then here was Oxiris Barbot NYC Health commissioner who on February 2 told New Yorkers “There is no reason not to take the subway, not to take the bus, not to go out to your favorite restaurant, and certainly not to miss the parade next Sunday.” And then on February 7 “We’re telling New Yorkers, go about your lives, take the subway, go out, enjoy life”

Or Bill de Blasio reassuring New Yorkers on February 10 with “If you’re under 50 & you’re healthy, which is most NYers, there’s very little threat here. This disease, even if you were to get it, basically acts like a common cold or flu. And transmission is not that easy,”

To be honest I've been looking for the source for your statements but I just can't find them, could you please provide a link?

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" Intimate Partner and Family Violence, across the lifetime". That was my major in college, pretty heavy. I went on to work in a number of social service nonprofits focused on enhanced family outcomes and a very big part of that was addressing the effects of IPV, child and elder abuse and neglect. From my perspective, borne of personal experience, any and all fears that people are having about the negative possibilities presented by this situation are well founded.

My wife and I have been together 24/7 for nearly 30 years. We spent most days together. Doing stuff together, laughing, playing, and we also go to our own parts of the house to do what we want or need to do.*

Thats inspiring, honestly. Something like what you and your wife have, just doesn't happen by itself. It might seem like it to you, but it just doesn't. What you have accomplished together is a wonderful testament to a level of commitment and devotion that is sadly missing in many relationships in today's world. Well done.

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Too many people dying due to his incompetent response to the pandemic. It's hard to distract people from that.

Something must be working because 60% of Americans approve of the incompetent response. And in the spirit of better understanding, what exactly is the incompetence that is responsible for too many people dying?

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Donny’s administration is responsible for this.

Any details on that? What exactly is Trump responsible for? The indictment or the drug smuggling?

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How do conservatives get that Dems obstructed the passage when the article clearly states it was four republican senators?

The article does not clearly state that four Republican senators obstructed the passage of the bill, because the vote has not been taken yet. All the article says is four Republicans raised concerns about some provisions in the bill. While on the other hand, you have the article clearly stating that Bernard Sanders (D) has vowed to block the bill if those Republicans don't drop their concerns. In other words, shut up and go along or I'll vote to kill the whole thing.

In the last two tries the bill failed to be moved forward because every single one of the Democrats voted it down. Every single one, and that's 47 to be exact, voted to block this bill. It should also be noted in those votes every single Republican Senator voted for it. Every single one.

Maybe that's that's how somebody would get the idea that it's the Democrats that have been the obstructors in this emergency situation.

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@Bjorn Tomention

You probably should have left the gun thing out on this one. The article is about PM Ardern's announcing a nation wide lockdown in response to the Covid 19 threat. Bringing the gun issue into it comes off as using the Coronavirus situation to promote your agenda, or in other words politicizing it. All it achieved was for you to be labeled, demeaned and dismissed. That's too bad, because your observations (if true) about the lax security at NZ airports, are definitely pertinent to this conversation.

Based on direct observation of clinical cases it was observed that the average time between infection and the onset of symptoms was eleven and a half days, with ninety nine percent of the patients becoming symptomatic within a period of nine to fifteen days. The numbers we are seeing now are a result of what was happening two weeks ago. And it is almost certain that the numbers will continue to rise until the hoped for effect of the lockdown begins to manifest itself.

Right now the responsibility of the government is to take all possible steps to protect its citizens and address the health, economic, and societal challenges that are looming in the near future. But it is the people of New Zealand that hold the key to whether those efforts are successful or not. If New Zealanders get on board and follow the guidelines to reduce possible infection, then hopefully in a month or so we could see some light at the end of the tunnel. If not, well.....

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 Competent people don’t do this.

That may very well be the case, but I would need to see examples of what "competent" people have done so far before I could make that judgment. Apparently Trump's messaging at the beginning of this event is a major point of contention, but in the context of the warpspeed timeline of this pandemic that was a long time ago. And a lot of water has gone under the bridge. The question is; is Trump downplaying this now?

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A Serbian leader publicly stated to the effect that China is better and more helpful savior, or brother than its neighboring EU.

The EU's primary response to the Covid outbreak was to call for a unified, coordinated effort on the part of the member states. This was to be achieved by each member state living up to its "responsibilities". To assist in that endeavor the EU loosened up some of their fiscal regulations and redirected some of its budget so that the member states could have a little extra cash to invest in their economies. That way each member state could be better equipped to respond to the growing problem.

When Italy was getting hammered, with over 20,000 infections and 1400 deaths, they went to the EU for help. They requested medical supplies and equipment to bolster their seriously overburdened health care apparatus. The EU responded by dutifully informing each member state of Italy's situation and request. Not one member state answered Italy's call, but China did.

It really looks like, that when the chips are down, there isn't really much unity in the European Union.

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This virus gonna stay longer in North America and Europe. The governance systems and civil disobedience of these two regions will make it harder to curb the spreading.

Clearly the freedom of movement afforded to the members of the Schengen Area has played a major role in the spread of the virus within Europe. The lack of a coordinated EU response led to most member states implementing a variety of protocols based on their own specific take on the situation and overall the response was slow and erratic. Maybe one incident best illustrates the issues in Europe. When Italy first started getting pounded, they appealed to the EU's Emergency Response Coordination Centre for assistance with medical supplies and equipment. The ERCC then passed on the appeal to the member states. Not a single member state responded to the appeal. The only outside aid Italy has received is from the Chinese.

In the US the testing was delayed, a definite setback. But it's cranking up now. National guard units trained in emergency response are being activated in a number of states to assist in the local response. The number of test sites have been increased with drive through testing available at a number of locations. The US has incredible resources to bring to bear and once they get their act together they can achieve a lot. Unfortunately the combined effects of social media and the sensationalizing of the situation by broadcast media have led to a disturbing level of mass hysteria that is scary to see. A significant number of Americans have a really high sense of entitlement and what is important to them is all that is important. These are the people that will make everything way more difficult than it has to be and make recovery that much harder for everybody else.

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But there are millions of people who haven't got the immediate access that the elite have*

There are more than 1250 federally funded public health clinics across the US with over 8000 service sites. Cost for services is usually is based on a sliding scale and those who can not pay don't.

A 1985 federal law requires all emergency medical facilities in the US to treat anyone that comes through their doors. Regardless of their ability to pay. The Feds also give tax breaks and other incentives to hospitals that provide free or low cost services to low income families and individuals. There are around 6000 hospitals in the US.

Every US state has some form of Medicaid that provides services for the economically disadvantaged and disabled.

Then there are the thousands of free, community health centers operating on private donations and government grants. Many of these are set up to serve undocumented individuals and other at risk groups.

Bottom line is if you live in America, whether your a citizen or not, documented or not, rich or poor you have access. And in this situation it will most likely be as immediate as possible.

But what of the 11 million illegals and the 27 million who can't affrod healthcare or millions who only have limited healthcare that does not cover this virus.

All US health insurance companies cover this virus and have waived patient copay for Covid-19 related treatment and testing. As it stands right now, each and every one of those 27 million uninsured as well as the 11 million undocumented can walk right into any one of the tens of thousands of available health care facilities and get tested and treated if necessary. And if they can't pay? They won't have to.

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Can't be that much of a bonehead if he put Fauci up front and center. Seems like a sensible move.

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There is no way to tell if the spread had not already started all over.

That's for sure. We didn't really see any numbers about infection rates until people started looking for it. The chances of the virus spreading undetected are pretty good because the initial symptoms of Covid 19 are similar to the flu and the group of illnesses caused by other strains of coronavirus, rhinovirus, parainfluenza virus and a couple hundred other bugs that are responsible what is referred to as the "common cold".

During the flu season, people who exhibit flu symptoms are regularly told to get rest, stay hydrated and take something for symptomatic relief. When there isn't an ongoing flu outbreak people exhibiting similar symptoms are given the same basic diagnosis and treatment advice. Ordinarily, testing for a specific pathogen does not occur unless there is a reason to look. Until information started coming out of Wuhan and the virus revealed itself to the world most people weren't looking for it. Now everybody is looking and we see the spike in the numbers.

Covid-19 could have, and probably did, hide among its symptomatic cousins for quite a while and only came out in the open after the world became aware of it and started looking. Up until that point this little beastie was free to roam.

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Travel bans can't stop the spread of this virus but they can slow it down. And that's a good thing. By reducing the number of possible transmissions you can reduce the rate of new infections. Reducing the rate at which the disease enters the population allows the emergency response apparatus to focus its resources on a smaller number of people, at a given time, spread out over an extended period.

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Posted in: Boston cancels St Patrick's Day parade over virus concerns; New York's to go on See in context

Did they (Boston) cancel the parade for H1N1? I forget.

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all countries should close all schools right now and stop all kids from going to their death because school is not safe when it comes to corona

In a recent paper published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology, the chances of succumbing to Covid-19 complications were expressed as a percentage. This analysis was based data collected from over 72,000 cases as of February 11 2020. One category was age group. This was broken down into cadres of nine years, like 0-9, 10-19 and so on up to 70-79 and then to 80+. The 80+ group had the highest percentage chance of dying from severe complications at around 15-20%. The numbers show an incremental decrease in the likelihood of perishing as the age groups get younger. The age group 10-19 was rated as having a 0.2% chance of dying. The 0-9 age group had a 0.0% chance,as in, as of February 11 there had been no reported covid-19 related fatalities of a person under the age of 9 years old. And this is in the epicenter of this outbreak. The middle school and high school kids have a two in a thousand chance.

saying its just a flu not its not a flu its something we cant cure yet

We can't cure the flu. But you're correct, this not the flu. It acts like the flu, it has a very similar path of infection as the flu's, the symptoms are very flu like and the same preventative measures that apply to the flu work on Covid-19, but it's not the flu. In reality, coronavirus along with rhinovirus, respiratory syncytial virus and parainfluenza virus are responsible for the myriad of maladies that are commonly referred to as the "common cold".

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If people are looking for a sensible, reliably effective, low cost and easily implemented response to this outbreak then they need look no further than the thousands of public service announcements that have been disseminated by every level of government in the US, for decades; in response to the yearly flu season.

It all boils down to an enhanced level of personal hygiene with disease prevention as its focus. Viruses of this type are basically transmitted when some spit, from an infected individual, gets on a mucous membrane of an uninfected person.

The human face is target rich environment for these little nasties and studies have shown that an average person, on an average day, touches their face over a thousand times. For the most part, these touches are completely unconscious and it is something that you just can't say "Hey don't do that!". It's just going to happen no matter what.

So the key is in the hands, that's where you take the fight to the bugs. Good old soap and water and a little rubbing does the job quite well. So does hand sanitizer and those wipes that most supermarkets in America provide to wipe down shopping cart handles. The trick is to keep your hands clean and pay attention to where you're putting them. Community wide, OCD level hand washing is murder on viral outbreaks like this, that's why it has been pushed for all these years, it works.

People who are infected and experiencing symptoms can demonstrate a little community spirit by doing something as little as coughing into their shoulder instead of into their hand or into the air. Something real little like that, like conscientious hand washing, can have a profound effect on transmission rates.

If a significant number of people take on sense of personal responsibility in protecting themselves and those close to them, then this thing has a chance of being beat. So don't forget to wash your hands and definitely don't let anyone spit in your eye.

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People say Trump is likely to win but viewing the result of Super Tuesday, it will not be a sure thing.

Of the fourteen states voting on Super Tuesday, Biden got ten, Sanders got four and Trump got all fourteen. Trump was running essentially unopposed yet Republican turnout and vote count broke records in a number of blue and key swing states. This would seem to indicate that the Republicans are pretty well organized and have a good ability to turn out the vote. Which bodes well for 2020.

Tuesday result shows Biden's middle of the road is getting support of people.

Not necessarily, but what it does show is that the power elite of the Democratic Party coordinated a successful effort to revive Biden's frontrunner position and stymie Sanders. Mayor Pete and Amy's sudden dropping out and lining up behind Biden is clearly the result of a negotiated settlement. Their rewards will be coming in future political endeavors. Even Warren's hanging on and then dropping out after the vote smacks of political finagling. Not only did she potentially draw off voters who might have leaned towards Bernie but now she has set herself up as a kind of king maker with an eye on a place in a Biden administration. Garrens Ball Barrens.

 I felt Trump's extreminism is losing support of people. 

As amazing as it may seem Trump's support is at an all time high. For many Americans the political left is the one that is becoming increasingly extreme. As the Democrats lurch farther and farther leftward they have left the comfort zone of many Americans far behind. The majority of Americans self identify as "moderate" with about 30 percent of Americans calling themselves "conservative". Trump promotes and advocates for policies that a surprising number of Americans agree with and for those people he is anything but extreme.

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Posted in: California declares state of emergency over coronavirus as death toll rises in U.S. See in context

A new born baby was infected in China because the mother was

It was suspected at the time that the newborn was infected by close contact with its mother during delivery. In subsequent cases with infected expectant mothers, the babies were delivered by C Section and there was no transmission. It appears that the virus can't penetrate the placental barrier.

If you are not old and sick...you'll be fine.

Yeah, that's pretty much what the data is showing. Of course there will be exceptions, but overall that looks like that's the case. Probably the greatest problems that will be faced by the US won't be of a medical nature, but societal. Public hysteria poses a greater danger.

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Posted in: California declares state of emergency over coronavirus as death toll rises in U.S. See in context

Data has emerged that indicates this virus is not an equal opportunity malady. It appears that youth is a powerful deterrent with infection rates among twenty somethings, teens and kids being low, while the infection rate among the 30-79 age demographic is as high as 87%.

Co-morbidity appears to play a significant role in the chances of an infected person succumbing to this disease. Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, chronic respiratory disease all greatly increase the odds of fatal complications to this virus. Mortality among those without preexisting conditions is less than 1%.

This disease clearly is the greatest threat to the elderly and those who are in overall poor health. Imagine this disease getting into the vast homeless communities in San Francisco, LA, San Jose or any other homeless mecca on the West Coast. What a nightmare.

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In private yes, but otherwise separation of church and state. He also forced the entire task force into prayer rather than free choice.

Every session of the House of Representatives and every session of the Senate is opened with a prayer. The tradition of opening government meetings with prayer dates back to the Framers. Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the Supreme Court’s 2014 decision upholding legislative prayer "As a practice that has long endured, legislative prayer has become part of our heritage and tradition, part of our expressive idiom, similar to the Pledge of Allegiance, inaugural prayer, or the recitation of 'God save the United States and this honorable court' at the opening of this court's sessions."

The practice is intended to focus the participants on a common purpose and instill a sense of selfless commitment to a higher cause.

People do it at both public and private events, at sporting events, town halls, even Alcoholics Anonymous meets. It’s pretty much something that regular Americans do, on a regular basis.

So what’s your point?

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