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Phew! I was thinking about calling a parent at one of my schools, but now I'm glad I didn't. Luckily, I will be changing schools in April. Looking back, what could I have done differently?

I didn't make rules, but I sensed they needed some nit-picky ones to plug the holes. There was always ambient noise in the class. Should I have been stricter with clicking pens, acrobatic pens, bad posture, talking, being overly critical to skit, speech performers, playing tic tac toe, sleeping, kicking shins, flipping other classmates off, etc. Other classes had the same behavior, but somehow, I knew the attitude and the intent to behave badly was done with purpose in that problem class.

Anyway, they are someone else's problem now. I just have to tough out a couple more lessons with them.

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The champions should've been Australia. Somehow, they just couldn't find the back of the net. The "River Island God" sure had Kawashima's back, eh? Kawa is river and Shima is island in Japanese. This is the year of the rabbit and the Japan team has shown us how to pull them out of hats. I'm sure they will show us many more magical performances. Too bad for the ticket holders who couldn't get in. Maybe they should've arrived at the stadium earlier, I'm guessing.

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Kawashima was the KING in PKO. Sorry big slip.

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This game had me at the edge from kickoff. Korea sported the deadly long pass threat and Japan had the sweet pass-goal. Hard to say who played better as both teams had plenty of good chances. I expected Korea to play more aggressively. Most obscenities that came from my mouth were directed at Japan's missed headers and Kagawa's finesse-tracked play. Kagawa was the King in PKO. Had to listen to the game in Japanese.

Japan will have to watch out for the Aussie boy's Kancho-style of play in the final.

Thanks for the giving us positive results in the most exciting game of the 2011 Asian Cup, Japan. Good luck on Saturday!

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