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Posted in: Woman arrested over murder of 5-month-old son in Kobe See in context

Wow!! An educated mother. She had a good job and she has a husband. She is older and presumably knows about the responsibilities of raising a child. She has supportive parents. I am blown away by this story. If she was a cabin attendant she must have a nice personality. I can't imagine what drove her to kill her own baby. Really sad. RIP little one. You deserve better.

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Posted in: Two Japanese auto suppliers to pay price-fixing fine in U.S. See in context

20,000 dollars seems a bit low to me. They defrauded people for 10 years. That is just 2,000 dollars per year. I think they are getting off to easy. A much bigger fine should have been given. But it is good they are doing time and had to pay something. Hopefully others will not be so quick to do they same thing in the future.

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Posted in: How foreigners’ daily lives change when they live in Japan See in context

@American Foreigner If you are not careful you will end up like many other foreigners. Your wife will return home to Japan and cut you completely out of your kids lives. You will have to go through the dysfunctional court system in Japan. You will definitely lose, not because you did anything wrong per say, but because you are not in possession of your kids. Then all those ideals that you hold onto will be shattered. Your unwillingness to see the benefits of Japan and its culture will lead to the demise of your family. Eventually your wife will see the light. The only question is when!

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Posted in: 5-yr-old boy may lose sight after man adds battery acid to eye drops See in context

Now this boy is in protective custody. So there must be more going on than we know about. After reading "originalusername" post, I have to wonder how competent this mother is. From April to December this kid was screaming every night. If my son was complaining about his eye medicine I would get him a new medicine. I would definitely research the problem more deeply and quickly than this mother. That being said, never in a million years would I have guessed that someone was putting acid into his eyedrops. I am glad she finally got to the bottom of the problem. I hope her son recovers and gets the love and attention all children deserve.

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Posted in: Woman, daughter attacked by man with scissors on Aichi street See in context

@Nicky According to what I saw on the news last night, it was a quiet street with little traffic and no sidewalk. I doubt if anyone was close to this woman when this happened. My Japanese is not good enough to fully understand what the broadcaster said. But, I too hope they catch this wacko.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over husband's murder in Hiroshima See in context

Was his penis still attached?

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Posted in: 36-year-old Harvard law graduate elected Japan's youngest female mayor See in context

I too don't really care if the mayor is a man or woman. It is more important that they have good ideas and are able to get the work done. That being said, in general, I feel older people are complacent and unwilling to change with the time. I for one am happy to see more and more younger politicians. Anyone who is more progressive and does what is necessary to bring Japan in-line with international norms, including child rights, women's rights, and discrimination.

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Posted in: Child abduction issue should be key concern in Japan-U.S. relations See in context

Who says foreign policy and oversea military bases are important or more important than children. If you asked each person individual, what is more important your family or the foreign policy of your country, I think everyone would say my family. Of course the government looks at it differently. The big problem as I see it is, what happens to the kids if they are returned to their habitual residence? Will they be in a better place or a worse place? What will the parent that has been cut out of the child's life do if he/she gets their child back? Will they turn the other cheek or will it be an eye for an eye? Governments don't want to return children to bad parents. How do you know for sure that you are not returning a child to a bad environment. The honest answer is you don't know, so governments don't put a lot of effort into this child abduction issue. But it is an important issue. In 1999 when Bill Clinton was president, Hillary Clinton started a campaign to end international child abduction (see link below). It was important then and it is important now. Children are the foundation of our future. They need guidance from both parents. And as Godan pointed out this issue affects numerous countries, including Canada, Australia, and most of Europe, as well as Africa and South America. Japan is one of the egregious countries when it comes to child abduction. It is time to make Japan a better place for children. It is time to adopt policies that allow children to have meaningful contact with both parents.

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Posted in: Chunichi reporter arrested for allegedly molesting woman on train See in context

Well put smithinjapan. The problem is gropers. What do the train companies do to avoid dealing with the problem? They make a woman only car. More witnesses need to come forward. More people need to step up and do the right thing instead of keeping their head down and ignoring what is happening right in front of them.

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Posted in: Hashimoto unveils grand vision of Osaka metropolis See in context

Streamline the government sounds like a strange campaign slogan. Reduce wasteful spending, protect children, increase alternative energy, & eliminate incompetent judges are campaign slogans I can support.

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Posted in: Husbands who take active role in family life have more loving wives: study See in context

@ Darren Brannan I wonder what happened to the person I married too. She was completely different in America. I guess this survey is not true for everyone. It seems like a no brainer to me though. It is good to know you still have a good relationship with your daughter.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for putting plastic bag over 3-year-old son's head See in context

@neversubmit These kind of stories are important. Japan needs to do more to protect children. When enough people get pissed off or die maybe something will finally get done. And yes losing one's temper does happen at times. But most of us don't take our anger out on our kids. I agree with other peoples posts. Japan needs to educate kids on what kind of punishment is and is not appropriate because it seems that many young parents have no clue.

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Posted in: 49-year-old man kicks 9-year-old boy in face, breaking his nose See in context

There are stages most of us implement in cases like this. First time politely ask the kids to ask for permission before they enter his property. If the owner is not home ask the kids to be careful not to damage anything if they go onto his property. Talk to the parents politely if one and two are ineffective. If the kids and parents are both rude, which happens these days new measures need to be taken. Call the police. If all of your efforts fail and kids are still being disrespectful then I can understand becoming frustrated. But a kick in the face is way out of line.

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Posted in: Kyoto hospital worker jailed for tearing toenails off elderly patients See in context

Employers never or rarely check resumes in Japan. They assume everyone is being honest. My ex-wife used to lie all they time on resumes to get part-time jobs. She said if the knew her real education level they would never hire her. Not one of her employers ever checked her resumes. Employers (as other readers suggested) must start calling previous employers and references. This nut job deserves a stronger sentence for her repeat offense. She will do this again when she gets out in 3 years. Japanese courts and employers aren't smart enough to change.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for murder of 11-day-old daughter in guesthouse See in context

It is sad that people in influential positions don't care enough to at least try to implement policies that will make a difference in the lives of children. Japanese people are forgiving? Or is it that they just don't care? RIP little one. You deserved better.

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Posted in: 8-yr-old girl stabbed by man while walking home from school in Matsudo See in context

@ben4short I wish more people read Japan Today. It is the only place I can read crime stories that happen throughout Japan. I feel many stories go unreported. Perhaps the only people that care are the ones reading Japan Today. More people need to take a stance and change the laws so Japan is a better/safer place for kids/people. When I say better place, I mean less bullying, less suicide, less pornography, less racism, etc. Criminals need more than a slap on the wrist. Courts/judges need to get tougher on criminals. Police need to enforce rulings. Teachers need to crack down on bullying. The government needs to make changes so these things happen. Until change takes place I hope Japan Today continues to keep the readers informed about stories such as this one. I hope they catch this guy soon and he gets put behind bars for a long time.

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Posted in: American father wins custody of daughter taken to Japan See in context

According to the paper, as part of a plea bargain deal the father is willing to drop the more serious charges against his ex-wife. The ex has expressed interest in remaining in the US and plans to seek visitation rights. Money is not really an issue in this case, both parents have plenty of money. The father (a medical doctor) knows the importance of having both parents involved in a child's life. I am pretty sure he will allow supervised visitations. I really think this girl will have no trouble adjusting to things back in Wisconsin. The child will go to a good school with many bi-racial students. I don't see bullying being a problem due to the fathers strong involvement with the child's life. If the mother doesn't continue to alienate her daughter from her father then things for this family will be good. I really feel Dr. Garcia is looking out for the best interests of his child. The child will have both parents and both cultures. If he were vindictive like his ex he would throw the book at his wife and she would be in jail or never be allowed back to America. But he extended an olive branch to his ex because it is in his daughters best interests.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy falls to death from apartment balcony in Tokyo See in context

RIP. You deserve better than to be left alone. All kids deserve the love and attention of both parents.

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Posted in: Frenchman to swim from Tokyo to San Francisco See in context

I think he can do it. He has a family to get back to. He has a job to get back to. He is training. He has a purpose, supporting cancer research. He has a support network, boats, friends, and other safety equipment. And most of all he just went public and told the world what he will be doing. He is motivated. Don't underestimate a man with a purpose. When he makes it he will inspire others to make a difference.

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Posted in: Deputy police chief questioned over suspected shoplifting in Hiroshima See in context

@tokyokawasaki, Yes, I think my rationale does apply to Japanese CEO's. They should be role models as should police. Unfortunately, many aren't. I think CEO's and policemen deserve a stronger punishment than say a homeless person or mom who can't support her kids. Why would you risk losing what you have for 1000 yen worth of groceries? A homeless man is really risking nothing. He has nothing to begin with.

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Posted in: Deputy police chief questioned over suspected shoplifting in Hiroshima See in context

@tokyokawasaki I think the job does matter. Most people would be more forgiving if we found the the thief was a homeless man or a child who has not eaten for a few days or a mom who can't pay her rent nor feed her kids. Knowing the persons profession helps put things in context. We expect more from people in high authority positions. While I agree all people should be role models, it is just human nature to show people more respect depending on their position.

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Posted in: Parents arrested over death of 7-year-old son See in context

This type of story is wrong on so many levels. This poor little guy was sentenced to death by the Japanese Legal System. Japan needs to do more to protect children. Why do abusive parent have more rights than loving divorced parents? If Japan had a joint custody system this boy's biological father maybe could have saved him. I really hate the orphange and foster care system in Japan. It is too easy for abusive parents to get their kids back. Ironically, is it too difficult for loving divorced parents to have a relationship with their own kids. Does anyone with any power in this country care about kids?

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Posted in: Fukuoka relaunches campaign against drunk driving See in context

I think the DUI law is great. It does save lives and it makes people think twice before they drink and drive. After all, if you are convicted there is a high chance you will lose your job and pay a stiff fine. It is a big gamble that most people I know are not willing to take. I know of a few taxi like businesses that have been created due to the new law. You can't stop everyone from drinking and driving. You probably never will. This is one law I am glad Japan passed. Japan needs more sever laws like this to deal with abusive parents and abusive spouses.

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Posted in: Parents of 4 children in bus swept away by tsunami sue kindergarten See in context

When I read the title I was pissed that parents were filing a lawsuit against the school. Teachers and principals have to put up with a lot of monster parents. But in this case, if the bus really was driving near the sea 20 minutes after a tsunami warning was issued these parents have just cause to be angry. It seems very irresponsible to me to go near the ocean for any reason after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake. Every adult should have enough common sense to stay away from the ocean after a quake like this one.

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Posted in: Okayama woman sues over 'sexist' marriage laws See in context

It is about time someone challenged this discriminatory law. It is to bad the lower court ruled against her. Hopefully the appeals court will side with her since everyone knows this law is wrong and needs to be changed. Personally, I can't understand how any judge would rule against her. I would like to see the judges ruling in the first case. Anyway, good luck to her. I hope more people file claims like this one to draw attention to Japan's outdated and discriminatory laws. One voice can barely be heard. Ten thousand voices can't be ignored!!

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Posted in: S Korean ferry operator bans Japanese passengers: Yonhap See in context

Korea is pulling a move right out of the Japanese play book! This is exactly what Japanese businesses do when a foreigner causes trouble at a Japanese business. That particular business would ban all foreigner from entering just because one foreigner caused problems. This type of racism is prevalent in Japan. It will be interesting to see how Japan responds to this.

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Posted in: Invoke Pinkerton Rule to get back abducted children See in context

Extradition will not work. The following is from the Ministry of Justice Website. See #9 (Restrictions on extradition) Article 2.

A fugitive shall not be surrendered in any of the following circumstances, provided that this shall not apply, in cases falling under items (3), (4), (8), or (9), when the treaty of extradition provides otherwise: (1) When the offense for which extradition is requested is a political offense; (2) When the request for extradition is deemed to have been made with a view to trying or punishing the fugitive for a political offense which he has committed; (3) When the offense for which extradition is requested is not punishable by death, or by imprisonment for life or for a maximum term of three years or more by the laws, regulations or ordinances of the requesting country; (4) When the act constituting the offense for which extradition is requested would not be punishable under the laws, regulations or ordinances of Japan by death or by imprisonment for life or for a maximum term of three years or more if the act were committed in Japan; (5) When it is deemed that under the laws, regulations or ordinances of Japan it would be impossible to impose or to execute punishment upon the fugitive, if the act constituting the offense for which extradition is requested were committed in Japan, or if the trial therefor were held in a court of Japan; (6) Except in the case of a fugitive who has been convicted of an offense for which extradition is requested by a court of the requesting country, when there is no probable cause to suspect that the fugitive has committed the act which constitutes an offense for which extradition is requested; (7) When a criminal prosecution based on the act constituting an offense for which extradition is requested is pending in a Japanese court, or when a judgment in such a case has become final; (8) When a criminal prosecution for an offense committed by the fugitive other than the offense for which extradition is requested is pending in a Japanese court, or when the fugitive has been sentenced to punishment by a Japanese court for such an offense and the execution of the sentence of the fugitive has not been completed or the sentence has yet to be non-executable; 9) WHEN THE FUGITIVE IS A JAPANESE NATIONAL

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Posted in: Police, in a first, charge teen for using cell phone while cycling See in context

Many cyclists in general drive recklessly. I have seen numerous people holding umbrellas in one hand while trying to steer in the pouring rain. I recipe for disaster. I daily see cyclists ignore the red lights and cross the street often with a passenger on the back. It is one thing to risk your own life but do you need to kill your friend too. People ride against the traffic on the street which is also not the smartest thing to do. I am for the police getting tougher on all cyclist. Let's make Japan a safer place for everyone.

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Posted in: Woman, 20, admits stabbing 78-year-old grandmother over living expenses See in context

This story is tragic. But a lot of information has been left out or not investigated/found relevant. Western reporters do a much better job at asking questions and finding answers than here in Japan. Where are this girls parents? Why is she living with her grandmother? Does this younger girl have siblings? Is she going to college? Have there been problems in the past? I am getting tired of reading these stories with so much information missing. Maybe the moderator can fill me in on the missing details or explain why there is so little information in stories like these?

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Posted in: Body of newborn infant found in mountains near quake-stricken Miyagi city See in context

This one is hard for me to understand. This mother made it through one of the worst earthquake/tsunami disasters in history and instead of celebrating life, she did just the opposite. Let us say she lost everyone in her family (grandparents, parents, siblings) then I could understand if she took her own life. This story is puzzling??

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