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"spahnmatthew at 01:29 AM JST - 23rd February To kill a newborn for any reason is reprehensible. There also is a vibrant global market for adoption. "

I completely agree with you but how many Japanese kids have been adopted? Japan makes it impossible for a none Japanese to adopt a Japanese baby! That is why these idiotic young parents resort to killing their children because they usually get a slap on the wrist.

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Posted in: Child abuse suspected after bruised 3-year-old girl dies See in context

I find it strange how you people are going off topic so much. There is a beatiful little angel dead because of the Japanese sense of not wanting trouble and minding their own business.

Those of you reading this article enforcing your countries values is useless. Police here in Japan will do anything out the ordinary to protect anyone. I have even heard them say, "I don't get paid enough" to do what is actually required of them.

This innocent child became his child the moment he married her mother. most fathers in Japan never contact their kids after divorce. The government as of last month is being pressured into signing the Hague convention but that is another topic. Fathers are aloud to take baths with their children. There is nothing sexual about it! Those of you that think differently should seek pshy help. A childs mind knows nothing of sexulity and gives fathers that chance of bonding and pleasant relaxing memories of childhood!

Well, in my opinion, the death penalty should be enforced on the mother and new father becuase the mother knew what was happening and aloud it

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I think this is a great ideas for all you dads out there that has a wife and daughter like me. It gives women and girls a chance to enjoy beauty and nature and we men don't have to be bothered since we usually have such short tension spans.

Give the women what they want and we men can enjoy the fact that they are happy and well guarded by security so we can relax with the TV to ourselves with our surround sound blasting. Whoever came up with this idea should be paid double.

Boy's night? Come on! What real man wants to watch this more than 20 mins.

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Yes, PR's should be given the right to vote! PR's pay taxes the same as Japanese do! Human's all bleed red don't we so in human natures mind we are equals. Why is this Island so against change and the betterment of mankind. If PR are given the right to vote then the GOV is afraid that Politians will directly campaign to change old outdated laws for example, "DISCRIMINATION" to obtain PR's votes! Little by little PR's will become equals and they lose their superiority over PR's on this Island. If you want to live 200 years in the past then don't give PR's the right to vote. If you really want to be respected as a free society then do what's human!!!!!!!!!1

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Posted in: Club host held for giving drinks to woman who caused fatal accident See in context

"The woman is totally at fault. The bartender was just doing his job"

Think before you speak! If that was your wife, mother, father, your child, or YOU that died in that car then you never say this. The host was just trying to make money. If he really wanted to make money then he should have called a designator taxi to drive her home because they take your car also. Obviously, she can afford this option if she can drink at a host bar. I am happy he was arrested. They need to get rid of this mentality of be nice to get all your money then kick you out on the street to fend for yourself.

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Posted in: Jesus Christ lived in Aomori - really? See in context

I give you props SAMIEE!!! Your statement was ten times better, entertaining, and factual than the original article. With the way you explained things I could definately want to read more. The original article shouldn't speak as if what he/she was saying was factual because it will only bring hatred from Christians due to the history of so many false profits. Many can probably agree with me that it was a ploy to gain tourism. And I respect the family for not stating that it was not Jesus Christ. I see it as another way of brainwash or scheme to make japanese people think this is the chosen country of importancy.

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Posted in: Man arrested for hitting 11-year-old boy with iron bar in Hiroshima See in context

I don't think this craziness is from the heat or water, it's money! As a normal person I can't feel the effect of the economy but the people here, thinking about losing it's status and money drives them crazy! The guy with the iron bar wasn't normal in the first place! Probably a chipira trying to show how strong he is by hitting someone smaller than he is! I am 192cm 118klg of lean muscle! if I were to say the same thing to the same guy nothing would happen. Praying on the weak and helpless is just something thhat will never stop in Japan!

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Posted in: Pregnant junior high school teacher harassed by students’ 'Miscarriage Club' See in context

Like the Principal said, Japanese kids are not use to being scolded at home so they comprehend being scolded by teachers.

First of all i work in the Junior Highschools here in Japan and the principal iss telling the truth. If you can't scold the students then scold the parents. Money hurts more, so punish the parents for not taking a responsible role in raising their kids!

Second, the school administration needs to grow a pair! They are so afraid of losing their jobs by the MONSTER PARENTS involved in the PTA! If the kids run away or cut their wrist then they are going to do it anyhow! Now or later, you can't stop a suicidal person only postpone it!

Third, that teacher is under an abnormal amount of pressure and she will forever be thinking of what is going to happen to her next. Salt or alum it doesn't matter. Those kids have no idea what the mixture could do to a fetus! In my eyes it is attemped murder because I know of a few substances in the schools or at home if mixed together would kill a fetus. In their eyes they attempted to do bodily harm to both the mother/teacher and child! GET THEM OUT OF THAT SCHOOL AND SEND A MESSAGE TO ALL THE OTHER STUDENTS IN JAPAN! Every kids is thinking that if tthey did nothing for this incident then they can get away with it to! MY GOD JAPAN! If they did that to a dog then they would be in a reform school. CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Man beats pedestrian to death in Kanagawa; says it didn't matter who See in context

I think that his 2 drunk friends should be arrested also! If you know Japanese people then you know that they rather ACT as though they are trying to stop a fight involving a friend but are afraid of the violence or of losing a friendship(you choose)!

I don't care how big the guy may have been but from a psychological view the guy couldn't have been more that 60 or 70klgs! He wouldn't have hurt his friends. He wanted to show he was tough and big so he beat the smaller guy he didn't know. The 2 friends could have stopped him if they had BALLS! They need to write a book especially for Japan, Common Sense for Dummies and Try Fighting with Someone your Own Size for a change!

He had sense enough not to fight the other 2 construction workers he was walking with in a fit of rage didn't he! He knew they would have beat the S&%$ OUT OF HIM! IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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He is rich and famous! Come on people! Do you people know anything about Japan at all? Japan caters to the rich and wealthy! Extramarital affairs is a common thing in Japan and these people needs to stop pretending! My office building has a cheap rental room area around it! Depending on the cleanliness and status of the woman you want, you go there pick up a phone during your lunch break and order a woman and any other kinki things you want at an extra fee. As for the physical abuse. Man you married Fujiwara! The best of the Jphone girls! It didn't matter how much more famous or rich she was! Who did she call her own and was willing to spend the rest of her life with! You are an idiot for losing her! HAHAHAHAHA, I lost mine too for the same reason's! Join the IDIOT CLUB!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Man held for punching 50-yr-old woman on Saitama train over playing games on cell phone See in context

Sorry about the typo's but I am angry about how no one is talking about respect! That bothers me in Japan!

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Posted in: Man held for punching 50-yr-old woman on Saitama train over playing games on cell phone See in context

I can't believe you people are arguing about whose side is who on! The woman was 50 years old and he was 21!

Back in America we respect or elders! I am 192cm an 116klg! If that little old lady told me to close the phone and put my nose in the corner while singing Yankee Duuddy I would do it!

If I was in that train I would have broken his jaw plain and simple! It doesn't matter what she said at all! She has lived twice his age and has put up with far more S&%$ it her life and has the right to tell a young, ignorant, disrespectful kid to stop playing a phone during the short time is on a train.

I mean, I can't live without my phone but god, people are going to far!

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