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In an era of convenient and highly accessible information, there tends to exist a belief that:

1) all information on the internet is FACT and 2) all data regarding a situation has been equally and objectively presented.

In the case of Oshio-san and "A" (Kokorocloud, these letter designations frustrate me too)it is quite likely that this is NOT the case. Let's all agree that prior to this unfortunate event, Oshio-san's coverage by the Japanese media was less than favorable. Just look at the difference in coverage between Noriko Sakai and Oshio. Did anyone ever think that the reason why Sakai went on the run was to ensure a negative urinalysis? That theory was conveniently absent from every newspaper that I read. Could it be because she, like Akiko, is a darling of the Japanese media? (just a thought)

Like most people on this board, I am not a high profile celebrity, however it so happens that several of my closest friends are. Being around them for years I've come to realize that the way that both the US and Japanese media manipulate situations and words simply to sell advertisement space and increase readership is abominable. They vilify those celebrities that don't show the media respect and praise those that play the game. For people to simply accept the words of a gossip column or newspaper as fact show just how little we question information that we are fed. In other words, let's not start casting stones, until you hear both sides of the story. SORRY FOR THE LONG RANT.

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