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Posted in: Naomi Watanabe releases new clothing collaboration with Japanese restaurant chain Saizeriya See in context

Oh my. Totally agree. She is not funny in Japanese unless you like slap stick Japanese style, and her American simple debut was non-laughable.

Mr KiplingToday 07:03 pm JST

So she hasn't broke the US comedy market yet? Quite a lot of competition in the fat and annoying genre.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes over ¥30 tril economic stimulus; restarting Go To Travel program See in context

Booked for January, February and working on a March gig as well. Eat your hearts out.

GoTOTravel, and give those coupons to the needy.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 18 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 107 See in context

canigetawhatwhatToday 05:57 pm JST

Cant wait for GO TO TRAVEL to resume!

Hundreds of thousands of people I believe.

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Posted in: Stay weed-free with the help of goats — Japanese farm offers eco-friendly alternative to mowing See in context

There are lawn mowers in Japan?

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Posted in: Japan starts accepting requests for eased COVID quarantine rule See in context

Overseas businesspeople must be on visits of up to three months to qualify for the measure.

Quite Odd

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Posted in: Man arrested for bullet train arson in Kyushu; says he wanted to imitate last week's attack See in context

Hello Kitty 321Today 05:14 pm JST


Do you really see police checking gaijins' resident cards and their wallets at stations? I have been here 46 years and have never seen that.

Only have been checked for airplanes. Nothing with Shinkansen

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 18 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 107 See in context

joffyToday 05:02 pm JST

Statistically ZERO cases in a population as massive as Tokyo. Things are going well. Go To Travel will start up giving a big boost to the tourism economy which will tide them over until they let foreign tourists in sometime next year. Slow and steady improvements.

Yes, correctly stated.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes over ¥30 tril economic stimulus; restarting Go To Travel program See in context

> DropofahatToday 04:23 pm JST

That “foreign source” for Delta could well have been Japanese returning from abroad.

It was not. It was a UK National, just as with lambda come which came from A South American.

I’m down in Kyoto right now and it’s the lack of foreign tourists hitting folks here more. it’s the lack of foreign tourists hitting folks here more.

More likely, it is the lack of Japanese Tourist that is really hitting Kyoto hard. Japanese tourists are the bread and butter for most cities in Japan not foreigner tourists.

Quite true on Japanese tourist as the meat and butter. Heading there Friday for 5 days.

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Posted in: Australians skirt vaccine rules with black market certificates See in context

The ultimate joke will be on those that get sick and die, and on their tombstone it says, well that photoshop rendition obviously was not good enough.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes over ¥30 tril economic stimulus; restarting Go To Travel program See in context

When you set up travel plans, you do not beg for the coupons. They are given to you plainly and simply. The bottom parts are filled with time stamps and destinations. They are not randomly used,

You can however if not really needing extra money, talk to restaurant owners where you travel, ask them some questions about family and friends, and if there are people in dire straights you can give them the coupons.

You can also use them in convenient stores and pick up items and hand them out to street people, if they will accept them. There is a lot of pride here and people do not want to look poor nor accept stuff. If you got the lingo down as myself and friends do it is much easier.

Aloha and share the wealth if you can. Being jealous and griping is not the answer.

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Posted in: George Clooney asks media not to publish his children's photos See in context

I personally have no clue as to what "age of majority" is. Sounds British.

But legal age for drinking or smoking in America is 21. States had to change their laws on that if they wanted Federal Highway Funds...I think.

But legal age for sex, domination and other such issues are all state controlled.

America is not a democracy. It is a republic. All states are sovereign, and that is interesting.

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Posted in: Why taxing U.S. billionaires’ wealth will never work See in context

Atlas is not the right WIND of Marx at all. It is showing that those that want to put down entrepreneurship and creation of what is good for the society and not to be spread around for those incapable of doing for themselves is absurd.

Xi in China is now killing freedom of growth and prosperity trying to distribute wealth and it will be his demise. He should hand out debit cards for his bank accounts.

I shrug at your disinterest.

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Posted in: Why taxing U.S. billionaires’ wealth will never work See in context

I prefer capitalism. I love billionaires and wish them luck. The more money you have the more your life becomes a jail ... We need brilliant people to keep society running openly and to create jobs.

Who is John Galt. Don't any of you billionaire haters read? Try reading Atlas Loss and other Rand novels.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 14 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 158 See in context

We need to start GoToTravel again to help out the Mom and Pop places.

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Posted in: Halloween in Shibuya See in context

What guns?

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Posted in: Opposition leader Edano to quit post after poor election results See in context

"My inadequacy is the reason this happened," he said at a party meeting. "I apologize from the bottom of my heart to all of the party executives, to all of four supporters across the country, and most of all to our colleagues who unfortunately were not elected."

Needed more supporters rather than four.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 18 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 221 See in context

Those Abe masks did it.

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Posted in: Beach blocks See in context

@Fra poke

It is very sad. The ancient ones carved into stone, "do not live below this point", but the greedy others did.

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Posted in: M5.2 quake hits northeastern, eastern Japan See in context

At Mr. Zichi:


Your link is quite good and in simple layman's terms. It does not go beyond the four main plates and go into depth with the minor plates which have much more significant effects on daily earth tremors. It is a good site though. If you delve more deeply you will find other sites with fascinating information on the minor plates. California often publishes large amounts of data on the San Andreas minor plates. Japan does as well as it is a 360 degree area where Cali is just facing the ocean on one side.

Keep studying. Enjoy your posts Sir!

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Posted in: M5.2 quake hits northeastern, eastern Japan See in context

@Mr. Zichi. There are a lot of plates. The minor quite more important than the major. All interacting and quite amazing actually.

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Posted in: 36-year-old man arrested after parents found dead at his home See in context

Dead bodies smell especially if not taken care of.

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Posted in: New Zealand strait crossed for first time by electric plane See in context

Do the GED grads even know where New Zealand is and what tectonic plate it is on...plates....that is a trick question for you super whizzes?

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Posted in: M5.2 quake hits northeastern, eastern Japan See in context

Um God, this is misinformation.

Why does this JT site continuously promote false information about all sorts of things especially scientific and medical information. Shameless and shamefull. Your staff needs some science experts, not people with a GED to try to fix the glitches.

zichiToday 09:30 am JST

> Three tectonic plates. The Eurasian, Philippine, and North American.

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Posted in: Shanghai Disneyland closed over single COVIDcase See in context

China rocks and wants to rule the world, and Xi with that slumped shoulder and incarcerating addicted smile he can do it.

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Posted in: FDA advisers back Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for young kids See in context

Dosages of all medications should be bassed on generl health and of course weight. Many children in America under 11 weigh more than most adults in Japan. Give them the standard doses based on body mass, not age.

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Posted in: 3 men found dead at house in Miyazaki Prefecture See in context

Yoshi was 91. How old was his wife? I doubt he was smart phone savvy to film it.

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Posted in: Taiwan has no right to join United Nations: China See in context

Taiwan Beef noodles for the win. The country Taiwan is China. The CCP is secondary and thugs.

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Posted in: Over 70% fully vaccinated in Japan; among top 3 in G7 See in context

Total population or total eligible population? Big difference in those stat numbers ne! Aloha

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Posted in: Japan's top 3 mobile carriers to scrap cancelation fees See in context

Way too late for millions out there.

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