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Posted in: Tokyo reports 531 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,604 See in context

NHK giving good info on the current affairs of the numbers but you need to know Japanese. I think there is a translation at 7pm.

Japan is doing fine in my opinion. Reality has changed.

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Posted in: Japan to donate 30 mil additional doses of COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Pretty close to what Biden is giving minus a decimal or two.

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Posted in: Vaccine mandates: Is no jab, no entry into restaurants, cafes, bars, sporting and event venues discrimination? See in context


StrangerlandToday 01:55 pm JST

Anti-vaxxers should all be willing to sign agreements that if they catch covid, they won't go to the hospital. After all, they don't trust the science, so why are they going to trust it to heal them? This way they can not displace a bed from someone who does trust the science.

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Doctors in my family agree but they took an oath so they accept them. The sad part is the antivaxer begging for the vaccines while on their death beds and being refused because it is too late really hurts the doctors in my family that a life was wasted due to stupidity.

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Posted in: Vaccine mandates: Is no jab, no entry into restaurants, cafes, bars, sporting and event venues discrimination? See in context

When the polio vaccination was invented, the scientists had no computers, super computers nor a huge group of super educated teams behind them. Today we have all the computer power and thousand s upon thousands of years of educated people working together. So those of you waiting for a new and improved mRna vaccine because you think our teams and computers suck, well you are a sorry bunch. I would bar you and will from my establishments, including family members.

Why did you get all the untrusted first of kind vaccines for MMR, Polio etc? I trust super computers more than I do Chicken Eggs.

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Posted in: Osaka withdraws from Indian Wells tournament See in context

S He is a ter rible pl ayer and a pathetic cry baby. Go away

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Posted in: Taiwan applies to join Pacific trade deal days after China See in context

The CCP still does not get it. Taiwan is the rela China, but they would never ever try to take overe the mainland. Futile effort.

Mainland will break up into all its ethnicity areas anyway and it should.

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Posted in: Nikkei closes with biggest fall in 3 months on China property fears See in context

I think Covid will blow a hole, a huge hole in China and their CCP garbage. Long live the Olympics.


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Posted in: Woman arrested after body of newborn boy flushed down toilet See in context

Filtering systems would of course be jammed by this small but obvious organic matter. Not a smart woman and obviously mean.

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman out on bail over son's murder, arrested for killing sister See in context

It is one of the fasted ways for suicide using insulin. It shuts down the whole system. Am surprised there are not historical records of people using it for murder.

Most of you on this site probably do not know anything about what diabetes is about.

This lady does, and perhaps she did not use the fast acting diabetic shot but rather the missed neutral medium or the slow reacting one. Most diabetic 1 people use all three and it depends on what they will eat or plan to eat.

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Posted in: 107-year-old Japanese twins certified as world's oldest See in context

Just want to have great legs when I am done.

Congrats twins

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 253 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,767 See in context

@For In Tokyo: Your thoughts are interesting and welcome. Really make semse. Nice to have someone on this site thinking out of the box.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 253 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,767 See in context

What Virus?

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Posted in: Japan to raise prices of imported wheat by 19% See in context

Traveling a lot all over Japan monthly I see lots of farms turned into solar farms. Never ever see wheat.

In actuality, global warming will allow for even more wheat and corn production in the northern parts of norther hemisphere. That is a plus for everyone.

Corn is amazing. It is not just used as cow feed and for corn syrup. Has thousands of uses.

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Posted in: Bad behavior warning See in context

@Bass: Great story about a hero. Poster girl looks like one of my sisters by the way, but she is humble.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,067 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,212 See in context

Fabulous Japan. Keep it up

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl in bookstore See in context

Rehabilitation is what Japan's incarceration system is about and sure seems to work better than anything in America.

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Posted in: 4 vaccinated front-line U.S. workers cope with pandemic's toll See in context

Desmond Hill, a vaccinated MTA conductor, checks the platform for late riders attempting to board the train as he works the N subway line from Brooklyn's Coney Island to Queen's Astoria-Ditmars neighborhoods,

Astoria used to have fabulous Greek restaurants. Hope their businesses are doing fine.

Nice article about my city, The City.

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Posted in: Typhoon Chanthu drenches Taiwan See in context

I disagree Nanda. I think it will speed up and zoom past and through the Japan sea to the West of Hokkaido.

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Posted in: Japan passes 50% fully vaccinated rate, nearing level of European nations See in context

It is all computerized, but that was by luck and chance on counting numbers because each shot voucher is imputed in a computer when scanned. I totally trust the numbers. They should have a scanner for winter flu shots as well so we can see how they deal with that too, and I will get one.

Let the kids celebrate with Pocky and us adults with a glass of beer or wine.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,067 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,212 See in context

Definitely encouraging Jimizio. I used to think that numbers were fudged, but all seems to be going well.

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Posted in: Family of dead Sri Lankan urge Japanese immigration center to fully disclose video See in context

Am so glad I do not have a visa and issues as such.

Not really sure why the girl died, but she should have immediately went to immigration before her visa expired. One must follow the rules.

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Posted in: Night and the city See in context

Fantastic Photoshop or Pixamater

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Posted in: Teens Raducanu, Fernandez advance to U.S. Open women's final See in context

When I quickly glanced at the picture I thought Osaka returned, but went back and read the article. Pretty cool players.

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Posted in: European tourists boost sector, but can't top Americans, Asians See in context

While European visitors might have shored up numbers, the recovery was patchy with tourists spending in different places, on different things -- and not with the same largesse as the big-spending Chinese or Americans.

Why do people have to spend a ton of money on vacation?

The Chinese just shop brand names and electronic toilet seats, and th eAmericans shop to enlarge their guts at restaurants and fast food places, besides sodas and icecream.

I or I should say, we travel to help support the locals and to learn about different cultural norms and traditions.

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Posted in: Facebook and Ray-Ban debut 'smart' shades See in context

Oh my. The Flip Flop fetish boys will be talking like crazy on the trains during summer time.

Will they make a camera click noise when you command a picture to be taken?

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Posted in: Stores in Japan ask customers to prove they’re real Pokemon fans when buying cards to stop scalpers See in context

Tons of mentally handicapped and deaf kids and adults love those ugly little beastly characters. So this is going to become a new fad to learn JSL or Signed Grammatically correct Japanese.

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Posted in: Suga says healthcare systems remain under severe strain See in context

No way no strain.

The 7 weeks of Olympics proved that when someone got sick they got hospital treatment immediately, well not Japanese nationals that is, but the Olympian family. Japanese babies and others died, but they stayed at home and did the Gaman so the Olympiad family could take their beds. Japanese are so kind. Suga is awesome.

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Posted in: Luxury kuromitsu matcha frappe hits McDonald’s Japan’s McCafé for limited time See in context

Do you think they would let me have that chocolate loaded on the macha?

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Posted in: 18 cases of Eta coronavirus variant confirmed in Japan See in context

Kappa and Eta sponsored by the Olympics.

And Eta is a nasty word. Why is it published?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,242 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 8,892 See in context

If there are no symptoms, don't test.

Numbers are great.

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