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I was surprised that Pokemon Go is also popular with elderly people. I was thinking that this application is only for younger age. In addition, Pokemon Go can also be a health tool since you need to walk more to win. This application can bring a positive and negative effect depending on the usage. It helps my health especially when l walk by myself. Company policy for outdoor games is incredible. I was surprised to use Pokémon application and people play the game on some part of the tourists spot. I thought it would be fun to use such application because it is interesting and challenging game to do. In addition, I think that it is amazing to see that Pokémon Go players gather together at the same area. With this type of a game, the tourist area comes to life or revitalize due to a lot of people go there and makes the place good for socializing. With this type of a game, the tourist area comes to life or revitalized due to a lot of people go there and makes the place good for socializing.

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan reaches 2.29 mil; record number for May See in context

Japan is a country with many different cultures, meals and buildings, so I think there should be more tourists. Also, I think that it should be expected to have a lot of tourists in Japan because we have a lot of traditional building and temples that is attractive to forginers.

 There are plenty of relaxing places in Japan, there are traditional things that the past people left behind, so I thought it would be better if foreigners gain more opportunities for foreigners to learn Japanese culture with this.

Listen to the current news a lot of the electronic appliances bought by China. Therefore it is surprising that there are many Korean tourists. And I was surprised that the number of foreign visitors to Japan accounted for a quarter of all visitors from Korea. I thought there should be more Chinese tourists in Japan, but there's not much. It was surprising that there are many majority of the number of foreibner visitors in Japan are from Korea.

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Speaking of ramen, there is the impression one it is familiar food all over the world. Now that you can eat instant noodles etc. Easily, there is a feeling of familiarity. Feature of the owner of a ramen shop, there is an image of simple a T-shirt. However, the owner of the ramen headdress had wearing samurai 's armor and honestly could not imagine the sight. I also want to see it.

I thought that the idea of wearing the owner's samurai armor to make ramen was a fresh and interesting idea. Also, I thought that it was a great idea to make own original armor based on the armor actually used in TV dramas and movies.  Also, as foreigners who like Japanese culture, I thought that ramen kabuto would be very popular. If there is opportunity to visit, I want to see it.

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Posted in: Women in business: Xue Wang advises women to be pragmatic See in context

I was surprised Japanese people and overseas people have different appraches to work,but I thought it was important to positivery challenge.However,a woman is serious because she must work with the housework.I think it was important not to separate them like women and foreigners but to understand by nearby people and in overseas,women are actively acting because people who can think things are important. Certainly,I thought that it was important for women to embark on society and actively work like men in this way.If women are confident about what they are good about women should insist. Also,in this article, I thought that going abroad like a woman is a good thing because having many experiences increases make them a better person.If I have chance to go abroad,I would like to engage with various people without dividing like Japanese and foreigners.

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