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One thing not many people talk about is the vanishing countryside. The towns and villages are depopulated, young people go to cities old people dying. Tokyo and Osaka now account for nearly 40 % of the 127 million population. Falling birthrate and rapid aging will lead to an estimate population of 87 million people by 2060. By then 4 in 10 Japanese will be 65 years old. I got this via an AP report . Scary....

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so sad the decline of Japan. When the Japanese automakers gone the way of Japanese electronic consumer companies, it will complete the disaster of the once mighty Japan Inc. Sayonara...

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Posted in: New video for Hikaru Utada’s ‘Beautiful World’ is a slice of Evangelion awesomeness See in context

Well she is a excellent singer who still hold the record best-selling album in Japan. Since her debut with the single First Love Hikki (her nickname) has captured my imagination. Yes her attempt to enter the American market is a disaster. Hikki don't be despaired, though the Yanks don't appreciate you we always love you and you always be inchiban...

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Haha...you expect LDP to do anything...I find it fascinating that people expect the bastard will be punished. First Japan is a society that look down at women. Can you find any Japanese woman leader in not only politics but also business? Second LDP is busy dodging making hard choices to improve her economy by picking fight with China and Korea. I said let it be....LDP will bring down Japan to abyss...China will be the top nation in Asia...Haha..

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That man is a coward. Come out and show you face, you useless imbecile....don't you have a mother and grandmother...

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The market from China is extremely huge....now the tourists mostly come from the big 4 1st tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Can you imagine the millions that will come from the 2nd tier cities such as Chongqing, Suzhou, Harbin, Tianjin and Chengdu....

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Incredible....never thought they are so damn stupid. In this time when Japan should seek more friends they completely shooting the mouth. Okay...no evidence of Japanese atrocities during WW2...no use apology they keep beating us on this issue...why should we apologize when the Chinese Mao killed some many of his countrymen.. If you are really sincere about apologizing...you don't think what others said...

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yes it is really a shame Japan has let Abe and his gang run amok. they have seen the future and it ain't pretty. a rising China and a descending Japan. their solution- change all what they perceive as holding back Japan. Deny Japanese atrocities during WW2....this gotta to be the joke of the century. Instead of rallying Asian countries against China this instead do the contra. If Japan doesn't see this huge mistake...I got nothing more to say.

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alex80 you hit bull-eye. since the end of cold war which country is constantly stirring trouble all over the world? people in china and japan seems to forget that country who is the reason....

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Posted in: China says Abe not welcome after Yasukuni shrine visit See in context

people please....yes the Chinese leaders don't listen to their people, Do the Japanese leaders listen to their people? Communist in China and democracy in Japan, just a play of words. In Japan the politician-business complex as powerful as the communist party in China.

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Abe maybe is a liar but definitely not a fool. He knows to fix Japanese economic problems there will be lots of pain to the people of Japan- sales tax increase coming and the really hard thing is to restructure the Japanese economy. In this period he can show to Japanese people he has stood up to China and even America. If the deficit isn't reduced he can show he need to increase the military budget, again against China, Not a fool.

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we all know about Japanese economic problems but there is another time bomb out there. Because the ultrahigh cost of living in Japan the population is shrinking. people don't get married, married no children , married only one child. in fact, even now it is causing tremendous problem of a greying society. A child to support not only his/her parents but also grandparents. japan being a nation averse to immigration , I don't know what the solution is. so we all can argue till pigs can fly but japan definitely facing a whole lot of problems. maybe that is why AKB48 so popular, make them forget their problems...

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Posted in: Most Japanese want Abe to heed fallout over Yasukuni: poll See in context

The Chinese would love to mind their business if the war criminals didn't kill millions of Chinese during WW2. I am all for Japan to have a normal military but I am totally against what the Japanese far-right trying to rewrite history. "We didn't invade China, didn't kill and rape." "We didn't have sex slaves." How many Japanese school children know the truth? What Japan did not only to China but Korea and South-east Asia? What Japan did to American, British and other POWs? None....pathetic.

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Of course nothing wrong if there aren't convicted war criminals there. Look nothing personal against Japanese people. Visited the country last year...simply wonderful. The people courteous , the country clean and safe. But couldn't people see the right-wing are embarking on a dangerous path to militarize Japan. It is plain obvious America is using Japan against China. Abe thought he could use this point when he visited Yasukuni. Yes, Mao through his Culture Revolution resulted millions of Chinese dead and of course China is now spending billions on arms but this doesn't make it right the visit to the shrine.

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Why we are angry Abe visited the shrine? Well what did Japanese Army do during World War 2? Come on, please don't be so ignorant? Don't know ? Just google. Forgive but don't forget. Pearl Harbour. Nanking. Sandakan Death march.

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we are in an intelligent discussion here. i don't claim to be an expert but the phrase road and bridge to nowhere is a figure of speech. the gist is by spending wastefully on infrastructure LDP has made government debt rise to a whopping 200% of GDP. LDP can't really begin the reform needed because it is part of the problem- the troika of LDP, bureaucrat and big business.

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I went to Japan for the first time at May this year. This has been my goal for a long time. The Japanese are polite. The street is safe and clean. One thing I regret is it was too rush- Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Mt Fuji and Tokyo. We all know how Japan rise from the defeat at WW2 to economic superpower. The Americans even fear that Japan will overtake America but we know that was not to be. Tokyo was sucker punched by Washington- the yen was pushed up. Of couse the Japanese played their part too, the stock market and property price went through the roof, The troika- LDP, bureucrat and businnessmen tried to solve this by spending on infrastructure building roads and bridges to nowhere. Sounds familiar...Abe is using this approach...again. The destruction of Japanese companies continue...only left are car manufacturers. The ageing of Japanese society continue..because of the high cost of living the birth rate continue to plunge. But the thing Japanese fear most is that China will overtake Japan as the most powerful nation in Asia. We all know what Japan did to China during WW2. Abe, you are free to govern Japan. After a while, a new PM will come. You will be consigned to the history of revolving PM of Japan. Japan is going down and you can't stop it.

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