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Posted in: Fauci, Republican U.S. Senator Paul clash over COVID See in context

I am an American, and have no regard or respect for Dr. Fauci. He changes his message constantly. Rand Paul is a physician, so not your typical Senator. I do not believe anything Fauci says anymore, and if you are smart neither will you!!

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Posted in: Deputy defense minister says it is necessary to 'wake up' to protect Taiwan See in context

As an American I can state that we cannot let Taiwan fall to the Chinese Communist Party. I fully agree that my country needs to recognize Taiwan as an independent country. The full force of the US military must be used to prevent a communist takeover. My government needs to make it perfectly clear to China, that the US will come to the defense of Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack. The current ambiguity of our potential actions only encourages Chinese aggression. China cannot afford a war with the US which it will lose. China and Russia are bullies, and bullies do not stop until they are given a bloody nose. The same with the Ukraine. NATO needs to make Ukraine a member. Japan would be wise to sharply increase it’s defense spending. Make no mistake about it, Japan could be devastated in a conflict between China and the US. It needs to take the necessary steps now to make itself a viable military force against China. Peace can only be achieved through strength.

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Biden has let all Americans down, BUT he is not in control. His left wing progressive advisers tell him what to do. His campaign was a series of lies, and I am a Democrat. Any country that cannot or will not control it’s borders, cannot secure the people living in those borders. He has turned the border over to smugglers, the drug cartels, and thugs. He is safe on the White House, but what about Americans who live on the border? He is a one term President, and he has turned the US House and Senate over to the Republicans in 2022. He duped many of us in 2020, but won’t again!!!

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Posted in: Scholar learns remains of Tojo, other war criminals scattered in Pacific See in context

With the cruelty demonstrated by the Japanese military in WWII, I am surprised more Japanese officials were not tried and executed. What happened in Nanking, the Philippines, and throughout Asia was a crime against humanity. How the Japanese treated their captives was criminal in itself. To P. Smith who commented on Hiroshima and Nagasaki realize this. As terrible as the bombs were, they saved up to a million American lives and millions of Japanese lives. The bombs ended the war. Had an invasion been necessary the carnage of Iwo Jima and Okinawa would pale in comparison. Remember Japan started the war. It was up to the US to end it.

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Posted in: Japan ruling party seeks big defense budget rise amid China threat See in context

Make no mistake about it, China will not stop until it is the dominant Asian power. When they feel they are strong enough they will move against Tawain, preceded by a possible strike on US military installations in Asia to blunt a US response. Japan would be wise to invest heavily in it’s military NOW. There will be no time to play catch-up when the shooting starts, as it will. Japan needs to be able to mount a viable defense on it’s own, as does S. Korea. The only language China understands is force. When met with a military force exceeding their capability they will back down. The US, Japan, S. Korea and other allies better prepare NOW.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 542 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,903 See in context

Let’s cut through the never ending bureaucracy and get vaccines in people’s arms!!! As in the USA, nurses and pharmacists along with physicians should be vaccinating people. The Japanese medical societies who are more interested in protecting their turf than public health need to be called on the carpet if they oppose the above.

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Posted in: Who has the better claim to the disputed isles controlled by Japan as the Senkakus but claimed by China as the Diaoyus? See in context

China wants everything and must be stopped and put in their place!!

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