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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7,844 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 43,365 See in context

This variant will end when most people get immunity either from the vaccine or from getting it. I am in Costa Rica and I went to a Coldplay concert and almost nobody had masks and neither of my friends or family catched it from the concert.

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In my country most people are not even wearing masks anymore. Some people dont want to get vaccinated but here covid is a thing from the past.

You cannot go into a bank or a mall wothout proof of vaccination and of they fond you with a fake one its jail.

Yesterday I was at a chinese grocery store and not even the police officers were wearing masks.

Im in the caribbean.

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Posted in: Rescuers search for at least 80 missing in Atami mudslide See in context

@zichi blaming that disaster to climate change is wrong without a proper study.

that mudslide was going to happen someday by nature itself.

I would blame it to the street above. Or a pothole and a semi truck hitting it everyday. or even water vapor not veing able to scape due to asphalt.

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Mud slides like that one are reallynhard to prevent. sadly the plains are always under them.

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I guess these are countries using pfizer. right now I cannot go to Europe because they ask me to be vaccinated with pfizer.

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Luckly Japan is getting the Pfizer. here in my country we get Astrazeneca and Sinovac(China). God help Us

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic spectator cap set at 10,000 or 50% capacity per venue See in context

Wondering how dangerous is to attend these events vs going to a grocery store

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Posted in: Japan's 1st unlicensed tuk-tuk taxi case referred to prosecutors See in context

LOL. It was not a secret for anyone. I remember him offering me a ride back in 2019 in the front of Brickhouse in Octoberfest.

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Posted in: TikTok rejects Microsoft buyout offer; Oracle sole remaining bidder See in context

USA has the right to ban tik-tok. just as tit for tat.

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Posted in: Shibuya asks Halloween revelers to stay away this year See in context

Last year I was in shibuya Halloween party great time I had. O would go there again if I had the chance. with covid or not.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son criticized for offering free coronavirus tests See in context

These test kits (only sample collectors)are not needed. Son knew about this since the labs are already overwhelmed by testing these kits. Maybe he wants to create a government public relationship problem. Who know his real intents.

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