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Posted in: No photos: More U.S. parents try to keep kids off Facebook See in context

I was once at a library in NYC. A man using the computer next to me keep looking at baby girls and toddlers in pampers. He proceeded to download these pictures and save them to a disk. I'd visit the library at other times and the same guy would be there doing the same thing--scanning for images of very young girls. Several people complained about what he was doing and the conversations he was trying to have with us. He stated things such as liking how cute the little girls were and that these girls were his babies. From that point on I vowed to never post pics or info about my children on the net. There are people who are not right viewing and lusting after kids and parents/relatives just toss the pictures online for pedophiles to consume.

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Posted in: 3 women arrested for beating acquaintance to death See in context

More and more today's youth are becoming hostile. Many seem like tender boxes with the slightest instance causing them to blow up. What's happened to people that they are in a rage like this?

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Posted in: Osaka court clears nightclub owner of violating dancing regulations See in context

I guess pros and johns don't use love hotels then? J-govt is worried about dance floors? Sheesh.

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Posted in: Tottori Prefecture brings 'kawaii' to its cars See in context

That's cute! I'd put that on my bike :)

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Posted in: Mama-friendships can be deceptive See in context

Sad that people still behave like this and will shun a person because they won't follow suit. Mom groups sound great but the internet will give me the info I need as well as the mother and grandmothers who are still in my life. I REFUSE to play stupid biddy games. Don't have time for than madness and zero tolerance for stupidity. No need for elitest groups and keeping up with other mommies.

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Posted in: World's oldest ever man turns 116 in Japan See in context

Happy Birthday, ojiisan!

Meanwhile...I will be doing my own research into how these wonderful people live so long. I look forward to hearing results from the study and I'd love to have that recipe book.

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Posted in: Iran says 37 killed in earthquake near nuclear plant See in context

The nuclear plant is alright but 37 souls lost their lives…. I get it, if the plant goes there could be thousands of causalties and massive damage but blimey. 37 people died. I dont feel better that the plant is intact. I feel deeply for those who lost their lives. Nuclear plant is a non-issue seeing how nothing is wrong with it. Wrong focus on the wrong subject.

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Posted in: Scientists say they can 'read' dreams See in context

I'd really like to see the video clip UofC Berkely put together.

Also, that is a lot of cash to spend on dream research. If the entire country wasn't sleeping I could understand solving that problem but just out of curiosity?? I'd rather see the gov't spend the cash to help up the population.

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

People are going to do what they want and businesses are gonna be there to take their money. How is any of this surprising to people? Gays get married, there is an uproar. Gays being prevented from getting married there is an uproar. A venue of Disney is involved--OH NO! Can't let children see this. :/

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Posted in: Haunted by trauma, tsunami survivors turn to exorcists See in context

I hope the people find peace and are not charged in anyway for it.

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Posted in: 28 injured after drunk group discharges spray in train See in context

Miso, 10 innocent people had to go to the hospital due to what happened. They didn't deserve that and if those in the ten were drunk they still didn't need that to happen to them.

Whenever people are drunk and something happens I see it as no accident. They are not fully in control of themselves. They are a threat and disaster waiting to happen.

Hope the people on the train heal up quickly.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court rejects plea by Sea Shepherd See in context

I seriously have grown tired of Sea Shepard and their tactics. I hope their pleas fall on closed ears with the Supreme Court. I just don't get why they feel the need to harass the doings of a country on the other of the planet and won't even police their own waters. It smacks of, "We don't eat or use whales for research so neither should you!"

Upstart country trying to be the moral police to nations/people's who have been around for thousands if years :/ ugh.

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Posted in: Poll asks men what behavior by women turns them off See in context

Someone mentioned about women staying home and men going to work and make the money. That's a making of both genders in Japanes society. They want to complain about that, that's their problem. No one said they had to live that way. No one put a gun to their heads saying those roles must be taken on.

Notice the majority of the complaints against the women were superficial and about appearance. Character problems on the other hand men do as well. Women are bad drivers? Praytell why it is men who have to pay higher insurance premiums? Boom!

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Posted in: In Japan, women, not men, throng stores to buy Valentine's chocolates See in context

Great comments. Though Valentine's Day in Japan seems to be the opposite of the West, it is quite interesting how Japan celebrates it. I kinda feel for the women. Guys sitting around waiting for women to give them a pile of chocolate while the woman put all their feels into baking and etc. what happen to guys loving the hunt? The one who initiates the relationship kinda has charge of it because they are so forward. Perhaps this is why Japanese men only know how to work while their wives are in charge of all else.

Anyhow. Still interesting. I'd rather a day for love be celebrated than prohibited like in some countries that demonize the west.

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Posted in: Chinese censors slash 'Cloud Atlas' by 40 minutes See in context

They totally "sarft" that movie didn't they?

They are playing the parental role to a huge population of people.

I wish they were this strict when it came to blatantly copying brands and selling fakes.

Oh the hypocrisy, China.

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Posted in: Falling snow from Tokyo Skytree crashes through roof of home See in context

Wonder if they (SkyTree co) will compensate the home owner for the damage. I think if I were in that situation I'd move. No need for icicles to come crashing down, too.

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Posted in: 'Secret Cinema' smashes through the screen See in context

I, too, would like to know what movie I'd be walking into. I'd not want to experience seeing a rape scene right in front of me for entertainment sake. Crosses the morality border because I would have paid to see a horrible thing (though I would have gone into it blind). I can only imagine some soldiers going to such a thing and gross war memories pop up from a featured war movie they were participating in. A head's up would greatly be needed.

Overall awesome concept. I'd try it once but since people talk anyway I'd find out what movie and theme the Secret Cinema was putting on.

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Posted in: Death row inmates want prior warning instead of being told on day of execution See in context

I can offer mercy in that. Let them know when their last day will be. Let them have lethal injection. Isn't it interesting that after a person serves their time or wants a better way to die society gets upset. They are leaving the planet in punishment of their crime. Why is that not enough? You throw your emotions in the mix and now you want them to hurt or bleed as bad as the victim did. To what end if the person will be executed anyway.

Nothing is good enough if you are deemed a criminal it seems. Shunned by a society that created you and accused as a law breaker by those who act like saints when they are not perfect themselves.

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Posted in: Bored Japanese trucker gets kicks from Syria war tourism See in context

I think Kringis summed it up perfectly.

I do think he is getting his thrills because of the hand dealt to him i.e. divorce and not seeing his girls. At least he had the sense to provide for them if/when he dies. Biggest loss will be for those girls when they come around searching for him later in life.

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Posted in: Man turns himself in for murder of wife one week after they married See in context

So sad!

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Posted in: German activist arrested for vandalism in Taiji See in context

Taiji is going to end up cutting itself off again by not allowing foreigners in at all.

It baffles me as to why people protest over animals being killed when they don't have the same passion to prevent hunger, abuse and murder in their own countries. Seriously.

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Posted in: What happens to Japanese porn stars after they retire? See in context

You know, I respect people for who they are. I do not have to like the industry they are in. No way I'd give my daughter the thumbs up to let random, strangers romp in them just to get cash or attention. Even if she were an adult. My opinion, that lifestyle is sad and nasty. How does one feel clean and pure after years of letting their body being a playground? I suppose they cope and just survive by telling themselves it is okay. Or they turn to alcohol and drugs to feel better.

Personally I feel for the sex industry women. Sex feels great, the money is the best out there but being used over and over again? Therapy is needed to get over that. Just because there is a demand for it doesn't mean It needs to be supplied to.

Men, look at your dear daughters and sisters and ask yourself is it okay that men with lusty intentions even look their way. You'd break them off in a heartbeat if they even got close to them. Done justify the industry just because a good amount of money could be made. Self worth vs broken human being. Think about it.

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Posted in: China telecom giants threaten U.S.: Congress panel See in context

People want to do business but those same people dont have a trustworth background. I've read that a majority of the cyber attacks the US government websites are from China. Businesses use them (China) because they are cheap but they turn right around and copy products, stealing designs. Why the US continues to have relations with China is beyond me. If someone on the governmental side is wary of such business ventures and national securities issues then I'd follow that hunch. China has no beautiful track record nor shows signs of being friendly and not wanting to take the US down. I don't trust them.

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Posted in: Couple arrested for stealing hotel amenities See in context

If they provide it, such as lotion or hair washing materials, I will take them ONLY if I used them in the first place. All else I do not want or care to have.

I believe the couple knew better but simply did not care. The items didn't accidently come home with them.

If bathrobes and towels were free, hotels would market their establishment as having these extra amenities.

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Posted in: Bin Laden movie to premiere in U.S. ahead of election See in context

Oh geez. Yet another film that is going to make extremists mad. Why do people keep poking the bear. Why is it important to see what went down when taking Bin Laden out?

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Posted in: Woman restrained by dog collar dies in man's apartment See in context

Still angry and my spelling errors reflect that. Ugh! Please Japan help each other. Don't take all the pressure and turn it on yourselves, babies, and elders!

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Posted in: Woman restrained by dog collar dies in man's apartment See in context

Horrible crime!! I think because Japan is so repressed under its societal ways that people do these heinous things to others around them. Ware Ware Nihonjin pride isn't changing the children from being abused and neglect, shoved in closets to be starved to death or from people being bound and detained like this poor woman. Older adults killing their elders because they got tired of caring for them? Didn't want to be lonely so they dog collar a person? WHAT!? This nation is killing itself off by targeting innocent children and the elderly. Japan must lighten up on itself or people will continue to do these inane acts of killing because they simply are frustrated or scared of being alone! Tell me does Hapan even have psychologists or is it taboo to vent ones pain and seek out help???

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Posted in: China warns of 'further actions' in Japan island dispute See in context

I say let's just nuke or death ray the islands, blow the oil deposits and tell each side to stfu. Territorial expansion or dominance means nothing if you don't have the money to care for it and your populations and cultures are dying off because of neglect. All this is like fighting for crumbs while the entire pie is beginning to succumb to mold (death).

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Posted in: Taiwan fishermen plan to sail to disputed islands See in context

If I were Japan I'd let all the 1000 whatever fishing boats sit there waiting for what they'd think is an impending battle for the islands. Go ahead, waste your time. When you run out of provisions you'll limp back home having accomplished nothing.

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Posted in: Man who cooked, served his own genitals sent to prosecutors See in context

If the genitals were surgically removed he no longer physically possessed them for it to be indecent exposure, right? They want to pinch him for that all the while men can read their news with topless women shown?

I hv no problem with what the guy did with his own bits. Why anyone would want to 1) separate such a gift from themselves and 2) consume such things is beyond me. The fact that people felt uncomfortable with this after the fact is so sad. Things like this happen underground all the time and in some form in different cultures. Placenta consumption anyone. What saddens me is that people felt uncomfortable about this yet so many beautiful children are being starved, suffocated or beaten and there is barely a word or complaint from the Japanese populous. Sad.

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