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Posted in: Toru Hashimoto: Japan's would-be kingmaker See in context

Loose. Canon.

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Posted in: Educational dining – Learn your cuts of beef as you eat See in context

Very cool!

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Posted in: Japan's ambassador-designate to China dies in Tokyo See in context

I immediately thought poisoning. Lord forbid another ambassador die this month. If so I think a bigger plot will be going down internationally. Misdirection has happened time and time again to cover evil doings.

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Posted in: 41-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of 5-year-old son See in context

Japanese society is so repressed. The elderly and the very young catch it all the time. It is so sad. New initiatives need to be introduced. Far too many are being killed off because a person becomes frustrated.

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Posted in: Man dies after being beaten in Roppongi club See in context

This is why I don't go to clubs. Drama like this is always occurring. Sad that this man had his life beaten out of him. Each of those 10 guys has karma waiting for them.

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Posted in: 'Super Wi-Fi' poised for growth in U.S., elsewhere See in context

Time to get crackin' on that new equipment.

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Posted in: 16-year-old Maldives girl faces public flogging for pre-marital sex See in context

Despite everything medka stated, sin still occurs all over the planet. How many floggings and executions around the world will it take for people to be in compliance with local/federal law? Please tell me because with every issuance of a sentence there are still people going around having premarital sex and people still murderIng others. Until people realize that you can't control others, none of the punishments are ever gonna stick. People will keep doing wrong, following their urges and sneaking around because they truly believe they won't get caught or that everyone will understand why they gratified themselves.

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Posted in: China's single women compete for love and riches See in context

The only time I'd fight for a man is when some other woman is trying to take him from me and by that I mean he is my husband. Other than that I'm not into chick fights over a guy. Give me a man with excellent character and financial wisdom. Those two factors are hard to find when one looks in the upper eschelon of humanity. A man who doesn't let his financial and material or any kind of lusts control him is one to keep.

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