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Posted in: Cop arrested for molesting woman on train See in context

I had a guy do this to me on the train when I was 19. He was pretending to be asleep--the manner in which he put his hand on my leg and his ability to remain totally upright indicated to me that he was absolutely awake. The train was almost empty. I was covered from neck to wrists to toes. I froze because I was shocked and my friend across the way from me just laughed at me. We were almost the only people in the car, since it had emptied out.

During that time, my train of thought was like, "What the hell is he doing? Is he awake? Does he think my leg is the seat? I don't think he's asleep. Should I move his hand? I don't want to touch him," and so on. Obviously my friend was no help and I was just shocked. So I waited until our stop and got off there.

All you who say you totally know what a woman in that situation would do need to try actually BEING a woman in that situation. Oh right, you can't, so get off your high horse and have a little sympathy instead of turning the victim into the perpetrator.

And those who say "men can't helllllp iiiiit" need to grow up and learn how to be a human being. Or does this mean I'm allowed to punch the next guy who stops me on the street in the face and kick them in the nuts? That's my natural instinct, as a female, so by your logic I should get to do that. I hope you will be there to explain to the police that I was just acting on my natural urges and the guy was totally asking for it by hitting on me. Thanks a bunch.

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Has there ever been chivalry in Japan? I think that's a pretty western concept. I never expect chivalry, but a little bit of common courtesy would be nice. Not letting a door slam in my face, for example. Or not running me off the sidewalk because you and your five friends need to walk side by side. I'm all for equality. I'll hold the door open for you too and give you some space on the sidewalk. But no Japanese dude could ever be bothered to do the same for me. It just isn't the culture here.

Personally, train-wise, I get pretty woozy after 20 minutes of standing due to low bp, and I've been crouched on the floor with my head between my knees and no one offers me a seat. So while I used to give up my seat (despite the bp) in the past, I've decided that my consciousness is far more important, and I will fight those pushy salarymen and old ladies to the death to get an empty seat. I try to avoid priority seats due to appearing "young and healthy," but if I need it, I need it. And if one of these Internet Heroes snapped their fingers in my face or told me to get up, they would get an earful. You can't always assume that someone young is automatically "healthy."

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Posted in: Meet the brains of Tokyo's women-only housing boom See in context

Oh boo hoo, poor little menz. Here's a tissue.

But what else would I expect? The posters here moan and groan that women! Are going! Out! At night! By themselves! In skirts!! And oh noooo they just can't helllllp committing assault if a woman is wearing a short skirt, and if she has her laundry on the porch she's just ASKING for theft, and if she gets groped, well, she should just get over it, and exploited 13-year-olds should go to jail for tempting the poor little men ...

You guys have such a poor view of men yourselves. Why would women want to share a house with you? And if, as you imply, men are animals with no self-control and women are evil monsters who do nothing but tempt you with their non-male bodies, then why would you want to share a house with us either?

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Posted in: Man seen taking money out of murdered Chiba Univ student's bank account See in context

Regarding the PIN--once, a guy told me his wallet was stolen and the thief used his cash card. How? His PIN was his birthday. The thief had his ID with his birthday on it.

Maybe she had it written somewhere. Maybe it was tortured out of her. Or maybe it was a really obvious number that a thief could easily figure out.

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Posted in: Cop caught taking up-skirt videos during anti-pervert campaign See in context

The problem is not that women are wearing short skirts. The problem is that men forget that actual human beings are wearing those skirts.

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Not so mysterious if you've ever been to Zepp Tokyo for a show. "Do not buy tickets from scalpers." But the scalpers usually don't quite look like that. More like shriveled up old men in baseball caps. The signs are close to the area where the scalpers would hang out.

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Posted in: World's smallest digital single-lens reflex camera See in context

People whining about the size need to kind of read through the article again. The target is people with tiny hands. As the owner of some really tiny hands, I would welcome any camera that I can hold easily without dropping. Lenses, flashes, they don't matter at all if I can't hold the camera to begin with.

As for English menus, my video camera has Japanese menus only and it's fine and easy to use. Most of the options are in katakana anyway.

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Posted in: Mystery sign See in context

No monkey impressions?

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Posted in: Older men up in arms over slovenly female behavior See in context

Putting on makeup is nothing like peeing. If it were, I could only imagine how awkward it would be to get your makeup done professionally.

I too have never understood the outrage over women doing makeup on the train. Unless she's splashing powder on you or spritzing you with scent or hairspray, it does NOT infringe on your space, and it's hardly "gross" to watch. And it's pretty rich that this is coming from the same people who stumble drunkenly onto the trains, leer, spit in the station, reek of alcohol, and pick their noses in marathon sessions (and then touch things). Meanwhile I get the stinkeye from them when I put on some chapstick?? Come on. Apples and oranges. These men would benefit from that whole noticing the log in your own eye before pointing out the speck in someone else's.

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I think other posters may be ignoring that perhaps men and women have different sized ears ... and the impression I got from the article was that they would be designed for the ears of women. In addition to being sparkly.

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Posted in: 'Teen repellent' in Adachi park spurs flood of inquiries See in context

I mentioned to a friend recently that there were frequencies around some buildings that drove me nuts. She informed me that they were these particular security devices used to drive kids away. Well ... they drive me away too. They usually use them in the doorway or just outside of the stores, but I'm far less likely to spend money in a store if I have to plug my ears to go inside or while browsing near the entrance. I can't even walk past the Big Box in Takadanobaba. It feels like an intense itching inside my brain--not pain, exactly, but EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

I've always known my ears were sensitive, but figured years of rock concerts would have damaged them to some point by now. No, no, 26 and I can still hear the "teen" ringtone and all these damn frequencies. And while I don't want to purposefully damage my hearing ... it would be REALLY nice to not suddenly want to claw my ears off while going out somewhere.

This is just a park so I don't care too much, but ... I think while these machines seem like a good idea, younger adults like me who still have keen hearing are going to avoid places that use them. I already have a blacklist of stores I won't go to anymore because it's just too uncomfortable.

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Posted in: Japan to spend more than Y10 tril in new economic stimulus See in context

I got something in the mail explaining the 12,000 handout and swearing that we'd get the form to fill in around the middle of the month. Then I can only imagine it'll be ... forever after that before the money comes.

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Posted in: Mie high school student commits suicide, leaving names of seven classmates in note See in context

I used to talk often to a lady who's a teacher in a Japanese jr. high school. She told me on several occasions that she thinks bullying is important for kids to help build character and learn about life. That always made me really, really sad. Not just because bullying causes kids to do stuff like in this article, but because when you're being bullied you want to talk to a teacher about it, and if the teacher thinks bullying is GOOD for you, I can only imagine it would make the situation worse.

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