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Posted in: Tokyo Skytree marks 10 years as symbol of capital's skyline See in context

Congrats to Tokyo Skytree! Lovely vistas when the weather allows.

Wishing peace and prosperity to all who here come to visit.

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Posted in: Restaurant alley See in context

Such lovely hues at twilight do call to mind Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.

Agree with your little one that our inquisitive gentleman there could be a character himself.

Wishing peace and happiness to all to visit here.

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Posted in: Kanda Matsuri See in context

Such beautiful flowers, vibrant costumes and dramatic pageantry on display!

Wishing happiness and safety to all who view this here today!

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Posted in: Zoos struggling to procure feed for grass-eating animals See in context

Heartbreaking. Japan can do much better for those we’ve chosen to shepherd here. Live up to your responsibilities and do not abandon the helpless.

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Posted in: Sunflowers: Popular, native and, for some, newly meaningful See in context

Thank you for your lovely sunflower poem, Mr. starpunk. Flowers are nature fireworks. There as now many azaleas in bloom across Japan. Would love to read more.

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Posted in: Azaleas in full bloom See in context

Yes, Japan is beautiful!! We have such lovely floral displays across the entire country.

Japan should once again open to all tourists and, most importantly,

open to all those seeking refuge from turmoil abroad.

Wishing peace, love and prosperity to all who come here.

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Posted in: Cormorant fishing See in context

That lovely story above of India’s great past is also quite beautiful. There’s a multitude of histories and customs here and shows we can all have similar ideas care for our communities and share this earth. 

Let’s work toward a great peace and abundance for all from now.

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Posted in: Cormorant fishing See in context

Lovely night photo of such drama with the fire illuminating the men’s faces and the silhouettes of these wonderful birds hard at work.  

This is the Japan we want to again share with the world.

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Posted in: Feeding time See in context

Such beautiful flowers! Japan can be wonderful in the spring, even in the rain.

Wishing such peace to all who come here.

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Posted in: In honor of tour boat victims See in context

May the love intended by these bright flowers bring some light to such a dark tragedy.

Wishing a peace to come over the families of those so senselessly lost to the sea.

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Posted in: Sunflowers: Popular, native and, for some, newly meaningful See in context

starpunkToday  09:24 am

I even wrote a poem about them long ago and a publisher published it in a volume of poetry

Mr. starpunk, I would love to read your poem here today. It would seem appropriate and on topic.

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Posted in: Sunflowers: Popular, native and, for some, newly meaningful See in context

So lovely and cheerful in any season.

Peace and happiness to all here looking at sunflowers all things beautiful.

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Posted in: Canola world See in context

Lovely Golden flowers for a truly splendid Golden Week.

For those still on holiday, remain watchful over the wee ones.

Wishing safe journeys, a renewed love for your families and peace to all who come here.

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Posted in: Joy ride See in context

Bon voyage, everyone! Please look out for your children. Looks fun but is it safe?

Wishing peace, happiness and a safe journey to all traveling now.

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Posted in: Fireworks festa See in context

How wonderful is Japan out of doors in the spring for all to enjoy!

Wishing safe journeys, love and peace to all who travel this glorious Golden Week.

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Posted in: Colorful carp See in context

Another lovely display of Japan’s spring colors bringing joy to many beneath a dreary sky.

Wishing peace to all those that visit here.

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Posted in: Azalea aura See in context

Lovely! May I suggest an “Azalea Aurora Borealis”?

or “Aurora Australis” for our friends way down under!

Thank you again for such lovely spring photos, a welcome respite in a turbulent world.

Wishing Peace to All here.

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Posted in: Full bloom See in context

As above, so below.” These lovely flowers symbolize both love and success, equally wished for all those that visit here.

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Posted in: 5 things I learned about Japan at Ise Shrine See in context

One of Japan’s lovely and absolutely invigorating power spots.

Wishing peace, good health and prosperity to all those that come here.

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Posted in: Dance for rich harvest See in context

Lovely. Pray that peace is also abundant this year.

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Posted in: Beyond sakura: Exploring Japan’s other spring flowers See in context

Lovely irises, sir but beg to differ. Hay fever in Japan is also from our flowering plants and grasses, not just our trees.  We suffer with all but still very much love our nature.

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Posted in: Entrance ceremony See in context

So nice to see the young prince’s smiling eyes.

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Posted in: Under cover See in context

Wishing peace for all who come upon this image today.

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Posted in: Beyond sakura: Exploring Japan’s other spring flowers See in context

Love Japan’s myriad of flora every spring, summer and autumn.

Alas, hay fever is the malady we endure for love.

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Posted in: The famous wisteria of Ashikaga Flower Park bloom early in time for spectacular festival See in context

Such amazing surreal colors. Wishing peace to all those visiting here.

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Posted in: Streaming along See in context

Such lovely colors brightened the dreary day!

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Posted in: Nice nectar See in context

Bravo! to this photographer. Such a cheerful moment will give hope to many to see Japan once again.

Pray for Peace, Everyone.

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Posted in: Best-selling ‘sliced yokan’ toast topper gets all new spring berry flavor See in context

Berry delicious! Very beautiful shop and confections.

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Posted in: 77th anniversary of U.S. air raids See in context

Pray for Peace.

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Posted in: Patissier shows how to make perfect fluffy Japanese pancakes and cheesecakes without fail See in context

Here for the cheesecakes!

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