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Posted in: S Korea, Japan say no aid until N Korea disarms See in context

if NK have the resources for nuclear weapons development .. they shouldn't be worrying about resources for basic necessities uh ^^?

joking aside, sanctions against NK is well justified

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Posted in: Saitama cop arrested for trying to steal woman’s underwear on Twilight Express See in context

wow, I didn't thought a real happosai did exist XD

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested for taking photos up skirts of school girls See in context

these type of guys never learn

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Posted in: Woman murdered after argument with man over feeding stray cats See in context

the law warned you it's bad to kill someone .. people are angry now .. maybe we should tear you to pieces (?)

People's train of thought are getting less and less irrational by the second =w=

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Posted in: Leading performers celebrate “anisongs” in Saitama See in context

anybody have the link to the event =w=? .. too bad I knew this too late

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Posted in: Man feigns death for 3 hours to avoid police questioning in Osaka See in context

well the police did their job ..

to bad for the kid .. he'll be imprisoned anywayz .. plus the public humiliation to boot :D

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Posted in: Why the Japanese Are a Superior People See in context

this book fails .. I'm sorry for the Japanese getting dragged by a book authored by an American

there's no point of proving who's race superior .. because it all boils down to the individuals with the natural talents

I can't see them superior in the first place bacause they borrowed Kanji from Chinese and had stolen most of their technology from the western continent .. although I must say they are very good in recreating it to make it better

Only fools would like to think that they are superior than anybody else

The wise knows that there is a lot of people ahead of him

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Posted in: Poll in U.S. finds support for World War II atom bombings See in context

it's the best way to end the war without having more casualties ..

Japan have devastated more than enough .. meriting the A-bombing quits for the victim countries

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Posted in: Opposition DPJ says it's ready to stand up to U.S. See in context

well, it's not much of a problem for America ..

but I wonder what will happen to Japan if America really leave ..

North Korea and China will have a target shooting practice with their Nuclear Bombs .. even before Japan could build her own military power (which is impossible because of the economic crisis)

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Posted in: Public servant arrested for stalking woman in Tokushima See in context

he's in his 30's .. he should have grown a brain by then =w= .. stalking is childish .. he should've talked with the girl directly to settle things

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Posted in: Man arrested for refusing to pay taxi fare from Kyoto to Tokyo police HQ See in context

pretty clever huh ^w^

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Posted in: Microsoft, Yahoo reach online ad deal See in context

even if they combined, they have no chance of competing since people are aleady used with Google .. and it keeps getting better =w= what's the reason to use Bing in the first place?

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Posted in: 13-year-old Shimane boy in police custody wrote notes plotting his father’s death See in context

maybe the kid watched "Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni" =w=

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Posted in: 13-year-old Shimane boy in police custody wrote notes plotting his father’s death See in context

this is old news ..

however it's alarming that even 13 yr olds have the mental/emotional capacity to plot something like this .. Isn't this a case of too much TV?

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Posted in: Gundam See in context

i'm only waiting for the seishun kippu to see this =w= <3

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Posted in: 75 cars found with their windows smashed in Hakodate See in context

75 cars ..

it's amazing how they escaped WITHOUT being noticed doing the process .. I mean if it takes at least 3 mins to rob a car it would take them at least 3 hrs to do the whole process :)

someones sleeping on the job huh ..

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Posted in: Woman jumps to death from bldg; 1-yr-old daughter found dead in bedroom See in context

it's just sad to read similar news over and over .. deaths of children will project Japan's aging population a bleak future

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Posted in: Father, 3 children die in apparent murder-suicide in Hiroshima See in context

this is simply ridiculous ..

somebody please save Japan ..

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl killed after father backs car over her See in context

maybe 1 year and 11 months old ..

.. however yeah this is tragic .. I couldn't imagine the pain the father is going through now

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Posted in: Police decide not to press charges against thieving sisters See in context

if "sorry" would suffice for everything .. we don't need the police

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Posted in: Chiba man admits to assaulting over 100 young girls See in context

I remember reading a smiliar news a few days back ..

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Posted in: The Salvation army See in context

XD wow the nostalgia .. how many years have passed since Terminator 2 ..

haven't watched 3 yet

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl gets finger severed by escalator in Hokkaido store See in context

poor girl ..hope she recovers soon.

anywayz this calls for more safety related designs when it comes to escalators (and probably elevators as well). Parents shouldn't be negligent ok their kids (especially a 3 year old) !!

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Posted in: Japan's 1st lunar probe crash-lands on moon See in context

a job well done for a space probe .. however it's just sad it had to crash land in the end.

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Posted in: Radio-controlled watch See in context

cool ..

but can't afford that one

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Posted in: New graduates show lack of zeal for jobs and job-hunting See in context

stems from the lack of parental discipline. I believe most of Japanese parents allocate excessive time dealing with their jobs to the extent of neglecting the "quality time" their children needs.

"Is job more important than family?" .. once the question is cleared out you could conclude every consequence and the above news is just one of them.

.. this not entirely the educational system's fault.

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Posted in: Shoko Nakagawa and Ryuji Akiyama animated at voice recording for Pokemon movie See in context

wow pokemon movie ftw =w=

The new voices will stir up excitement for the pokemon fans out there. I should say this is a good move from the production staff.

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