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Posted in: Undeclared income of Japan's wealthy hits record high See in context

Then close the tax loopholes. Oh that's right, those benefit the LDP class. Silly me.

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Posted in: Japanese whisky turns 100 as craft distilleries transform industry See in context

Whisky makes life better. Even my liver agrees.

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Posted in: A nosedive means children being born now will be thrown into a society that becomes distorted, shrinks and loses its ability to function. See in context

What a drama queen.

Smaller populations have been shown to be higher educated, more productive, richer, and leaders in creating new technologies. Look at the Swiss, Swedes, and Belgians.

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Posted in: Sunak reportedly said 'just let people die' in 2020, British COVID inquiry hears See in context

People expecting government to save their life is like a sheep expecting the wolves to save it.

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Posted in: Do you think alliances like the G7, G20, the Global South, or even the United Nations do anything to stop wars and other conflicts around the world? See in context

Now now, our overlords need cocktail parties with one another.

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Posted in: What's your favorite convenience store brand in Japan? See in context

Here in Miyazaki Mini Stop seems to be more frequent you find. Always clean, friendly, and 10% cheaper than the rest.

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Posted in: Japan can still compete with other countries the world over with its soft power, such as cuisine, anime and manga. See in context

That right plebes. No more good jobs for you. Now get to be servants to the foreign tourists. Now get back to work mopping floors, serving meals, and cleaning rooms.

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Posted in: Sixty years after the assassination of U.S. President John F Kennedy, debate still continues over whether or not there was a conspiracy to kill him. What are your views on the subject? See in context

Ask the Dulles and Cabell brothers. Thses four knew more about the spookery of the 50s and 60s than anyone else.

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Posted in: Man slashed, robbed on Nagoya street See in context

Crime is on the rise because criminals gonna crime.

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Posted in: Patients need doctors who look like them. Can medicine diversify without affirmative action? See in context

Virusrex: "And how does your personal situation alleviates in any way the huge disparities the article is talking about?

If other article talk about how girls are segregated out of schools, would you consider positive or useful if someone else comments how their daughters went to college without problems?"

I find it funny how you discount my real experience as a Black man in favor of an article that cites not one single peer review study. Only the opinion of a Black woman who lived in a small, rural town in Canada.

I would be in favor of a Black person who relates in issue of discrimination that they have never experienced that nor their family. Why would I trash their experience?

My issue is that race hustlers who earn millions a year in the race grift are now a special protected class that ONLY their opinion counts. And you my homie have bought that. So, who are the REAL racists?

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Posted in: Patients need doctors who look like them. Can medicine diversify without affirmative action? See in context

As a Black man who has lived in Japan for 20 years, I do not care there are no doctors that "look like me", whatever that means. When I had a pulmonary embolism last year I thanked God the medical team, all Japanese - imagine that - were the best I ever had and saved my worthless hide.

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Posted in: Beijing fishmongers worry after Fukushima water release See in context

CCP needs to be more concerned about their own pollution. They've over fished their own waters and now have to send their trawlers as far away as South America for a few fish.

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Posted in: Trump surrenders at Atlanta jail on charges he tried to overturn his 2020 election loss See in context

"kintsugiToday  11:21 am JST

Trump did himself no favors with his mugshot. Looks like a felon."

Yeah except in a Constitutional Republic guilt and innocence is not decided upon mugshots, if you like or dislike someone, or their weight, but only upon evidence.

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Posted in: Renewed interest in sumo proves big pull for tourists See in context

Kyodo and Mainichi all last month kept bemoaning the fact Sumo attendance numbers and TV ratings are at the lowest in 10 years and they project with the elderly dying off it will continue.

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Posted in: Burger King Japan’s new Crown The One Pounder is like a cheeseburger on steroids See in context

Wait a sec. All last week NHK kept telling us about the beef shortage. Mainichi ran posts about having to change eating habits away from meat because of "vast shortages". So what has changed? Has meat suddenly materialised or was all the meat shortage reporting lies? Because this promotion during a meat shortage makes zero sense.

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Posted in: From upsets to record attendance, these are the trends that have emerged at the Women's World Cup See in context

There's a womens world cup? Who knew?

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Posted in: An introduction to sushi and sashimi See in context

When they dump the radioactive water, how much will be enjoyed afterward?

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Posted in: Japanese eateries in China fear ruin as Fukushima water discharge looms See in context

CCP and Xi the Pooh Grand Emperor Chairman Dude moan and whine but their dumping of nuke materials is by far worse. Check this out:

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Posted in: This summer, will you be traveling abroad or within Japan? See in context

I will travel from my arm chair to the fridge for beers. Then a cruise to cupboard for chips or popcorn. Then fly back to the chair for Orioles games or movies.

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Posted in: Smart girls don’t marry? Japan rushes to erase stigma for women in science See in context

I wonder how much Balckrock and/or McKinsey and Co. paid for this "piece"?

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Posted in: Japan space agency rocket explodes during engine test See in context

No problem at all. There will be things learned and those will be improved for the next launch.

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Posted in: In your experience, which country has the hottest summers? See in context

Saudi Arabia

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Posted in: China coast guard warns Japanese fishing boat near disputed islands See in context

Xi the Pooh is such a laugh. Don't take the little man seriously he's nothing but bluster.

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Posted in: Kikkawa Sake Brewery shines with two platinum and one gold award at France’s Kura Master 2023 See in context

An industry sponsored event with an industry sponsored award.

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Posted in: Kishida holds security, business talks in Poland See in context

Is Kishida ever in Japan?

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Posted in: What do you think it is going to take to end the war in Ukraine? See in context

When Raytheon, Lockheed, et al in the military industrial complex and their pol handlers start losing money. Already there are "secret" talks about ending it. How secret is secret when the media knows?

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