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Posted in: What is your favorite chocolate brand? See in context

Nestle, Swiss Miss chocolate milk syrup, and Mars.

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Posted in: Olympic champ Hanyu's next goal is quad axel See in context

I think he could pull a quad off.

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Posted in: For those of you who are married to Japanese, how well do you (or did you) get on with your in-laws? See in context

My FIL was like a best friend. We went fishing together, bowling, he had me take over the tool and die business when he retired, as they had 2 daughters and no son. He always called me "onichan". My Japanese BIL married to his other daughter hated me. He is a pilot for JAL. Arrogant as the day is long. Treats his wife like dirt (has beaten her a few times after Otousan died) and has nothing but contempt for me and the wife. My wife has tried to keep a relationship with her sister but he steps in stops everything.

MIL hated me from day one. Tried to turn my wife against me about the business losing clients. Not a fault of anyone. Miyazaki is dying a slow death. Tool and die is specialized and when industry moves techinical and specialized businesses suffer. When pops died MIL immediately moved in with wife's sister in Chiba. MIL does all she can to kiss pilot boy's backside as he makes a killing at JAL and is her future. Hasn't called my wife since sher left Miyazaki for Chiba.

We visited for New Year and my BIL and MIL told me individually I was never welcome again in Chiba. My SIL felt bad as I defended her from one of pilot boy's punches and then took him outside and kicked his backside from one end of the porch to the other. Neighbor's called police and they told them he attacked me. They are tried of BIL troubles as well.

I love my wife with all my heart and soul and she does me. That is what is important. Business getting a bit better this year too.

Oh well, guess me and Disillusioned can have a beer or 10 together if he ever gets to Miyazaki. In the mean time, cheers Disillusioned.

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Posted in: Why do you think Halloween has exploded in popularity in Japan in recent years? See in context

The media says so. So everyone just HAS to do it because all the "talent" on TV squak about it.

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Posted in: We ask those aged 13 and over to take only one dose of vaccine this winter, instead of two. See in context

People aged 20 to 60 do not need a flu vaccine to begin with, unless they work in health care. The human body has the amazing ability to heal itself. We are not fragile as sugar glass.

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Posted in: Unclaimed land in Japan to reach size of Hokkaido in 2040 See in context

Good, return it to nature. Then start ripping up all the concrete highways to nowhere.

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Posted in: Pair of high-end persimmons fetch Y540,000 at season's 1st auction See in context

smithinjapan: It's their money, and their choice, ultimately, but I wish they would think of how far such money could have gone towards charity, or people who just lost their homes, or families of those who lost lives, in disasters and/or accidents. Such a wasteful society sometimes.

In all fairness, hoe do you know they have not already donated to charities that help those in need in those situations. I know this will be unpopular here on JT, but many of the wealthy here in Japan donate large sums for any disaster they see a need. I had many Japanese folk ask me where they could donate to the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, and where they could donate to the floods in Australia, the famine in Africa and so forth.

I grow tired of the continual virtue signalling of "They could have used that money ..." as if they KNOW FOR SURE they have done nothing charitable with their money ever or at all. In the end I think it is envy of what others have compared to what they don't.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc wins 2/3 majority in lower house; Abe says he won't become complacent See in context

Japan is not only a land of confusion but a land of excuses. Koike seems to think her party lost because of her not willing to be PM. No you insipid ding bat, you lost because you are the LDP and equally infected with Nippon Kaigi vampires. It seems Ms. Koike needs to pen a tome entitled: How I Lost An Election Intentionally.

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Posted in: Abe: Nationalist blueblood at home, shrewd diplomat abroad See in context

How far the termites have spread, and how long and well they've dined in the media. To call Abe "a shrewd diplomat" is like calling Kim Jun Un a shrewd benevolent dictator. Abe has completely destroyed the moves made by Hatoyama, Kan, and Noda to repair the damage Abe, Fukuda, and Aso made during their reign of terror from 2006 to 2009. He has alienated Japan in Asia, even with the nations he could have formed an alliance with that also have Chinese aggression toward their borders.

Abe is a failure and the only thing that props him up is a weak and ineffective opposition (which really isn't opposition as they also are right of center and basically agree with the LDP). Without that Abe and his LDP Zombies would have been smeared 12 ways to Sunday in the election. Koike absolutely offered nothing different from her Nippon Kaigi chums in the LDP.

The only thing correct in this headline is that Abe is a nationalist. Give Abe an enema and he'd fit in a thimble.

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Posted in: Five key issues in Sunday's election See in context

Seems they forgot about the quality of life. Being worked to death (literally). The failure of the LDP and no real alternatives. The police state being erected as a security theatre meant to scare the populace into lock step with the political masters. Media in complete collusion with political corruption. The above five are the least to worry about.

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Posted in: Japan votes in lower house election See in context

Japan is its own worst enemy. Need not worry about China or the Norks. The LDP is doing fine on its own destroying Japan. And yet Japan just can't find an alternative. Hilarious.

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Posted in: LGBT groups, educators call for diversity in school uniforms See in context

I don't see it as boys wearing skirts but rather ditching the breeks for kilts. Much more comfy in the summer lads.

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Posted in: Whoever comes to power must introduce comprehensive laws and wide safeguards to deal with surveillance. The Japanese people must face the reality that they are under surveillance. You have been under surveillance before the anti-conspiracy law, and you will continue to be under surveillance even after the law. See in context

I have a friend in the Miyazaki Police. There are already number plate readers along major streets and national highways in Japan. There are facial recognition cameras on all public transportation in Japan. These systems are also at airports and major public events. Ever been on a bus or subway and seen police at the next stop come on and take someone off? Been at the airport and seen police walk up and take someone? There you go. Nav systems in cars here even caution, "N-system ... meters ahead" the N-system is National Recognition System.

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Posted in: Japan accepts 3 refugees in first half of 2017, despite record number of applications See in context

Aly Rustom: "Japanese companies struggle to hire, retain staff as labor shortage worsens

You made your bed. Now SLEEP in it."

AI and automation are going to take care of this problem soon. No need to depend on refugee labor to solve this. So, there is no bed made or to sleep in.

So, who, where, when, how will these refugees be taught Japanese (reading and speaking) to work in the Japanese labor market to begin with. Oh, let me guess THEY'LL BE ON WELFARE until then. No thanks. AI and automation are far more cheaper in the long run.

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Posted in: Gov't coalition partner urges Abe to regain trust; constitution not a priority See in context

Abe regain trust?


Oh sorry he is serious. Never mind.

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Posted in: Late Puig homer lifts Dodgers over Marlins See in context

Wow that Late Puig can hit homers from the grave.

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Posted in: Tokyo launches campaign to ease overcrowding on trains See in context

And the rest of the world began this 30 years ago.

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Posted in: NHK sorry over Hitler T-shirt worn by talk show guest See in context

YAWN. Tempsest in a thimble. Next!

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Posted in: Japan 'Black Widow' confesses to killing husband No. 4 See in context

thegodfather: "Japan is a law-abiding country with a low crime-rate. No serial killers here!!" "Well then, Google 'Japanese serial killer" and tell me what you come up with."

OK, this from Wikipedia:


Sataro Fukiage: raped and killed at least seven girls in the early 20th century; executed 2 July 1926

Hiroaki Hidaka: killed four prostitutes in Hiroshima in 1996; executed 25 December 2006

Miyuki Ishikawa: murdered an estimated 103, but could have been up to 169 infants in the 1940s

Kiyotaka Katsuta: firefighter who shot and strangled at least eight people, some during robberies, between 1972 and 1982

Yoshio Kodaira: rapist thought to have killed 11 people in Japan and China as a soldier; executed on 5 October 1949

Genzo Kurita: killed six women and two children and engaged in rape and necrophilia; executed on 16 January 1959

Hiroshi Maeue: also known as "Suicide Website Murderer"; lured people from suicide clubs promising to kill himself with his victims

Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata: also known as "House of Horror"; tortured and killed at least seven people between 1996 and 1998, including Ogata's family

Tsutomu Miyazaki: also known as "The Otaku Murderer", "The Little Girl Murderer" and "Dracula"; killed four preschool-age girls and ate the hand of a victim; executed in 2008

Seisaku Nakamura: also known as the "Hamamatsu Deaf Killer", murdered at least nine people; executed in 1943

Akira Nishiguchi: killed five people and engaged in fraud; executed on 11 December 1970

Kiyoshi Ōkubo: also known as "Tanigawa Ivan"; raped and murdered eight young women over a period of 41 days in 1971

Yukio Yamaji: murdered his own mother in 2000, and then murdered a 27-year-old woman and her 19-year-old sister in 2005

When you challenge people to Google to prove YOUR point it is a good idea to do so yourself first. Just saying.

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Posted in: Tokyo hospital solicits donations for clean rooms via crowdfunding See in context

The government is directly responsible for ALL NATIONAL health centers. They can't afford to fix a SHOWER??? And yet Abe remains in power. What a national disgrace.

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Posted in: 8 Japanese sites added to UNESCO heritage list See in context

There are so many of these "Heritage Sites" all over the world it has lost all meaning. Much like the rest of the UN.

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Posted in: Abe says he will reshuffle cabinet in early August See in context

Won't be long before Pawpaw Abe has some tummy issues I think.

Someone get Pawpaw his pills!

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Posted in: Katy Perry promo slammed for 'cruel' koala joke See in context

If pop stars are your kids role models instead of yourself, well you lost the plot on parenting long ago.

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Posted in: Venomous fire ant found in cargo at Tokyo port See in context

Silly me, I thought all fire ants were venomous.

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Posted in: EU, Japan seal free trade deal in signal to Trump See in context

So the deal is: We agree to talk later because we can't agree to the most important points.

To Japan free trade = We will sell what we want and all we want in your market but we limit what and how much you sell in Japan.

Japan wants to sell all the autos they wish in Europe but refuse to budge on dairy and meat products. And I thought the Japanese we lactose intolerant and really do not like dairy products. After all that is what Blinkyhara and Taro Assho have been saying all this time.

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Posted in: New law a big step toward commercial whaling, Japanese officials say See in context

And this country is hosting the Olympics and yacking about "global responsibility". The irony is hilarious.

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Posted in: Decades later, Yoko Ono to be credited on 'Imagine' See in context

Anna "I thinks he looks like young"

Yeah like Neil Young

Maria "The hostility shown towards her back in the 60s and 70s was undoubtedly largely down to bigotry, and probably connected to feelings about Japan being the enemy in WW2. It has carried forward to the present day for absolutely no good reason."

No it is very doubtable that the hate was due to Japan in any way. It is based solely on her golddigging, no talent, hateful personality. There are many many stories from the 60s to today about the horrible way she treated staff of Apple Records and personal staff. She has earned 100% of the hate.

Toasted Heretic "But I do feel there is a misogynist streak in detractors of any female artist/actor/etc. Some men don't like it when a sister is intelligent, strong and has something to say."

Ha ha ha, oh sorry you are serious. Whet of any intelligence has this coat tail grabbing, golddigging hag EVER said that was intelligent or added on iota to ANY itelligent discussion? Stregth? You mean marrying a famous man, breaking up band, and causing even today strong feelings against her by the surviving tweo members? If that is strength she needs more humility.

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Posted in: Embroiled in controversies, Trump seeks boost on foreign trip See in context

If he needs a boost he can have my step ladder. It hits my knees when I use it.

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Posted in: Foreign detainees go on hunger strike at Nagoya immigration facility See in context

Agreed on all your posts M3M3M3. These are not asylum seekers nor refugees they are criminals who over stayed visas, they stayed knowing they violated the law.

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Posted in: Princess Mako to get engaged See in context

I hope the media leaves this couple alone so they can enjoy life together. Somehow I just don't see that being the case.

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