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kyushubill comments

Posted in: Japan's industry minister reprimands TEPCO president over radioactive water leak at Fukushima plant See in context

Nothing a brown envelope won't fix. Chaching.

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Posted in: New rice dictionary cooking up lexicon for Japan's revered staple See in context

In my 20 years here I have never heard a local say they "revere" rice.

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Posted in: Origami support See in context

Spare me.

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Posted in: JAL flies 1st freighter in 13 years amid high online shopping demand See in context

Good job JAL. Great airline with great service. The only one I fly back home and back. They are gonna rock the freight business.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks founder Assange may be near end of his long fight to stay out of U.S. See in context

Assange is guilty of only one thing: Exposing what the tyrants were doing. He needs to be freed.

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Posted in: Osaka university globalizes with fall start date; governor wants English as official language See in context

Have to wait and see on success. It is encouraging to see Osaka at least making an attempt.

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Posted in: Casio to celebrate 50th watch anniversary with commemorative timepiece See in context

Got a Casio calculator watch for Christmas in 1985. Thing still runs.

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Posted in: Mos Burger spices things up with a brand-new gochujang burger they promise is addictingly good See in context

For my fellow cabbage haters, had early lunch here in Miyazaki and asked for the cabbage to be left off, they did it no problem. These burgers are great.

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Posted in: What must-have item do you always take with you on an overseas trip? See in context


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Posted in: MLB cracking down on obstruction in an effort to encourage more aggressive baserunning See in context

John showing once again he knows nothing of what he opines.

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Posted in: Crooked restaurants caught overcharging customers, serving mislabelled meat See in context

This happens here far more than you think.

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Posted in: Kim's powerful sister says N Korea, Japan can open 'new future' See in context

Says the snake.

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Posted in: Man given prison term for food prank at beef bowl diner in Osaka See in context

They did this at the height of Covid. They sat and mocked as he licked the soy sauce dispenser, ate out of the ginger pot, and licked the unused chopsticks. This was not a prank it was putting innocent lives in danger.

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Posted in: A new exhibition aims to bring Yoko Ono's art out of John Lennon's shadow See in context

W/O John, nobody would know who Yoko is. She'd better stay in his shadow.

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Posted in: N Korea fires cruise missiles, adding to provocative run in weapons tests See in context

Lil Kim at his hyjinks again. Lonely little fella.

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Posted in: Do you spend more time on social media than ideally you would like? See in context

I do not use social media.

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Posted in: If you live in Japan, what are some items you always make a point to bring back to Japan after you return from a trip abroad? See in context

Real aspirin, deodorant, Dial Soap, Crest toothpaste, Sensor razor blades, Brut aftershave, Milk Duds

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Posted in: For a romantic Valentine's Day dinner at home, a recipe that doesn't tie you down in the kitchen See in context

I personally would not eat fish during a romantic night. Hardly kissing food.

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Posted in: Don't spread out See in context

Not this old cannard again.

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Posted in: As COVID pandemic winds down, not-so-happy campers shed gear to the benefit of bargain hunters See in context

I think for men camping solo is a good way to get some alone time and to refocus. I go camping and fishing for a few days twice a year and come back refreshed better than a vacation. Miyazaki is an outdoor paradise.

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Posted in: Burger King Japan’s Great King Yeti is latest evolution of One Pounders See in context

Oh heck yeah. I'll take two.

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Posted in: Chinese 'Swifties' shake it off at Beijing watch party See in context

Swift is CCP approved or this would not happen.

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Posted in: Chinese coast guard vessels enter disputed waters in East China Sea See in context

Sink the CCP ships.

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Posted in: Koike Down Under See in context

How many Nippon Kaigi pals tagged along?

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Posted in: 1 in 5 Japanese university students do not want children: survey See in context

I cannot imagine how empty my life would be without my kids and wife.

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Posted in: The decline of regional areas will affect the overall strength of the nation, including Tokyo. See in context

Keep pointing out the obvious and you never have to solve problems.

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