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Posted in: Weakened typhoon leaves 2 dead as it churns past Okinawa See in context

Ok, seriously what is with this guy saying that people are dead and what does that even have to do with the JSDF??

Anyways, I live in Fukuoka. As of July 10 5:11 am it's not really raining and it's not windy at all from what I can see from my window. As far as flights go I heard that they were grounding flights from Fukuoka today as a safety precaution. Public schools are canceled today but most people still have work. I most definitely still have work.

Hope this helps.

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Posted in: U.S. tags Vatican, Japan as money laundering concerns See in context

Use golloyds for money transfer. All you I set up the transfer account golloyds acts as a middle man. You pay them 2000 yen as a fee for transfer and can transfer money via ATM furikomi. I have never had a problem money gets transferred by the next day ita in dollars in my American bank account.

I payed at least 7000 yen in fee at the bank......

I have never been given the 3rd degree and I send around 1000 dollars a month...

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Posted in: Bullet train service disrupted by train enthusiast taking photos See in context

@ Wilke:

I agree with you that there isnt anything wrong really with having an ineterest in something like trains. And it is a harmless thing to be Otaku about which is good. Everyone has different hobbies which is great to see in a country as conformist as Japan.

but, I do think he should have been fined for causing the train delays. In Japan, where many people rely on trains to get to and from work, timeliness is taken very seriously. I have heard of universities and companies that wont even accept the paper given from the train station proving the presence of a dely as a viable excuse.

example: my ex-boyfriend (japanese) missed a final exam at his university due to his train being delayed (suicide on the tracks). He got the document from JR stating what train he was on, the amount of time the delay was, reason for the delay (suicide), etc... His University or Proffessor (not sure which had the power to decide this) still wouldnt let him retake his final exam even though the delay was out of his control. He was late and missed the exam the reason why didn:t matter at all. There are many companies like this as well where the boss wouldnt really care why their employee was late. to them late is late.

This train Otaku was being slightly selfish in my oppinion ignoring the safety boundry at the expence of the 10000 commuters who may or may not have been affected significantly by this delay only to take a few pictures of a bullet train. He may not have meant any harm but he very much could have caused some and even maybe significantly disrupted someone elses life because of his hobby.

He should have been fined. I would think a warning and a small fine (nothing exorbant) would suffice but he should have had to pay something. In the very least to discourage him or other train enthusiests from causing this sort of disturbance again.

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Posted in: How foreigners’ daily lives change when they live in Japan See in context

Actually that was a bit of a point of contention with my wife. I get that the grandparents want to spend time with their grandchildren but I do try to limit contact with others members of the family.

Now, that may sound harsh, but the other kids in the family don't speak English so it's hard for me to know what they are saying to my kids, plus there's the risk of exposure to things like Japanese comics that I don't think is appropriate for my children. My wife was a bit taken aback at first but we talked it through and I took a pretty strong position on it so we mostly only see them at Christmas and new year now.

I am in no way judging your decisions on how to raise your family and if in fact you and your wife made these decisions together then power to the both of you but i do think you should be careful.

How you would you like it if the tables were turned. Your wife was calling the shots and said well since you wont let our children visit my family then I wont let them visit yours either. Is it ok for her to keep your children away from YOUR parents??

The thing is when i was growing up my mother absolutely loathed my fathers parents. there was a special level of hate she had for them. But she never kept us (me and my siblings) away from them because they were our family. and wether she liked them or not she understood that it wasnt about her and that we (the children) deserved to have both sets of grandparents in our lives.

You are planning on returning to the USA eventually no? what is the harm in allowing the inlaws some chance to get to know your children a little better? so your kids learn some japanese which you dont want them to do. to be honest once they return the the USA and arnt using japanese everyday they will forget most of it and they will adopt a USA lifestyle. I really feel some of your fears of them assimilating permantly to a 100 percent japanese mentailty just by speaking a bit of japanese are for nothing.

They are already going to international school and speaking english at home the chance that they will grow up to be little japanese drones is highly unlikely.

I:m sure you love you family and wife dearly. not allowing you kids to see their grandparents more often i:m sure hurts your wife in many ways though she might not say it. you said you strongly voiced your oppinion about it. are you sure you didnt just push it on her and she relented despite maybe having serious reservations towards it?? I don:t know you so I wont judge but for your sake you should be sure that your wife really is in fact on board because everyone (even extremely tolarant and paitent japanese ladies) have their breaking point.

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Im not surprised about the governments reaction. Preserve the wa. very japanese. What i'm more surprised is the fact that now that this is out in the open more japanese people arnt outraged by it. I don't hear much news of widescale protest to this kind of abuse of power. Japan is a peculiar country indeed.

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I think i have to dissagree about the Movie theather thing. going to the movies is expensive in Japan but from what i've heard from my parents back in the US going to a movie there will still set you back about 12 bucks now. So it may be a bit cheaper in US but not nearly as cheap as this article is making it sound.

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Posted in: Taiwanese man sought in connection with murder of two students kills himself See in context

I hope this killer is brought to justice ASAP!!!

Well the suspect killed himself so if he is in fact the killer then the only justice he will be getting is from the man upstairs if thats what you believe in.....

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