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The pure capitalist system DOES work, mostly because there is no such thing as too anything to fail, big or small. No business or individual is perfect, however in true free market, the ones who do the best generally are successful and stick around, those that scheme and steal or just plain suck end up failing. Liberals seem to confuse government with the economy, but history has taught us that government only distorts the economy and creates the bubbles and busts like we are seeing.

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Blaming guns for violence is like blaming ice cream spoons for making people fat.

Yes, tragic accidents do happen, but at an absolute minuscule percentage of gun-related injuries, or of guns and their owners. Increased gun laws will also do very little to take guns out of criminals' hands, because they are criminals. They are already breaking the law.

"Moving to a safer neighborhood" sounds simple enough, but is in reality only ignoring the real problem of violent crime. For one, many people who live in the worst so-called "gang turf" neighborhoods don't have the money available to move anywhere else, let alone a better street. That's still beside the fact that moving away only gives gangs a deeper foothold and control of the area and expand their territory.

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|"In America, baseball games are a family affair..."

Sadly, no, baseball in the USA is no longer a family environment. Beyond excessive ticket and concession prices, the stands are filled with alcohol and cursing.

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