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Posted in: Innocence lost: the dark side of Akihabara See in context

Its child porn. No matter what. I've seen these "idol vids". My friends have shown me the "flute playing" and "ice cream" eating.

Its child porn once the girl eats the banana and spits it back out to simulate semen all over her face.

This industry needs to end and the parents should be condemned so pimping out their daughters and sons.

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Posted in: Michael Jackson dies of reported cardiac arrest at 50 See in context

RIP. Truly a talent and cultural, not just that, a historic icon has been lost.

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Posted in: Dewi Sukarno chews out Kano sisters See in context

The Kano Sisters are srsly a waste of television time. Want to see Plastic Surgery gone wrong, just stare at them.

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Posted in: Pregnant junior high school teacher harassed by students’ 'Miscarriage Club' See in context

Where is Mr. Onizuka when you need him. Maybe he should throw them over the school roof for a bit.

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Posted in: Billy Blanks speaks of June wedding See in context

Cute daughter....

And lol... " Chocolate Fighter "

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Posted in: Papa Papaya bonds with daughter over curry udon See in context

I love Papaya. He's so damn hilarious and I'm glad he's doing something with his daughter, truly a family moment.

And I agree with noirgaijin, this is more news worthy then some "talent" that all they do is just talk about how delicious the cake they're eating is.

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Posted in: Ken Watanabe’s daughter spotted dating actor Yukiyoshi Ozawa See in context

What is up with Japanese actresses/models marrying and dating men 10+ years older than them these days...

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Posted in: Kusanagi’s comeback – what was the big deal after all? See in context

I feel sympathy with Kusanagi. If I had to be a johnny's boy and were forced to sing that trash he produces, I would end up drunken and naked in the park nearby every night...


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Posted in: Kusanagi’s comeback – what was the big deal after all? See in context

My issue with bands like SMAP is that why are these talentless singers making so much money while singers who can actually sing are not. What happened to music being about music and not about some image fops?

But SMAP's appeal isn't their music, and everyone knows this. Their appeal is through their tv shows, their dramas, their movies. I don't think Japan could care less if SMAP can sing on key these days, especially when every hour of the day you're guaranteed to see Shingo Katori pimping some English School or a instant lunch meal or Kimutaku on a new drama or Kusanagi on Waratte Ii Tomo participating on the stupid games nearly everyday.

SMAP is Japanese media.

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Posted in: Infant's body discovered in ceiling of building in Gunma See in context

Okay, its been a baby a day now. Wtf japan

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Posted in: Japan going to pot: Celebrity busts and student smokers have authorities in a tizz See in context

This has such great timing especially since that singer's son just got busted for weed possession.

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Posted in: Saga woman arrested for forcing daughters into prostitution See in context

I love how double edge Japan's child laws are. Its okay to basically sexually exploit a child (ie: gravure modeling, idoling) but actual sexual acts is considered law breaking. My biggest issue with Johnny's & Associates back in the late 1990s, and even before then, was the exploitation of their acts by having 'onsen' and 'bath house' photoshoots, emphasizing the "BL" aspect of 14 - 18 year old boys.

Isn't the sexual exploitation of pre-teens and those under 18 also immoral and also simply feeding the problem of child rape and abuse?

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Posted in: Miyavi and melody. wed in shotgun marriage See in context

They're getting married cause she's knocked up. If he dropped her that'd destroy her career AND his. So like all good Japanese young couples in " opps " situations, they get married.


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Posted in: Seiko Matsuda dyes her hair 'Celebrity Beige' for new commercial See in context

WHY is there a news story about this? How can this possibly be of any interest to anybody??

Because its ENTERTAINMENT news. Hell, even the Japanese morning news dedicate 15 minutes every hour, between 4am - 10am to Entertainment news. Oh, not to forget the actual Entertainment news talk shows from 10am - 12pm.

Japan sure worships their idols.

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Posted in: N Korea warns Japan that intervening in rocket launch will be act of war See in context

I am just cracking up on N. Korea's paranoid beliefs that US/Japan/S. Korea have been planning for 60 years to take over their country.

Seriously, lol.

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Posted in: Rumors of domestic abuse persist in Fujiwara-Jinnai divorce See in context

What on earth is "psychological domestic violence"?

I suspect it's a label with which women can attach blame to their spouse to make him a moster if he says anything other than "Yes, dear".

Great to see how people take the issue of DV. Mental abuse is as bad as, or even worst than, a spouse laying their hand on their significant other.

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Posted in: N Korea says 2 U.S. journalists will stand trial See in context

As if a state run newspaper would be unbiased in reporting the " hostile acts " of two reporters.

Then again, they should have never been there in the first place. Who in their right mind walks into N. Korea while they're showcasing their warheads.

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Posted in: J Soul Brothers join Exile See in context

EXILE is just 2 singers and a crap load of back up dancers. The new editions won't mean a single thing.

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Posted in: Grace Park hones her skills on 'Battlestar Galactica' See in context

NTV - Nippon Broadcasting

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Posted in: J-pop industry taking the music out of music business See in context

I remember Utada Hikaru saying that J-POP music made her so embarrassed,and was making it really tough for her to be taken seriously as a singer in the US.She mentioned the Japanese language was half the problem,being a difficult and rather ugly language to sing in.

I think reason for her failure was the fact that she came out with a stupid song called Easy Breezey that had an even ridiculous hook with the lyrics " Cause you're easy breezey and I'm Japanesey "

.... If a Japanese song sounds good and has the umph it'll get the western exposure. Not if its stupid crap like that.

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Posted in: High School Musical See in context

Hahaha they should have had the cast from the Japanese version of the HSM musical give them flowers

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Posted in: Teacher, 38, arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting 11-year-old girl in Ibaraki See in context

Just an apology? What happened to the arrests?

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Posted in: Fans wonder why Southern All Stars call it quits See in context

I'm really sad to see them go, regardless. I love their songs and Kuwata's voice.

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Posted in: Airbus See in context

I'm looking forward to flying in the Boeing Dreamliner. That looks like state of the art flying.

Cept that's an Airbus A380 ... Dreamliner isn't due out for another two years, IIRC.

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Posted in: Mariah Carey See in context

Nick Cannon - who's he, by the way?

Nickolodeon child actor, did that MTV produced movie Drumline, became popular. One hit wonder -- Everyone seemed to forget about him until he hooked up with her.

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Posted in: Drama with Kimutaku as PM trails 'Gokusen' in ratings battle See in context

Let me guess: Yankumi goes to ANOTHER high school populated by brooding young males from Johnny's talent agency, gets them through the term and eats Kuma's noodles. Interpret that last one any way you want, the guy needs the work!

Of course, these Juniors need somewhere to make a debut or else they're gonna stay back flipping for their senior's concerts for the rest of their lives!

I don't understand why people like Gokusen beyond the first season. It's clearly a GTO rip off.


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Posted in: American singer Jero to appear in TV ad See in context

I'm part Japanese and my Japanese pretty much sucks. Though, apparently, having Japanese in me automatically means I can speak it fluently? lol.

Anyway, I think apart of the craze is that yes he's a good singer, and he's black, but the only reason why he's getting the reception (I believe) is because he's part Japanese (or asian for that matter). They have some appeal to that aspect -- I at least think.

You make it more in the industry being one of them then you are being an individual.

(Even Leah Dizon, which baffles the hell out of me because her Japanese is terrible).

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