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Posted in: Peyton Manning to retire after 18 NFL seasons See in context

Will be considered a Great QB as his father and brother, will miss him

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Posted in: Kerry off to Asia to address maritime disputes, N Korea nukes See in context

go home and stop spending my tax dollars for nothing

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Posted in: California shooting rampage leaves 14 dead; 2 suspects killed in gun battle with police See in context

As an American I refuse to become a soft target that many in the world want us to become like them

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Posted in: California shooting rampage leaves 14 dead; 2 suspects killed in gun battle with police See in context

The left coast has the strongest gun control laws in the US and it didn't help Sure wish someone at the party had a conceal carry license. the left coast needs to re-check there laws and stop changeling the rest of the USA.

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Posted in: U.S., Russia, Japan pick up wins in men's volleyball World Cup See in context

USA is playing strong. 10 aces... Watching USA/JPN game now and it looks like they will advance. Go Go GOoo

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Posted in: Fukushima fishermen OK plan to divert groundwater into sea See in context

I wonder if these fisherman feed any of the items they catch or cultivate from the area to there kids. Most likely send it to other places!!

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Posted in: Fiers no-hitter leads Astros over Dodgers 3-0 See in context

GOoo Stros

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Posted in: 3 Americans praised for subduing train gunman in France See in context

I expressly like in the news that they beat the S..T out of him after... Good job guys

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Posted in: U.S. Army copter crash-lands on ship off Okinawa; 6 injured See in context

Please get our people out of that damm place, don't know why I have to keep paying taxes supporting Japan

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor switched on in Kyushu despite protests See in context

It's about time, welcome back to the world JPN... Now lets figure out a way to make it better?

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Posted in: Gunman kills 9 people in South Carolina church See in context

I wonder why he could have felt he had been treated so bad by blacks to feel he had to do this??? Maybe he or his family was caught in some of the recent black riots and wanted some retrubtion. Hope we learn more!

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Posted in: Legendary gun maker Colt files for bankruptcy See in context

It would be a great loss for the average gun owner that use their guns for hunting and protection, the need to stay out of the military market place and stick to just making guns for people's use.

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Posted in: Jeb Bush launches presidential bid See in context

Jeb, said he would not have gone in the middle east.... I hope he will withdraw US from Europe and Asia and let those countries PAY for their own problems. He has my vote and I get too vote.

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Posted in: Long odds ahead now for Obama on his troubled trade agenda See in context

Obama has been a failure in everything he has done!

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Posted in: Emperor, empress mourn war dead on Palau's Peleliu isle See in context

Many people here an Europe still have allot of respect for "royal's" even though there control has diminished it was a good gesture for them to pay their respect's to all the combatant's. I appreciated they also visited the US memorial.

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Posted in: Leader of big-time fraud group arrested See in context

Attacking the elderly needs to be treated same as attacking kids

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Posted in: ANA orders three Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners See in context

Great aircraft hope the future is just as brit for Boeing

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Posted in: Innovation helps Japan's tsunami-hit farmers bounce back See in context

At least they aren't waiting for the Gov. to bring things back to norm. Kudo's to them for re-starting

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Posted in: Transport ministry to investigate how deer got on runway at New Chitose Airport See in context

If you spray a predator sent on the fence the won't come (wolf, coyote) .. many airports around the world use this.

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Posted in: Accused rapist dragged from prison and killed by Indian mob See in context

These type of actions are driven by media hip or rumor and not by fact, participants will only have to answer to GOD for there actions in this case.

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Posted in: 2 killed after helicopter crashes in Mie See in context

Wow RIP, sad for the family.

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Posted in: Prince William takes on diplomatic role in China See in context

I'm surprised "Royal's" still speak on behalf of Europeans, it's like Al Sharpton speaking for American's

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Posted in: Qatar World Cup shift gives Japan winter blues See in context

Qatar is in Asia, didn't know maps had changed

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Posted in: Japan protests after N Korea fires short-range missiles See in context

A boy (NK) trying to play with Men

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Posted in: Japan, Korea car makers act to counter shifts in U.S. market See in context

The Japanese and there allies Koreans have done good copying American vehicles. Not to many years ago its was bad to have a American SUV or Truck. Now there all making them, even the EU's have started. It is a good thing though that we don't have to just accept what they think we need rather than what we want. As I travel the world I see more and more American style vehicles rather than the match box cars government's and big business wanted us to have.

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Posted in: Civil rights groups to protest Oscars over lack of diversity See in context

Al's trying to make money for himself only. Needs someone to listen to him. The news is the only thing he's got to keep himself going. He would be a lost hope without them.

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Posted in: Running police keep the peace at Tokyo Marathon See in context

Security is a big business, lots of money for expenses (m/h) and gear. Not really outfitted/prepared to stop anything only hope to take catch picture and get them later. It does make some people feel better and good PR but for most good people it's just a hassle. It's just something we have to be burdened with in these times.

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Posted in: American arrested for assaulting two people on train in Yokosuka See in context

Who was the guy who tried to help.. Kudo's to him no mater were he votes.

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Posted in: Record high number of tourists visit Japan in January See in context

Yes, keep the Yen to a reasonable rate and they will come... we will all grow.

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Posted in: Katy Perry dazzles at Super Bowl halftime show See in context

What a great Super Bowl, and half time show!!

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