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Posted in: Bradley Cooper says he is surprised by 'American Sniper' controversy See in context

Can't wait to see the movie and see what all the fuss is about. Basically is sounds like a movie about a hard job I wouldn't want to do.

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Posted in: Texas governor to declare 'Chris Kyle Day' in honor of sniper See in context

He was good at his job to saving others lives (by taking out BAD guys), glad I din't have to make the choices he did.

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Posted in: Romney says he will not run for president in 2016 See in context

Good choice he made getting out early, not sure why he even considered getting in the race. Time for younger candidates to step in from both sides.

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Posted in: U.S. remembers Martin Luther King amid racial tensions over police killings See in context

I think it's racist to classify others by color, I don't like to be called "white" anymore than Asians would want to be called "Yellow's" or Middle-easterners "Brown's"

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Posted in: NFL Capsules See in context

Yea tough call, but Cowboys WON.. So;s all OK

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Posted in: Taliban kill 126 in Pakistan school attack See in context

Bush was right, these people are pure evil, and must be dealt with by the WORLD

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Posted in: Fires burn in Ferguson; gunshots heard in streets See in context

This is why we need our guns in the US to protect us from this type of poor innocent (bad ass) kid that thinks he can do no wrong because of his color. My heart goes out to the officer and his family (and the US) for what they are going thru getting rid of trash like this kid was, his parents should take responsibility for raising a kid like this.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress cut short Nagasaki trip due to typhoon See in context

So did everybody else, so why is this special

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Posted in: Japan considers building its own fighter jets See in context

Yea.. Japan screwed US.. That's way all of the American car plants are in the Americas.. Giving jobs to them, not JPN... smell the Vaseline JPN. Please hold your own and stop counting on others... and then complaning

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Posted in: Obon holiday return rush peaks See in context

Had no problem coming from Scotland early morning, till we got to toll gate near Tokyo. It seems if we pay fuel tax all tolls should be obsolete as they cause the problems

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Posted in: Toyota sells 2.58 million vehicles, outpacing GM See in context

Hope the don't have to recall them all back so they can pay their fines...

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Posted in: Japan offers Tunisia $465 mil in loans See in context

Obama would have just given/printed them the money..

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Posted in: Police questioning man over Anne Frank diary vandalism See in context

Sounds this person is from left wing

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Posted in: 4,000 sue GE, Toshiba, Hitachi over Fukushima disaster See in context

This smells very close too the Western way of trying to make $$$$, rather than the true people that are responsible being persecuted.

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Posted in: Japan puts two reactors on shortlist for restart screening See in context

This is a good thing, all nuke plants have made a second look to confirm safety.. we must move forward. Humans are based on learning from the past...That what make us #1

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Posted in: Toyota recalls 260,000 cars in U.S. See in context

With the other recall of 1,900,000 cars reported for TOYota this year, it will make them No.1 in the world on this list also

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Posted in: Seahawks rout Broncos to win first Super Bowl title See in context

Wow, I never thought Seattle would have done that. Congrads Seattle fans (12) or what EVER.

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Posted in: NFL star Peyton Manning wins record fifth MVP award See in context

What a great football family

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Posted in: Hakuho wins 28th championship See in context

Con-grads, hope many more to follow.

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Posted in: Japan to open door further to skilled foreign workers See in context

I think this is the start to be similar to the rest of the world to mean.. To be Japanese doesnt mean you have to be from Asia in the future.

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Posted in: Two dead in automobile blaze in Tokyo See in context

What make of car was this?? people should be asking, sounds not to safe

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Posted in: GM global sales hit 9.7 mil last year, beating VW See in context

What If you deduct the recalled cars junk, vehicles by Toy? then what the tally...

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Posted in: Bullock sweeps People's Choice Awards See in context

Thanks "Zichi"

Now we know why its not a great movie, only the actors made it a good movie.

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Posted in: M5.5 quake jolts Kanto region; no tsunami warning issued See in context

First jolt was enough to wake me up and seemed to rock and roll a long time. Hope all are well, No sleeping afterwards as many car alarms activated.

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Posted in: M7.3 quake strikes off coast of Fukushima; small tsunamis observed See in context

Wow, and I thought the bed was moving because of late night out drinking.... Now I can blame my moving slow this morning on the aftershocks...

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Posted in: Oklahoma jury finds Toyota liable in fatal acceleration crash See in context

Now it seems the only place that makes good cars is South Korea

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Posted in: Congress pulls U.S. back from brink, averts default See in context

The Obama/Dems won, we are still spending more, unfortunately or great grandchildren will be the true losers!

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon pummels Kanto; heads toward Fukushima See in context

Don't panic, the news media loves to control people minds (fears)... this will be a storm to take care but nothing to be scared about. I have been thru cat 4 a 5 being from Louisiana and you are not in control.. mother nature is. But this will be a good one to tell the grandchildren about.

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Posted in: Oracle wins America's Cup in epic comeback See in context

What a comeback win for USA, no one thought they could come back from 8-1 with the down under s only needing one more win. Congratulations team Oracle USA.

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Posted in: Balentien breaks Japan's home run record See in context

Con grad's, go for more, he has worked hard for this.

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