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China needs advanced semi-conductors to become the global hegemon. And the traitorous CEOs of Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia are lobbying against American restrictions on the sale of these chips to China.

As captains of industry, these assholes are not only shortsighted (looking only for immediate gains to their bottom lines) but traitors to our national interests as well. They know practically nothing of foreign policy and should keep their long noses out of it, before our kids in school are taught in Chinese.

Why does it matter? The Chinese can't produce these chips themselves. But they need them for advanced quantum computers which they intend to marry to artificial intelligence, thus increasing the capabilities of their war machine. Taiwan falls then Japan.

Who is the enemy who intends to aid and abet China? Know them by name, and call for their ouster. They aren't scientists who matter. They're only Money-Men, who need to be replaced by patriots.

1) Jensen Huang of Nvidea, who obviously may split his loyalties based on family origin or who can succumb to CCP blackmail

2) Patrick Gelsinger of Intel, who just got back from China three days ago with a sweetheart deal

3) Cristiano Amon of San Diego-based Qualcomm, a Brazilian who doesn't care a whit about the US, just more money on this Scrooge’s bottom line.

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Amidst the waves of the South China Sea,

There lies a tale of aggression and tyranny,

Of China's coast guard and fishing fleets,

That harass and intimidate vessels they meet.

Vietnam has been the target of this wrath,

With sinking boats leaving a bitter aftermath,

The reports of Chinese vessels ramming and attacking,

Have led to protests and tensions, quite alarming.

But when the United States sailed a destroyer around,

The Paracel Islands, China did nothing but make a sound,

Threatening "serious consequences" without any act,

Showing their cowardice, a bully's defining fact.

China's aggressive behavior needs to be curbed,

International pressure to ensure rules are observed,

Freedom of navigation and the law must prevail,

In the South China Sea, the region's holy grail.

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China has run out of fiscal and monetary systems to support its economy, which will become apparent when the Fed raises interest rates this month. Poor deluded Chinese, you do realize that Chinese debt is growing at 3X the rate that the Chinese economy is growing, even at the official rate of that imaginary 7% (but you and I both know it's only growing at 2.2%, much less than the rate that the US itself is growing). Any dullard would realize that the creation of this much debt is unsustainable, regardless of the bank savings of Chinese people (which itself is destroying Xi's China dream of consumerism replacing the investment/export model). That's a big laugh at your expense, because I warned you about the consequences when I touted Bernanke as America's greatest Cool War warrior, whose mission was the destruction of the PRC.

Remember when I told you that QE (which was the Fed loosing {I said loosing, not losing} upwards of 80 billion dollars a month into the global financial system) would not create substantial inflation in the US? Do you remember? And do you remember where I told you all that credit would go? I called it by its proper name of "Hot Money," which entered mainland China through Hong Kong, because it was the only legal way we could flood the PRC with easy credit? And that easy credit bubbled up the prices of homes and property and factories in China to unsustainable levels of debt.

And now we, the American people, sit imperially waiting for Xi's state visit to decide whether the Fed pushes Humpty Dumpty down the wall in September. Now we, the American people, wait imperially to see what concessions Xi will promise us not to push China's economy crashing off the wall in October, 2015. As you know, the PLA is merely a shadow play of strength, because we can starve China of food and fuel in 21 days, causing food riots against the government; so don’t even go there as a tit for tat. As we all know, Xi is coming to our shores begging a crumb and a morsel from his master. My advice to Xi Jinping is: Be prepared to come begging on your knees with your forehead pressed to the floor of American hegemony. Maybe then we’ll listen. Otherwise, all Xi’s horses and all Xi’s men will never be able to put the “PRC Dumpty” together again.

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Posted in: Cash-strapped Greece comes up with yen to pay 'samurai' bonds See in context

The sky isn't falling. Relax. You just don't understand what has been agreed behind closed doors. I make things happen without changing goal posts. I make sure it's a win-win-win situation. For instance, look what I just did for Europe suffering under Greek debt. I changed the limitations of the game, not the goal posts. This new solution for Greece seems draconian but it's the best thing that could happen to Greece and Europe. Let me explain, in the same fashion that I proposed it to the think tanks in Brussels (and which Tsipras himself agreed, even with the power of the referendum behind him). Look everywhere on the internet, and you will not see anything remotely like what you'll see in this post. When everyone else was bereft of a solution with the European Union on the verge of collapse, I gave them all a way out.

I made a clear case for Greece giving up its sovereignty (for prosperity within three years) while staying in the eurozone and still having to pay all its debts, with only minor debt relief. Seems difficult to reconcile all this, doesn't it? But everyone came around to this new paradigm, even though it seemed that the new conditions were even harsher than the previous conditions imposed on Greece by its creditors. Here's what I proposed and what creditors and debtors agreed to, including France and Italy which didn't really want to commit...but they offered no alternatives that were not already dead in the water.

I suggested that the drachma not replace the euro, as was about to happen, but that "cheap-product" manufacturers in Germany relocate a sizeable number of those industries to Greece, in fact, flooding Greece with new jobs, which would be highly taxed to pay off Greek debts. I proposed that German industry utilize the cheaper labor in Greece to produce exportable goods to Central Asia and Africa, something which couldn't be done before with expensive German-produced goods. Yes, new markets for European industry, produced on the cheap and sold at a good profit. Central Asia, South Asia, Africa, and Russia could not and still cannot really afford "expensive-product" exports from Europe. In short, what I've done is ensure that this supposed bailout opens up new markets for European industry in direct competition to Chinese made products.

As a consequence, Greece will recover far better than Italy, France or Italy, which will see the wisdom of German management and fall into line. This is a positive good for Greece, which was unable to ever manage its economy properly, and for Europe as a whole. You are about to see Europe revitalized under German management...even as Chinese industry falters to a stop and becomes a hulking mess until the dissolution of the PRC into its constitutent riparian states and releases its colonies of Hong Kong, Macau, Manchuria, Mongolia, Turkestan and Tibet. Yes, my solution for Greek insolvency will ensure that the CCP is no longer a threat to the PAX Americana, where everyone prospers.

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I got up early this morning in Hong Kong to watch the stock market in China, which should start in less than an hour.

With all the measures that the central government has put in place to stop the slide, I expect the market this morning to be little more than a ZOMBIE, listing a little bit higher then a little bit lower. This won't last, of course. The large investors have all been handicapped by the CCP from selling their shares or into purchasing more shares to keep the level rising, even if modestly. These are the suckers who are about to lose their shirts.

Why? Because it's the little investors, your regular Mom and Pop, that set the stock market blazing with their small purchases of stocks into a stock market bubble. After seeing the modest recovery from last week as their last chance to salvage whatever they can from this giant casino that nearly drove them into poverty last week, you can bet that they're going to start pulling out their stock market gambling money in the next few days. Why, because the governments can't control the markets for long. You know that. In fact, the little Chinese investor knows the bloom is off that rose...and he’s running scared

Hello, the Great Depression in China, which follows the continuing slide of the Chinese Stock Market Crash from 2015 through 2017, nearly the same as our 1929-1932 Stock Market Crash in the US with our own Great Depression lasting a decade of bread lines and fuel lines!!!!!!!!

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There were three Supreme Leaders in Hell - Chairman Mao, Ayatollah Khomeini and Kim Jong Il. Wanting to know what was going on in the world above, they asked Satan to let them call the ruling parties in their former countries, hoping to provide advice to the new leadership.

The Ayatollah called Iran and talked for 10 minutes then, satisfied with the nuclear advancements in Iran, paid Satan 10,000 yuan. Kim Jong Il called North Korea and talked to his son for 15 minutes then, satisfied with the standoff with the West, paid Satan 15,000 yuan for the call. Then Chairman Mao Zedung called Chairman Xi Jinqing and talked for over an hour about the failure of economic reform and rampant PLA corruption and the overwhelming pollution of the air and water and food that was killing over a million Chinese every year, which was just getting worse and worse. Scared about all that was going wrong in the PRC, Chairman Mao asked how much his call had cost then, so happy to hear that the price would only be 10 yuan, paid Satan for the very long talk.

Offended by the difference in telephone charges, Kim Jong Il and the Ayatollah complained that Chairman Mao had spoken to Chairman Xi for over an hour and paid only 10 yuan, while they themselves had spoken for only a few minutes and paid exorbitantly in the thousands of yuan...to which Satan responded: "A CALL FROM HELL TO HELL IS LOCAL."

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Posted in: Netanyahu assails Iran nuclear talks in speech to Congress; Obama disagrees See in context

If you’re an American, write your Congress. Get behind the president on this deal. It's the best deal that we can have right now. Why? Because Netanyahu messed up previous deals that would have ensured more lasting restrictions on Iran. Check his history. He's done all this before.

This yahoo, Netanyahu, claimed back in 1992 (23 years ago) that Iran would have a nuclear bomb by 1995 and that it was imperative that the "US launch an immediate, all-out war against Iran." Yeah, that's the same crap that he's trying to sell to us now. And, again, this week, he tried to get us to go to war with Iran. Yes, WAR for another ten years. I say, no more body bags with American kids inside...just because of his monumental ego. This is the alternative Netanyahu is offering to replace the Iranian nuclear deal. Is that what America wants? Remember that just a few years ago this jackass tried to embroil us in another war with Iran using a cartoon bomb. That's how little he thinks of our reasoning abilities.

Yeah, he's a "sky is falling" alarmist who wants the US to go to war over and over again, keeping us perpetually at war. Well, I say, chuck the bastard. If he thinks Iran is such a threat, then let Israel attack Iran with the understanding that the chips will fall as they may...without US intervention if Israel fails. Netanyahu is that bad "friend" who tries to get you to fight the mean kid on the block, because he's too chicken-hearted to do it himself or because he seriously would enjoy you getting the crap kicked out of you.

That's Netanyahu, the same megalomaniac who bragged that he could get America to do anything he wants (see the video on youtube, the most disturbing, disgusting trash you'll ever see and hear) and now he's trying to prove that he does control American foreign policy by addressing our Congress outside the "normal protocols" of how that should be done. Yeah, I've learned to hate the bastard, because I see down in the depth of his blazing eyes the thousands of body bags he wants to fill with American kids inside.

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It's all about submarines lately. The world is changing, and it’s aimed entirely against China for its aggressive behaviors against India, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc., etc. As I warned you nearly two years ago, the West has begun to degrade the Chinese economy for this reason, forcing its industries to slow to a dead halt before eventually shrinking to negative figures in GDP. You’ve already read my previous posts in the last two weeks about how Russia is encircling China with allies and military assets. Likewise, the West is preparing China’s neighbors for the “feeding frenzy” of voracious sharks on the dying whale of the PRC.

For instance, the Indian government has launched a major naval expansion that will include the indigenous construction of seven stealth frigates and six nuclear powered attack submarines. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet approved plans to build the 13 new ships at about a cost of one trillion rupees or about $16 billion on Tuesday. India’s plans to procure six nuclear powered attack submarines (SSN) are also in line with regional trends where many nations in Southeast Asia are building up their undersea fleets as a way to counter Beijing’s growing naval might. After all, we have made sure that China’s lack of anti-submarine warfare capabilities will always be its Achilles’ heel.

During the Battle of the Senkakus in 2017 (when China will suffer her greatest naval defeat since the Humiliation of 1895 when Japan sank the Qing’s entire fleet) expect that the remainder of the PLA Navy’s surface ships, seemingly safe in the South China Sea, will be sunk by coordinated attacks from the diesel and nuclear submarine fleets of Vietnam, India, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. All of the recent acquisitions by these countries will be completed by 2016, with crews from these respective nations already being trained by experienced Japanese, German and American forces for the eventual dissolution of the PRC into its constituent parts by 2017.

Yes, future-minded Chinese, which includes PLA executive staff, corporate executives and municipal officers, are already in the process of forming three new countries from the Han heartland: the Yangtze People’s Republic, the Yellow River Federation and the Oriental Pearl. During this same phase, Tibet will be free once again. East Turkestan will unite with other Central Asian countries in a new confederation of Muslim countries. United Mongolia will recover her ancient roots as a united people without the Han occupiers. Manchuria will pursue an independent foreign policy vis-a-vis a united Korea. Macau and Hong Kong will return to independent status. And Taiwan will rejoin the United Nations as a full member.

Once the dying whale of the PRC gasps its last breath, the sharks will swim back to their natural shores and revert to dolphins for world peace within the PAX Americana, including all the new Han countries that will be free to pursue their own national interests without the present colonial obligations that are holding you back from true freedom, peace and prosperity. Join us. Free the Chinese from CCP domination.

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Posted in: Michelle Obama to make first official visit to Japan in March See in context

Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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Military budgeting has entered a new and mind-boggling reality for the CCP. In an environment of shrinking growth rates in the national economy, budgeting now needs to focus away from military aspirations and more and more on social programs, if only to keep the populace quiescent. Any Chinese dreams of great power projection through a carrier task force deployment in the South China Sea have long ago faded. As the economy continues to slow to a dead-stop, the PRC is poised on the cliff of its eventual disintegration into its constituent parts.

Now compelled to appear before Obama later this year to answer for his provocative acts in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, Xi must content himself with knowing the Chinese navy is visibly bigger than Japan’s, but that this represents nothing more than a quantitative fact and not a qualitative advantage. During the Battle of the Senkakus, scheduled for 2017, the Chinese Navy will sink below the waves under superior Japanese might and know-how. Prior to this event, Xi is forced to accept the fact that, for the foreseeable future, his navy will remain less than half the size and with much less technological capability than that of the U.S. Navy.

The end has arrived for the PRC. 2017 is a date etched deep on the CCP’s tomb stone.

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Xi's Chinese Dream is about to become CHINA'S NIGHTMARE, slated for October, 2015, when the entire economic house of cards collapses around the CCP.

Factories are already idling and will soon turn to rust and crumbling concrete. Skyscrapers forever unfinished will claw the sky with their riveted steel beams. Urban dwellers with hope of escaping the poverty and despair of barely surviving in the cities will abandon their crumbling highrises for the rice and wheat fields of the countryside. There is no future for the PRC, even if that decrepitude manages to stumble along until its death knell in the Battle of the Senkakus, slated for 2017. And then, all will be happy and well again, because....

After the dissolution of the PRC, the Han Chinese will patch the rags of their past with the weave of their best hopes for the future. Thus will be born the Yellow River Federation, the Yangtze People's Republic and the Oriental Pearl, all based on the cultural and historical watersheds of those three great rivers. These three new countries are, even now, being prepared to come to fruition after the economic collapse of the PRC in October 2015. Not even Xi's war against these founding fathers, whom he calls "corrupt," can stop this historical inevitability, because the young will forever keep rising against the totalitarianism of the CCP.

And soon enough, Tibet will be free once more with the return of the Dalai Lama. The Uyghurs will establish their own independent republic as East Turkistan by driving the Han from their ancestral lands. Likewise, the Mongolians will reestablish governmental ties on both sides of their borders to form a new United Mongolia, even as the Han are also forcibly ejected from their country. And, of course, the Manchurians will do likewise. By 2016, Macau and Hong Kong will regain their independent status as well as the prosperity that was theirs before being absorbed. Taiwan, still free, will rejoin the United Nations as a full member and assist in midwifing the new Han countries into being, making sure they evolve and prosper from the carcass of the defunct PRC with freedom and independence.

This is the future. There is none other. For now, simply recognize that the PRC is dying. Why continue to align yourselves with death? Why worship the rotting carcass of Mao? Instead, the free countries of the world invite you to join the re-birth of prosperity under the benevolent and watchful care of the PAX Americana.

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We have your back, Japan. Australia feels a bit exposed, which is why they can't commit. If China were smart, it would cease and desist going for the Senkakus when that sort of energy is rather obsolete. In fact, we made it extremely cheap by flooding the market. But we have more to offer. Much more.

We have clean energy that would make all of China sparkle clean, without needing the oil and gas in Japan's EEZ. Fusion energy. But, we found that China is stuck in the past, wanting to forget their hundreds of years of humiliation through war-like behavior, now that they're just a little bit strong.

We can't have that. Right now, we're giving China time to reflect on her bad behavior by giving China cheap gas and oil. We can do a lot more. We can actually provide virtually free energy with helium-3, which we have already developed for peace or war. Yes, if not for PLA belligerence, we could make China sparkling clean.

We brought back "tons" of moon rocks, if you remember. Tons of it. Guess what we found in those moon rocks? Helium-3. Guess what we did with the helium-3? We made a new kind of fusion-nuclear bomb, 12 of them in fact. Stronger than Hiroshima's bomb. The beauty of these bombs is that there is no radiation. None.

Yes, we're protecting the future. And there are 12 Chinese cities that will evaporate off the face of the globe, if the PLA doesn't cool its jets. The CCP knows we have helium-3 and that we made these bombs. This is one of the reasons why China is trying to go to the moon.

It's a space and arms race right now. And China just can't keep up. So, stick your nose out of the Senkakus and back off from your spurious claim to the South China Sea. Because, it things start to heat up, there will be one billion fewer Chinese for the world to worry about.

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China is openly disputing the Senkakus as a smokescreen for what it is really doing in Russia. China is in a good position to retake Primorye (where Vladivostok is situated), which was ceded to Russia in the unfair Peking Treaty of 1848. All of Russia's Far East was part of the original China during the Qing dynasty, and it will be returned.

What Xi Jinping is doing by helping Russia right now is making sure that loans and property interests (denominated in yuans, not rubles) are anchored at current levels of value. This seems noble and nice. It's not. When the value of the ruble falls, it takes many more rubles to pay for yuan-denominated loans, so these companies' profit margins are soon stretched to breaking point; this quickly bankrupts any institutions in which Chinese firms have an interest.

As more oil and gas companies fault their loans, the Chinese investors gain a larger foothold in the Russian economy--all without doing anything, just letting Russia fall even faster, even going into free-fall by trying to pay interest on Chinese investments.

It's a brilliant move for taking over Primorye and much of Russia east of the Urals. Yes, Putin has fallen into Xi's trap.

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Posted in: China says it hopes Japan will stay on 'path of peace' See in context

When China chooses peace rather than provocation, then the region will have peace. China's "path of peace" is really just another way of saying "our way or the highway."

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Well now. If China is really doing this, I wouldn't be surprised if we replace our Secretary of Defense with a new Secretary of War. Watch out, Hagel. You've been too easy on China. You need to get out of the way so that we can have a "real" hawk in charge of our military assets.

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Although Xi met Abe, he managed to snub him at the same time. Not only was Abe left standing in the Great Hall of the People while he waited for Xi’s entrance (in a complete reversal of normal protocol), but when the two leaders actually did meet, Abe extended his hand in a friendly gesture, smiled and said a few words. This was barely reciprocated. Xi just shook Abe’s hand, said nothing and turned away. This simple gesture displayed a remarkable lack of hospitality towards a state guest who was clearly treated with disdain, as a Japanese Foreign Ministry official put it.

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That's right, Mister Abe, give China everything it wants, concession after concession, until he gives you nothing in return but a handshake, making you his lapdog in Beijing during APEC. You're an embarrassment to your ancestors.

Despite all Japan’s high-level emissaries and concessions, including Abe’s unspoken acknowledgment of the Yasukuni Shrine issue, which he has not revisited since last year (failing to honor his war dead with nothing more than a wreath and without his presence), China has given no public indication as to whether Xi will agree to meet with Abe. It could be that Beijing is holding out on the remaining issue of a more formal acceptance and apology from Tokyo for Japan’s colonial past. It would be difficult for Abe to concede that without being able to expect more from the meeting than just a smile and a handshake. Alternatively, Beijing could just be waiting until closer to the actual event, so as not to stir up unnecessary domestic anger from its more nationalist elements.

Yes, Japan is slowly becoming Chinese territory. Your war dead died for nothing. America spent billions on you for nothing. Your citizens are soon to be less than nothing.

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Posted in: Japan sees growing chance of Abe holding talks with China's Xi See in context

Japan proposed that during his meeting with Xi, Abe would first reassert that the Senkaku Islands are an inherent part of Japanese territory, but then “acknowledge that China has a case as well” to the islands. He would then propose that China and Japan seek to settle the issue through mutual dialogue over time. None of this would be included in a joint statement or any other documents officially released after the summit meeting.

What does this mean to you? It means Abe has made another horrible concession to that monster across the sea. It's only a matter of time before China owns and controls the Senkakus...then Okinawa...then the principal islands of Japan. You were warned not to make this concession. America hates cowards who concede their rights for a temporary respite. Get rid of Abe. He's selling Japan out to China. Open your eyes and see what he's done.

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Japan proposed that during his meeting with Xi, Abe would first reassert that the Senkaku Islands are an inherent part of Japanese territory, but then “acknowledge that China has a case as well” to the islands. He would then propose that China and Japan seek to settle the issue through mutual dialogue over time. None of this would be included in a joint statement or any other documents officially released after the summit meeting.

What does this mean to you? It means Abe has made another horrible concession to that monster across the sea. It's only a matter of time before China owns and controls the Senkakus...then Okinawa...then the principal islands of Japan. You were warned not to make this concession. America hates cowards who concede their rights for a temporary respite. Get rid of Abe. He's selling Japan out to China. Open your eyes and see what he's done.

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Best way to avoid military conflict with China...is to give China whatever it wants.

Japan proposed that during his meeting with Xi, Abe would first reassert that the Senkaku Islands are an inherent part of Japanese territory, but then “acknowledge that China has a case as well” to the islands. He would then propose that China and Japan seek to settle the issue through mutual dialogue over time. None of this would be included in a joint statement or any other documents officially released after the summit meeting.

What does this mean to you? It means Abe has made another horrible concession to that monster across the sea. It's only a matter of time before China owns and controls the Senkakus...then Okinawa...then the principal islands of Japan. You were warned not to make this concession. America hates cowards who concede their rights for a temporary respite. Get rid of Abe. He's selling Japan out to China. Open your eyes and see what he's done.

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Posted in: Asia News Weekly Network -- Who owns the Senkaku/Diayu Islands See in context

I warned you about not making concessions to China on this issue, because China doesn't care about anything but making Japan back away and back away until nothing remains of Japanese integrity and honor.

Recently, Japan proposed that during his meeting with Xi, Abe would first reassert that the Senkaku Islands are an inherent part of Japanese territory, but then “acknowledge that China has a case as well” to the islands. He would then propose that China and Japan seek to settle the issue through mutual dialogue over time. None of this would be included in a joint statement or any other documents officially released after the summit meeting.

What does this mean to you? It means Abe has made another horrible concession to that monster across the sea. It's only a matter of time before China owns and controls the Senkakus...then Okinawa...then the principal islands of Japan. You were warned not to make this concession. America hates cowards who concede their rights for a temporary respite. Get rid of Abe. He's selling Japan out to China. Open your eyes and see what he's done.

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...And there will be rumors of war. Of course, there will be war. And these female ministers are representing Abe's government in honoring the war dead. Now, Abe expects China to media-attack these Japanese women who have advanced themselves in Japanese society? How clever.

The cowardly Chinese should know better than to assault Japanese women for honoring their dead? Aaaah, how clever Abe is to manipulate the Chinese into attacking the women who will keep the Japanese war industry operating while Japanese men don the uniform of the Emperor's armed forces.

Is there no end to Chinese stupidity?

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Abe wants this meeting too much. He is about to become Xi Jinping's lap dog. There is no dealing and negotiating with the coward who holds a gun to your head. Japan must recognize that China's gun is actually empty and nothing but a bluff. Abe must NOT give in to Xi. It is the Chinese way to take a little at a time until all is taken. Japan must not become a Chinese colony.

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China is dead in the water. Why do we even have to talk about it?

Chinese economic performance continues to degrade, with the middle-income trap taking hold. Since nearly one billion Chinese citizens never benefited much from the boom (their income being less than $3500 in comparable purchasing power to an American), there is a massive number of citizens who desire political change and who regard themselves as having been marginalized and victimized by coastal elites, mostly Han Chinese.

Now add to this the fact that Japan has secured the right to go to war with China on the open sea in the vaunted Air-Sea Battle scenario that we drew up nearly ten years ago. Consequently, Japan with its superior technology in air and sea battle, not only has the right to come to the aid of its allies, but has the military might, strategy and resolve to destroy the PLA on land and sea. China, however, cannot attack Japan itself but only Japanese forces in the East Sea and in the South Sea.

This is a brilliant chess move. Why? Japan is free to protect the Philippines and every other of its allies from Chinese ships and planes that open fire on Japanese allies. They are now covered by Japanese air and sea power. All that China can do is battle the Japanese on the open sea and in the air over water, not over Japanese territory, since this would involve the US coming to the aid of Japan. Japan is thus free to militarize for a dramatic confrontation with and victory over China, where the samurai spirit will destroy all of the PLAN and PLAAF, scheduled for the Battle of the Senkakus in 2017.

The brilliance of this strategy, as you should now understand, is that China cannot "ever" attack the Japanese homeland, not even the Senkakus, without the US declaring war on China, ensuring China's faster devolution into new nations for its various colonies and dissolution into the Yellow River Federation, the Yangtze People's Republic and the Oriental Pearl for its Han citizens. You know this is in the works already, with PLA officers and provincial governors, administrators and business men already laying the groundwork for these three new Han countries, comparable to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan as they were prior to PRC belligerence.

Consequently, at the beginning of the war, Japan will immediately sink the Laoning as proof that the PRC's military might is just so much fluff. It will be done by one man alone with shoulder-weaponry, showing how easy the aircraft carrier was sunk by one man. Yes, it's political theater; but it sells across the globe. The Chinese citizenry will itself doubt the PLA's ability as a bulwark against invasion and occupation. Caught in this new paradigm of dealing with Japan strictly in the proscribed Air-Sea Battle (note battle, not war), China will restrict its weakened forces to combating with and succumbing to the Japanese Imperial Forces on the open sea and in the air.

As this is all coming about, China will feel a no-fly zone over its northern and western borders while knowing that its ships are being blockaded by Japan's ships and allies, with the US interdicting food and fuel ships headed for China as well, without actually doing so as part of Japan's war effort, at least not until Japan is actually attacked. The effect will be the same, however, with no food or fuel entering China.

China starves in 21 to 23 days with fuel being allocated strictly to the military-industrial complex. Riots begin from the slums in the cities. Revolution comes from the countryside to the cities. Civil war breaks out inside the PRC while the remnants of the PLAN and PLAAF are used against the Chinese citizenry. It's the end of the PRC and the beginning of global peace and prosperity under the PAX Americana...with Asia re-balanced into small and better managed countries.

Whether the PRC dissolves peacefully before 2017, as the Soviet Union did when faced with similar internal circumstances and external pressures or whether the Air-Sea Battle is required (to accomplish Tibet's freedom, Inner Mongolia's reunification with Outer Mongolia, East Turkmenistan's independence, Manchuria's liberty, Macau and Hong Kong's return to independent status and Taiwan's return to the United Nations), there can be no peace for the Han in China, not ever.

Just admit it. China is dead in the water. Why do we even have to talk about it?

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Patriot to the emperor...or traitor? I've seen many traitors to Japan on this site. Ha! Ha! Ha! You are clueless. Thank your lucky stars no one is paying you for your insights. You have none. You're clueless.

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As Wulfe N. Straat said: The Chinese have 1.1 billion people living on less than 3 dollars a day. There is no internal market for expensive computers or cell phones or TV sets in China because the people can't afford them. If the US stopped buying Chinese goods and made it impossible for Europe to buy Chinese goods, the Chinese economy would collapse. Add Japan to that mix, and the die is cast.

For that reason, the default in the US is simply a loaded gun at China's head. As long as the default keeps Americans scared of buying at Walmart, money doesn't flow out of the US into China. Soon enough, the workers in China have to be laid off or fired. In China, no work means starvation. Massive unemployment means famine on a grand scale...which leads to revolution and the dissolution of the PRC.

This is what the Republican House in Congress has decided to do to China in order to break it up into its seven constituent elements. The default is simply another financial weapon employed by the US to ensure that China will never win the Battle of the Senkakus in 2017, because a Japan that goes to war against China and beats that monstrosity will then become a greater threat to world peace.

The default is simply an end-run so that Japan will not militarize any further and become the dominant military force in all of Asia.

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Well, since Japan will sink the PLA Navy and down the PLA Air Force in 2017 during the Battle of the Senkakus, the American marines will no longer be needed in Okinawa by 2020.

Sounds like good reasoning and a win-win for us all.

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Ben Bernanke is our greatest Cool War warrior. He flooded the emerging economies with "Hot Money" to inflate and overheat China's economy with easy credit, which is now being taken away. (Check out what that means if you want a full understanding of how devastating a weapon this is, which was aimed at China and was fired at China and is now entering the body economic of China, as well as its body politic).

The Hot Money bullet Bernanke fired at China is now in the process of bursting the bubble of every emerging economy which China requires for its exports. When each of those dominoes falls and Japan further curbs its own economic support of China, Chinese workers will lose their jobs and find solace in blaming their government and toppling it...with the final intention being seven smaller new countries where once stood the PRC.

All hail, Bernanke, the greatest Cool War warrior!

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Japan was fine until the PRC decided to play games over the sovereignty of the Ryuku Islands, which include the Senkakus, and Okinawa. Yes, the Chinese played games to wake "extreme nationalism" in the Japanese people. Now, the Chinese are afraid of what the finally awaking Japanese will do.

Yes, Just as the Germans who were defeated in WWI were able to revitalize their country in less than one decade and challenge the entire world in WWII, the Japanese are now on the same track after WWII to challenge China and whatever of its allies it can muster in WWIII.

The US and most Western nations and most South China Sea nations stand shoulder to shoulder with our Japanese friends to stop the arrogant PRC from dominating Southeast Asia. We are glad the Chinese decided to wake Japan's extreme nationalism in order to combat the arrogance of Chinese economic advancement.

In the Battle of the Senkakus in 2017, Japan will sink every PLA Navy vessel and down every PLA Air Force plane in order to free the region of this monster which has threatened the sovereignty of so many of its neighbors. YAY, Japan. Put China on a leash.

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Well, two is a good beginning, but Japan needs at least three carriers of this size before war breaks out.

While I'm not against Japan having larger carriers, this particular size is better suited for the Battle of the Senkakus in 2017, after the reconstituted Japanese Imperial Army destroys China's onshore batteries and missile emplacements.

It's all pretty simple. China is going down in less than four years in order to "re-balance Asia" with seven new countries where once there was the PRC. Hang on, Taiwan. You'll never have to be part of that lumbering monster Mao created.

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