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Posted in: Abe Plus See in context

looks good! I wanna try it!

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Posted in: Galaxy glitz See in context

eye motion control technology that will pause a video when the user looks away

you mean like Samsung's Smart Stay feature (which is supposed to detect your face and keep the screen on) that doesn't work at all?

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Posted in: Review: Galaxy S4 decent, but filled with gimmicks See in context

A food critic loves food, a movie critic loves movies etc etc, why oh why would a technophile complain about "too" many choices? These articles are written by technological impaired people who are just so much better with a "dumb" phone. Lots of those "gimmicks", usable or not, are going to be implemented in future phones in an improved state wih an "i" in front of it or not, so instead of moaning about it, it should be applauded.

actually no, a lot of tech blogs have called the GS4 "gimmicky" too and say that it's cluttered, especially thanks to Samsung's custom interface Touchwiz. there are plenty of phones out there without the mess (Nexus 4 which runs stock Android, making it simple, powerful and much more customizable, or the Sony Xperia Z with its minimally intrusive user interface). the overlay that Samsung uses with its dozens of useless apps doesn't make it more advanced, it actually limits how you customize your phone and makes it less useful. that's why diehard Android fans and bloggers are opting for other devices.

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Posted in: Ladies, don’t be disappointed with your Sagawa delivery man's looks See in context

Shallow society.

lmao, and yet no one has a problem when there's a hot girl as JT's photo of the day.

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Posted in: Abe says women are key to Japan's economic revival See in context

Better women than immigrants, eh?

because there are no female immigrants?

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Posted in: Facebook unveils 'Home' for Android phones See in context

is there a reason that Facebook is one of the most downloaded apps, yet is a piece of junk? so unresponsive and glitchy. fix that first, Zuckerberg.

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Posted in: 20 words of English origin that Japanese people often mistake for real thing See in context

quite a few of these sound like regular English to me (guard man, take out, coin laundry, etc).

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Posted in: Farewell to the cash register See in context

will make shoplifting easier.

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Posted in: Tokyu department store east wing closes at Shibuya after 78 years See in context

good, it was disgusting.

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Posted in: Yamano Ginza, Marunouchi Bldg most expensive real estate in Japan See in context

about 86,777 USD per square foot! wow

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Posted in: Sea of masks See in context

I wear masks often during cold/flu and allergy seasons, and sometimes, yes, even for cosmetic reasons (I forgot /don't want to put on makeup, I look like hell from a hangover, don't want to be gawked at for being foreign on the train, etc.) who cares?

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Posted in: Raw horsemeat the secret to Nagano's No. 1 longevity? See in context

basashi is absolutely delicious!

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Posted in: Dust storm shrouds Tokyo in haze See in context


So Japan doesn't have dust?

I've lived here for decades and experienced the Chinese yellow sand time and time again. this is the same thing.

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Posted in: Dust storm shrouds Tokyo in haze See in context

this is definitely yellow sand from China. I mean, I could wipe it off the railing on my balcony. pretty obvious.

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Posted in: Japan’s 'Galapagos phones' strive to survive in a smartphone world See in context

Well, no, no, not really: you could just check Wiki to find out that camera-phone tech actually came from the US first.

You're right, I could check Wikipedia, but it says Canon was first.

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Posted in: Japan’s 'Galapagos phones' strive to survive in a smartphone world See in context

Not really. Camera in phone technology was actually developed and patented in the US. American users weren't interested, however, because the image quality was so low at the time, and instagram and other apps had yet to appear.

No, not really. Serious camera-phone technology was first started by Canon, and then later by Sharp and Kyocera. And as other users stated, Japan's flip-phones were getting 3 to 5 times the megapixels in their phones as foreign brands.

Actually, it was the Blackberry, which well preceded the iphone and was carried by Docomo. OK, it didn't bring everything crashing down, but it was the first popular smartphone.

Blackberry actually was a massive failure in Japan and never caught on. How did it "bring everything crashing down" when it was a flop that no one bought and Blackberry doesn't even offer its phones in Japan anymore? Oops!

Well, the handsets could easily be exported. The problem is that no one wanted Japanese handsets, apart from a niche collection of geeks.

Except that at the time, Sony was one of the top cell phone makers and plenty of people wanted their handsets.

Please do a little fact-checking before you post.

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Posted in: Japan scrambles fighter jets to meet Chinese plane See in context

shoot it down

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Posted in: Standing up to pee 'a matter of honor' for one man See in context

Deal with it, or live a lonely life with your 6 cats.

if that's you in your picture it seems like you'll be alone for a very long time LOL eww

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Posted in: Yen stronger after G-7 warning over exchange rates See in context

Currency manipulation maybe?

not even Japan's biggest critics have called this currency manipulation, so no.

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Posted in: Female sales reps in U.S. say Daiichi Sankyo discriminates See in context

It is hugh time J Corporations fall in line with GENDER EQUITY policies - systemically - from equal pay to equal opportunity...............................Japan will continue to be considered living in the EDO period with regard to women 's issues , unless it addresses this significant HUMAN RIGHTS issue.

you know that women's earnings in America are just 77% compared to males right? this is a global problem and America and the West need to change too.

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Posted in: Survey reveals Japan’s 'Top 10 Words' - all remarkably positive See in context

do people not know how to read? it says favorite words, not most commonly used words.

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Posted in: Renowned photographer Leslie Kee arrested in Japan over obscene photos See in context


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Posted in: Seven-Eleven to introduce self-service coffee machines in 15,000 stores See in context

canned coffee is much better. get rid of this SLUDGE.

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Posted in: After Psy, S Korea dreams of conquering music world See in context

two words: Wonder Girls.

they tried so hard in America and despite being the top girl group in S Korea, they failed hard.

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Posted in: Corporal punishment in schools: What's your stance? See in context

guilt-tripping and instilling fear is much more powerful than smacking your kid around

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Posted in: 14.8% of Japanese housewives claim to have committed adultery See in context

I wonder what the percentage of salarymen who have cheated on their wives are .. ?

they don't need a study for that, we already know it's 100%.

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Posted in: Experts give tips for repelling a random slasher See in context

We aren´t? Who is telling men that this is OK? And by the way, some of the recent stabbers have been women.

no, society sends a message to men to be manly, and being manly includes being violent.

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Posted in: Experts give tips for repelling a random slasher See in context

why are we sending the message to women, "DONT GET STABBED/RAPED/MURDERED"? why aren't we telling men to stop doing the stabbing/raping/murdering instead?

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Posted in: Women can tell which men cheat just by looking at them: study See in context

Doesn't say masculine looking men are inherently less faithful, just that they get more opportunities.

masculine isn't always good. there are plenty of hypermasculine, gross guys with excess testosterone who are disgusting to most women. but these men and their imbalanced hormones are dogs so they go after (multiple) women.

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Posted in: Men who use trains on dates: Please stay single See in context

I agree with the writer. men act like they're good enough to get into my pants, but it's so laughable. you've gotta have a nice car, a nice house, a good job, a full head of hair, a nice body and good clothes. otherwise please just stick to your hentai anime and your computer and stop bothering me. I've had good luck in this department (only ever dated men with net worths in the millions) but I hope other girls who are beautiful and successful will have standards like mine and the writer here.

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