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nisegaijin - typical red baiting argument equating liberal politics with communism. obama is much more moderate than conservative scare ads suggest and I'm saying this as a very liberal democratic socialist who wishes he were MORE progressive. Bush believed in the exact opposite of all of the horrible things you accuse of Obama and the U.S. is now a) in a recession b) has a much bigger deficit than it's had since Reagan - the worst president of our generation and also a conservative.

No president of this country is going to "end capitalism". and I think assuming that every rich person has what "is rightfully theirs" is a tad bit naive.

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I would rather see/hear a goth-looking country and western singer than an enka singer with hip-hop looks.

By "hip-hop looks", what do you mean precisely?

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I have to say that I disagree with the question. All of the Japanese that I meet in New York speak very good English. Certainly better than my Japanese. And they seem to learn it pretty quickly too.

While English is a hard language - too many grammatical exceptions and weird spelling, Japanese is much harder I think (I'm learning it now and it's tough!)

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