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Posted in: U.S. toughens stance on Iran; lists sweeping demands See in context

The lack of logic and astounding overreach the Trump administration is taking will isolate America from its allies and open historic inroads to America's rivals in the region. It's a travesty at the criminal level.

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Posted in: Castle restoration plan with no elevators causing controversy See in context

When the Honmaru Goten was rebuilt at Kumamoto Castle some 140 years after it was burnt in the Seinan War, I was fortunate to be tasked with translating the visitors guide to English. Finding appropriate terminology for its many traditional features was a challenge. I thank my predecessors, who prepared similar guides for other unreconstructed castles, for their vocabulary. Honmaru Goten was built with materials and methods as close to the original as possible and is not accessible to handicapped.

I appreciate both sides of the argument and the thoughtfulness of the comments above. Me, I'd go traditional, though I also wonder if it's possible to install an elevator in such a wooden building, even if single-occupancy (wheelchair + aid) and if not to the top stories.

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Posted in: Never lie to children, says Japanese animation master See in context

Better than lying to kids is to express questions regarding the vastness of human uncertainty, postulate ones own theories, and emphasize that they'll have to eventually formulate their own. Beats the hell out of a binary answer regarding Santa Claus.

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Posted in: Group of Japanese teens busted for marijuana; say 'We wanted to be like foreign musicians' See in context

I'm in California now. You might imagine how on occasion I entertain myself. But I would never risk it in Japan. It will remain a deportable offense until the instant it isn't.

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Posted in: Peace grows more remote with U.S. Jerusalem embassy move, violence See in context

...our allies around the world, which in the Middle East are Israel and Saudi Arabia

True - but, particularly in the Middle East, today's ally is tomorrow's foe. In such a situation, burning bridges is unwise.

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Posted in: Peace grows more remote with U.S. Jerusalem embassy move, violence See in context

I know people like Trump, those whose view is incapable of perceiving shades of gray. The fault often affects personal relationships to an extent that disinterested observers often perceive as irrationality bordering on insanity. Trump's personal relationships - particularly with his estranged daughter, Tiffany - bear this out. Once you're on the bad side of this type, there is no getting back.

So: No moves towards a solution, only further solidification of hardline positions on both sides as long as Trump remains president. Trump's successor will have a hell of a mess to deal with.

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Posted in: U.S. sailor referred to prosecutors for alleged drug smuggling See in context

Two decades ago, I received a Nerf football as a Christmas gift that had been eviscerated by Japan Post. Over the years, though, they've learned to trust me.

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Posted in: Israeli forces kill 55 protesters in Gaza as U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem See in context

The other Presidents lied, Trump didn’t.

As the other presidents applied the wise caveat, "Once Jerusalem's status has been finalized," they did not lie. But then, Bonespurs Trump has promised not to involve America in further overseas conflicts. He'll simply stick others with the pain of resolution - just as he's always done.

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Posted in: Pompeo: U.S. will need to give Kim Jong Un security assurances See in context

Now the EU has no Paris Accord by the way, because they cant agree on the contents, who is exempt or not and who will pay for it. 

The Paris Accord is fine. No signatory denies its necessity; nuts and bolts of implementation are under discussion. Meanwhile, seventeen states representing over a third of the US car market have filed suit against Trump's efforts to annul their right to set CAFE (average car fuel efficiency standards) at levels higher than what Washington requires - and they'll likely win. The point is that Trump is rapidly running into the wall of reality, that he can't just wave his hands or cut a check to Cohen, to solve his problems. The world moves on, with or without him. And he is simply a vit player in the NK negotiations.

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Posted in: Pompeo: U.S. will need to give Kim Jong Un security assurances See in context

TPP, Paris Accord, Iran deal, all gone.

Actually, all three are continuing just fine under the guidance of remaining signatories. Historians will look back at this period as the point when they learned that America is not, in fact, indispensable. Not that that's not entirely bad; it's just very unMAGAesque.

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Posted in: Pompeo: U.S. will need to give Kim Jong Un security assurances See in context

Ossan - agreed: This has Xi written all over it. Drastic curtailment of NK-Sino trade combined with the seriously dangerous deterioration of NK's nuclear test facility (an resulting Chinese pressure) has brought Kim to this point, not anything American. As such, to look for a likely result is to look at the minimal requirements China has probably already dictated. Trump's summit is a sideshow, and that is partly due to Trump's haste in exacerbating relations with Iran. Kim knows the US cannot withstand two wars at once so will wait it out.

Ironic: Trump's on the verge of releasing a country which has developed nukes in order to punish one that has not.

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Posted in: The proper response when your wife says 'I can’t make dinner tonight?' Japanese Twitter debates See in context

So is the husband supposed to be a mind-reader?

Yes. And any good wife, too. Times are emotions are too complex to put into words. That's the magic of marriage, in both its joy and torturousness.

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Posted in: Trump-Kim summit set for June 12 in Singapore See in context

We celebrate success.

Prediction: Kim keeps his nuclear weapons and missiles and, in exchange for incremental American withdrawal from the peninsula, promises not to flaunt them. Again, I'm not saying this is necessarily bad. It just depends on how you define "success."

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Posted in: Trump-Kim summit set for June 12 in Singapore See in context

I seriously doubt "making a better life for the people of NK" has ever broached Trump's consciousness. He's never been known for his concern of the welfare of others, as even you must admit. He just wants to cut and run - something he is well known for. Again, I'm not saying it's necessarily bad; however, it has zero to do with the welfare of anyoneb ut Trump.

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Posted in: Trump-Kim summit set for June 12 in Singapore See in context

Its pretty clear the lib/leftys on this site are terrified the summit will be successful!

Yeah. Well, it's pretty clear where Trump is going with this: to disengage with NE Asia. Kim's no fool. He'll come up with a bone of sufficient face-saving size to toss at Trump, and as long as Trump gets the okay from the adults in his retinue, he'll snatch at it. I'm not saying this is necessarily bad. I am just saying that any president over the last few decades could have done the same. The only reason they didn't is because they had principals.

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Posted in: Israel launches repeated rounds of rocket fire into Syria See in context

Why are Iranian forces in Syria??

Shia. Iran is intent on reestablishing its regional cultural dominance. Sunni states may object, but as they lack the same level of vehemence, there's not much they can do.

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Posted in: Trump suggests revoking credentials of reporters over 'fake news' See in context

"We don' need no stinkin' credentials."

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Posted in: As Trump pulls out of Iran deal, Asia grapples with impact on oil supplies See in context

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced on Tuesday that Boeing’s license for plans to sell $20 billion worth of aircraft to Iran has been revoked.

Iran could - and very likely might - arrange for alternative Airbus planes financed by oil sales in Euros through government-backed banks able to withstand US pressure. And they will be internationally applauded for it. #MAGA

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Posted in: Pompeo in N Korea to finalize Trump-Kim summit, secure release of 3 detained Americans See in context

Plans are being made, relationships are building, hopefully a deal will happen and with the help of China, South Korea and Japan a future of great prosperity and security can be achieved for everyone.

For once, Trump has managed to produce a sentence (probably scripted) that I can agree with - except for the likelihood that the bulk of the US military in NE Asia will find itself in the ME rather than stateside.

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Posted in: 5 more Australian MPs leave parliament after court's citizenship ruling See in context

There is no penalty for not making any efforts.

Unless you're running for Japanese public office - then, it would be a big problem. Australia and Japan are both a bit silly with this. Funny enough, the only US equivalent is the president, who must be a "born American citizen," though exactly what that means remains unclear.

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Posted in: As Trump pulls out of Iran deal, Asia grapples with impact on oil supplies See in context

...depending on how many other countries fall in line with Washington.

Historically foolish. Trump is putting the dollar in danger.

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Posted in: Leaders of Japan, China, S Korea agree to cooperate on N Korea, promote free trade See in context

Cool. If they can all knock off the pettiness, NE Asia can finally enter the 21st century.

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Posted in: Trump abandons Iran nuclear deal, to revive sanctions See in context

Trump breaking agreements is Trumpism. Just ask any of his former contractors - or, more pertinently for Mueller, his lenders.

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Posted in: Trump considers benching Giuliani from doing TV interviews See in context

If not to be a mouthpiece, why the hell did they hire him?

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Posted in: Putin vows to boost Russian economy as he begins 4th term See in context

If he can get their GDP to exceed that of Texas they’ll be on a roll.

Russia already (barely) exceeds Texas in GDP, bunched up with Canada and Australia - but per capita, it's in the ranks of Mexico and Italy. They might consider making things that others want to buy under an economic system that makes that possible.

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Posted in: Trump lawyer Giuliani does not rule out payments were made to other women See in context

I thought Giuliani was brought in to deal with Trump's Russia woes, not some penny-ante FEC issue. Instead, Trump is calling "Closer... closer...." as Giuliani plays blind man's bluff with the truth when Trump could end this in a second if he told truth to the camera.

Lordy, if this is how they handle Stormy, God help them when Mueller releases his report.

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Posted in: N Korea says U.S. ruining mood of detente ahead of summit See in context

Define "denuclearization"

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Posted in: Russian opposition leader, 1,600 activists detained before Putin inauguration See in context

Show me any successful Russian protest that didn't snowball into revolution.

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Posted in: Japan's planned SDF dispatch to Futenma hits U.S. snag See in context

It's not about safety; it's about authority.

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Posted in: Anger in France, Britain over Trump's gun law speech See in context

They don't have guns. They have knives and instead there's blood all over the floors of this hospital. They say it's as bad as a military war zone hospital. Knives, knives, knives, knives.

The 25th Amendment includes a section regarding impeaching a president for mental instability. That's the point we're at.

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