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Posted in: U.S. sportswear traced to factory in China's internment camps See in context

This is getting serious. Just in case, I will from now scan my purchases and reject anything labeled "Made in China."

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Posted in: Judge fiercely criticizes Trump ex-adviser Flynn; delays Russia probe sentencing See in context

Prosecutors said Flynn already had provided most of the cooperation he could, but it was possible he might be able to help investigators further.

I read recently that Trump may already be under sealed indictment, meaning his crimes are no longer under the statue of limitations. And his foundation was shut down, but the lawsuit against it continues. All in all, not a good day for the Don. Anyone want to defend him?

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Posted in: Japan to spend more on defense, refit 1st aircraft carrier See in context

Imagine what the world would be like if all military spending was directed towards real threats such as global warming or advancement such as science. What a complete waste of resources. I am furious that the taxes I pay are directed in this way.

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Posted in: New York governor says he's ready to legalize recreational pot See in context

Good news. I prefer my pot recreational, not medical.

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Posted in: Putin calendar sales surpassing those of Japanese stars in Japan See in context

Cool! I'll buy one to hang next to my Kim Jong Un calendar! The great thing about these calendars is that the provide no infomation on how long you can expect to survive.

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Posted in: Ghosn case raises issues beyond one man, one company See in context

Ghosn's reported pay in the latest financial year of $16.9 million...underincentivised

Oh, please, underincentivse me. I couldn't figure out what to do with a million dollars, much less 17, coming in annually.


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Posted in: 42 people injured after suspected gas explosion destroys buildings in Sapporo See in context

Walking my dog by a vacant house at midnight, I thought I smelled what was gas, and decided if I could still smell it on my return, I'd call the fire department. I was hesitant and asked that they just quietly send an investigator; seven big rigs showed up, sirens blaring, along with gas company trucks, and all thanked me for the heads-up. It took all night to plug the leak.

That's how dangerous gas is.

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Posted in: Dementia puts financial assets of elderly at risk in Japan See in context

OnTheTrail, I'm just prepping for my day. It's not entirely alturaristic.

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Posted in: Family of 7-year-old migrant girl disputes official story on her death See in context

Vomiting is a common sign of dehydration (as I've experienced as a long-distance runner), and the young and elderly are particularly susceptible. The condition is not difficult to treat: put the patient in a reclined position and administer liquids either orally or by IV.

One would think the DHS in a desert section of the border would be aware of and prepared for this.

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Posted in: Nissan probe into Ghosn turns to 'CEO Reserve' fund, Dutch unit See in context

No one - the individuals charged, the companies, the Japanese government itself - is going to come out of this smelling good.

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Posted in: Dementia puts financial assets of elderly at risk in Japan See in context

My wife and I have a number of elderly friends, and three times to date, we have been approached by some confused as to how they had spent outragous amounts of money on something they don't need. I've learned that a quick call to the local consumer protection board, who in turn contacts the company in question, is the most efficient and effective way to handle such matters. The board is sufficiently red in tooth and claw that, in each case I've experienced, the money has been returned promptly - and in two of the cases, the companies did not even bother to retrieve the purchases.

Assure your elderly neighbors that you are approachable if they are concerned they've made a mistake. Such mistakes are generally easilly correctable if addressed promptly.

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Posted in: Trump hails judge's ruling against Obamacare as 'great' See in context

In the bizzaro world the GOP has created, finding the mandate illegal might be the best thing for American healthcare as the millions suddenly locked out of insurance would act as an incentive for a single-payer system, which many had advocated from the beginning. Medicare for all! - the insurance companies are going to love this.

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Posted in: Trump hails judge's ruling against Obamacare as 'great' See in context

Trum's tweet made me laugh:

As I predicted all along, Obamacare has been struck down as an UNCONSTITUTIONAL disaster! Now Congress must pass a STRONG law that provides GREAT healthcare and protects pre-existing conditions. Mitch and Nancy, get it done!

First, "Mitch" is leader of minority party in the senate. Shouldn't he have said "McConnel"?

Second, the GOP did try to replace Obamacare once with what turned out to be the most unpopular piece of major legislation in the modern era ad have been mum about it since.

This is typical Trump: Thrusting the dirty work on others. Dems won't fall for this. If the Supremes uphold this ruling and millions become uninsured, guess who Americans will blame. (Well, most of them - there'll always be the "Keep your government hands off my Medicare!" type.)

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Posted in: Cohen claims Trump knew hush money payments wrong See in context

Serrano, my point is serious. Maybe Trump will not be impeached, and maybe he cannot be charged with crimes while in office. But once he's out of office, the latter is quite possible. This gives Trump a very large incentive to stay in office as long as possible, not for the good ofmthe country but to avoid justice. Can you not see how these dynamics work?

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Posted in: Cohen claims Trump knew hush money payments wrong See in context

Reminder: This is not under the purview of Mueller but the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York. This is important as Mueller has no ability to prosecute, only to report. The latter, though, does, and the statute of limitations exceeds Trump's term. Trump's choices in 2020 seem increasingly to be reelection or jail.

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Posted in: Detentions raise fears, cast doubt on China's policies See in context

Luckily China’s credibility has been improving recently, thanks to Trump.

Ha ha! That's not because China's credibility has improved but because America's has fallen. Trump has suggested anu US case against Meng might be dropped if Beijing cooperates on trade matters - that is, Trump is essentially holding Meng hostage, with justice and legal issues a second thought.

Trump and Xi, birds of a feather.

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Posted in: Cohen claims Trump knew hush money payments wrong See in context

Trump's new gambit - that I told him to lie and he obeyed so he therefore cannot now be trusted - is multiple shades too cute. Like a tot with a face smeared with cookie crumbs swearing he didn't steal a cookie, Trump vastly underestimates the credubility of all but his base. He'll find this out, eventually, when the law catches up with him. "Knowingly and willfuly" is required for conviction here, and that's the rope Cohen just provided to Trump.

Still, election finance illegalities is small peanuts compared to what Mueller has in store regarding Russian collusion.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner possible next chief of staff: U.S. media See in context

Things aren't getting better for Trump. Not only was he at a meeting with Kushner and the National Enquirer's Pecker, it now appears that foreign entities, particularly from the Middle East, made vast donations to Trum''s inaugral ball, and where the money went is unclear.

It won't be unclear for long, and when it's clarified, many will be hung out to dry. Kushner may be the first Trump secretary of state to face jail time.

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner possible next chief of staff: U.S. media See in context

Kushner, the man who always appears to be the subject of his own funeral, would be ideal for this position, if only to get him fired and out of the WH ASAP.

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Posted in: Photos from Japan space rovers show rocky asteroid surface See in context

Cool. Unlike planets which have been melted repeatedly so that the heavy stuff gathers in the inaccessible core, this asteroid should provide a clearer picture of the composition of the universe and data useful for future space mining.

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Posted in: China says second Canadian being investigated for harming state security See in context

Studied Chinese in college, lived in Beijing for a bit, and had thought I'd settle there until I met my Japanese wife who is as wedded to her hometown as she is to me, so I learned Japanese and made a home here. In retrospect, not having to fear of arbitrary arrest as political tit-for-tat makes that a really good thing.

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Posted in: U.S. House Democrats to seek Trump tax returns See in context

From what I've read, Congress has the ability to request a judge to subpeona any citizen's tax records if it can prove such are required to further an ongoing investigation. So, first, a House committee must launch an investigation; that committee must provide compeling reasons why this info is required for investigation completion to a judge; and Trump will be allowed to fight tooth and nail against it.

Whether the Dems will succeed is unknown, but even just the effort will add to Trump's legal worries and further expose his hypocrisy - and vulnarability to prosecution once out of office.

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Posted in: Trump ex-lawyer Cohen given 3 years in prison; blames 'blind loyalty' See in context

campaign finance violations are a (civil) crime.

Black, that's only if done "unknowingly and unwittedly," as in Obama's case - a "Whoops!" situation that was corrected immediately and the fine paid.

Compare that to Trump's situation. How many versions of mutually exclusive excuses has he given for what can only be considered bribery in relation to his campaign? (Correct answer: a lot, none of which are truthful.)

Still, Trump's bimbos are the least of his emerging problems. Upcoming is to keep his sons out of jail; next, to do the same for himself.

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Posted in: Trump ex-lawyer Cohen given 3 years in prison; blames 'blind loyalty' See in context

The harshness of Cohen's sentence has got to have alarmed those remaining adults surrounding Trump. They know the peril Trump faces but either dare not tell him or are ignored. This leaves Trump all the more open to the punishment he deserves. Just google "idiot" and click the image button to see how a growing number of Americans are coming to view the current POTUS - and for good reason.

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn raises speculation over coup by Nissan See in context

But now the Justice Ministry is entangeled with this tar baby. IMHO, they've bitten off more than they can chew, and how to disgorge themselves of this without worldwide embarassment now takes presidence over any concept of "justice."

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Posted in: Trump ex-lawyer Cohen given 3 years in prison; blames 'blind loyalty' See in context

I'm telling you guys - this is Mueller's red herring. Bad as campaign finance illegalities are, under the present environment, Trump would likely be spared Senate conviction. But that's not what Mueller's after. Don Jr. and Kushner are the next dominoes to fall - in relation to foreign interference, the main thrust of Mueller's perview. Expect this during January. You ain't seen nothing yet.

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Posted in: Trump ex-lawyer Cohen given 3 years in prison; blames 'blind loyalty' See in context

One wonders what it feels like to wake up knowing another man has been imprisoned for your crimes. But the message the judge sent should give Trump pause: this is anything but "small peanuts," as Trump termed it yesterday.

Still, I feel this is a red herring to distract the Trump team from the more ominous Russia investigation. Mueller is calculating with the info he releases and its timing. The decision to proceed with election law violations while remaining mum on the Russian connection is not a sign that Trump is in the clear; it's precisely the opposite.

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Posted in: Trump says he is not concerned about being impeached; defends payments to women See in context

Serrano, Trump can hide behind the GOP firewalls of such diminutive states as North Dakota and Wyoming in the Senate, but the House is lost to them for the forseeable future. But impeachment is not what worries Trump - it is prosecution of his children and in-laws, and possibly himself when forced from office.

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Posted in: In rare on-camera clash, Trump, top Democrats argue about border wall See in context

Serrano, a few facts that Pelosi likely wanted to discuss but couldn't as Trump chose instead a media circus.

Visa overstays have exceeded illegal border crossings for over a decade. No wall will stop this.

During that decade, illegal border crossings have fallen continuously.

The largest nationality of visa overstayers is European, closely followed by Canadians.(Mexico and Central America combined are about half that of Canadians alone.)

No wall will prevent visa overstays.

Aside from being expensive, useless, an environmental catastrophe, and a stain on America's reputation, the Border Patrol does not want a concrete wall as it blocks their surveilance south.

What scientists believe is the most effective measure to stem illegal migration of both types, E-Verify, is generally opposed by the business wing of the GOP.

All informed people are aware of the above points; hence, Trump's wall will remain a figure of fantasy in his own mind. Trump doesn't have the votes in the lame-duck House for it, not to mention the Senate.

Get over it. Dem's are supportive of measures to tighten border security in ways that are both more effective and cheaper than a 2,000 mile concrete wall, and so are a large number of Republicans.

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Posted in: In rare on-camera clash, Trump, top Democrats argue about border wall See in context

Just watched the exchange. Don't know how many times Trump continually sputtered "border security!" and "wall!", but Pelosi handled the exchange admirably, basically sticking to cost-benefit analysis.

From what I know, aside from being outrageously expensive, ineffective, a refutation of America's traditional role as a refuge, and an environmental holocaust, even border agents are against it as they would be prevented from observing activities on the southern side.

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