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Posted in: Specter of racism still haunts U.S. sports See in context

Media trying to start a race war again. 8-)

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Posted in: Drink up: Beer has anti-virus powers, study finds See in context

Always drink responsibly.

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Posted in: Tunnel disaster puts spotlight on Japan's aging infrastructure See in context

People in every country, not just Japan, needs to ask where their money is going. This tunnel, and all others, should of been well maintained due to tolls. That's what tolls are their for. It is quite obvious that much of the money is being stolen for other uses, such as for greedy politicians and corporations, phony wars and like.

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Posted in: Japan’s new Pepsi White is flavored orange See in context

How about just drink freshly squeezed mandarin orange juice? Much better then this chemically induced concoction.

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Posted in: Sharp shares tumble on first-half loss report See in context

I don't see how Sharp can save this sinking ship. They either must merge with another company or be bought out right. They have to go on a quick international expansion and invest in mobile and healthcare, as well as go on an ad blitz so that people can remember who this company is. You know, brand recognition. Good luck to them, considering this economic environment.

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Posted in: Okinawan firefighters strip for charity calendar See in context

Yummy! ;-)

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Posted in: Nissan to chop Japan production by 15% See in context

More like preparing to close the plant(s) in Japan and outsource somewhere where they have slave labor. You know, cutting costs and the like.

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