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Posted in: Blinken seeks G7 unity on Israel-Hamas war among items on crisis-heavy global agenda See in context

Blinken and Biden have blood on their hand, the blood of 10,000+ CIVILIANS, including 4000+ CHILDREN. Delivering bombs, bombs and more bombs to the 2.3 million civilians No water, NO food, NO medicine, NO fuel. AS THE WORLD WATCHES A GENOCIDE AS 8 BILLION PEOPLE WATCH A GENOCIDE. HUMANITY, WHERE ARE YOU?????

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Posted in: Pro-Palestinian march in Ginza See in context

STOP the Genocide. 10,000 people including 3000+ children and counting. Hospitals, schools and refugee camps... as the world watches ... humanity is dead.

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Posted in: Japan announces sanctions on Hamas-related individuals, company See in context

Japan, instead of blindly following Biden and Netanyahu who have the blood of over 2500 Palestinian children and 6000 more civilians on their hands, how about demanding that Israel stop the genocide of the Palestinians. The bombardment and siege of Gaza, the starvation and deprivation of water of 2.3 million people is the concentration camps and gas chambers of today with the whole world watching ...

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Posted in: Incident with knives causes commotion on Tokyo Yamanote line train See in context

@Speed If he didn't swing the knives, how did the two men get injured?

According to News on Japan website ' Three people were injured in the rush to get off the train'.

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Posted in: 36-year-old woman arrested for leaving one-month-old daughter in trash container See in context

How about putting the baby up for adoption?

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating father to death with hammer and rice cooker See in context

“I beat my father but had no intention of killing him.” 

These intrafamily murders are a VERY disturbing phenomenon that needs to be addressed by the concerned authorities.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over death of 56-year-old mother See in context

Is it only me, or does it seem to many people that this type of news (intrafamily murder) is more prevalent in Japan than in other countries? Or is it just reported more?

Intrafamily crime a reflection of Japan's aging society | The Japan Times

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Posted in: Woman gets 11 years for murder of mentally ill husband with son's help See in context

@wallace Usually, you have to present a death certificate to the crematorium.

Good point.

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Posted in: Ex-Japan defense chief Kishi to resign as lawmaker over health issues See in context

@elephant200 That's right! A defense minister with connection to a foreign (Korean) organization is a very serious issue.

Japan’s Kishi admits support from Unification Church members - The Japan News (

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Posted in: 53-year-old man arrested for beating 82-year-old mother to death with his fists See in context

This phenomenon of people killing their elderly parents is horrifying.

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Posted in: Japanese fans rejoice after dramatic World Cup win over Germany See in context

"Is this a file photo from pre-covid? They should be masked shouldn't they?"

I agree. Where are the masks???

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Posted in: 52-year-old woman arrested over death of 90-year-old mother See in context

"Japan must have one of the highest parricide rates."

It sure sounds like it.

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Posted in: 81-year-old man arrested for murder after pushing wife in wheelchair into sea See in context

Why didn't the son help with the caregiving???

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Posted in: 69-year-old woman, 42-year-old son found dead in suspected murder-suicide in Shiga See in context

Nine times out of ten the killer son is unemployed.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics bribery arrests widens to third Japan sponsor See in context

And don't forget the fourth bribery case, the toy company. Another 're-arrest' coming!

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 75-year-old mother in Nagoya See in context

@buchailldana '... strangest is that the company notified the police because he didn't turn up for work.'

I find that very strange, too.

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral to cost ¥250 million See in context

@Alfie Noakes 'The organizations he worked for should fund it, not taxpayers.'

My feeling exactly.

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Posted in: UK migrant flight to Rwanda grounded as European Court steps in See in context

Tiny Nauru throws gates open at Australian camp for asylum seekers | Reuters

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Posted in: UK migrant flight to Rwanda grounded as European Court steps in See in context

Hasn't Australia been doing the same thing for years - detaining Indonesian asylum seekers in Nauru?

PNG, Nauru and Indonesia all factors in Australia's new asylum seeker policy - Australia Network News - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Posted in: Kishida announces Hiroshima as host city for G7 summit in 2023 See in context

"If Kishida is going to spend more of your tax money, then why not spend it in his hometown and electoral district of Hiroshima?"

My feelings exactly!

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Posted in: Zelenskyy opens Cannes Film Festival, links war and cinema See in context

They should make a movie about the evil Putin and the brutality of his unjustified aggression against the sovereign nation of Ukraine, but hold on ... before that, how about a movie about the war crimes of Bush and the unjustified US invasion of Iraq which led to the creation of ISIS?

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Posted in: Man mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds gambles it all away See in context

I don't believe the gambling story one bit. The money is stashed somewhere.

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Posted in: 31-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of father See in context

Murders and attempted murders within families have become daily news in Japan. I wonder how this compares with other countries.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya refused to let 'foreign' student attend recruitment event See in context

I am boycotting Yoshinoya!

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Posted in: Russian invasion shows urgent need for U.N. reform, say scholars See in context

Let's not forget the illegal invasion of Iraq by the United States

Iraq war was illegal and breached UN charter, says Annan | World news | The Guardian

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Posted in: Will Smith gets 10-year Oscars ban over Chris Rock slap See in context

@Nonbirisama "Not charged with assault? Seems like there is plenty of evidence for a conviction. Above the law?"

I couldn't agree with you more!

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Posted in: Will Smith gets 10-year Oscars ban over Chris Rock slap See in context


"10 years?! That's a joke. Will Smith should've been banned from attending permanently."

YES. My feelings exactly! What about jail time and a hefty fine which any of us would get for for assault.

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Posted in: 77-year-old man fatally stabbed by son See in context

Here we go again! Is it only my imagination or does it seem that the number of murders by family members is unusually high in Japan?

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic petition tops 200,000 signatures in just 2 days See in context

Does anybody really believes this petition will gain traction? The government is hell-bent on holding the the olympics.

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