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Posted in: Rail company workers have to pass the smile test See in context

You take a 2 hour train ride to work, work 12 hours and then take a 2 hour train ride home again and now forced to smile.

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Posted in: Police on hunt for man in his 60s after women attacked with liquids, sprays in Chiba See in context

Great all the Summer Fruitcakes will be out and about. Have to tell the wife to becareful on the trains now. Grrrr I want Japan of 1996 back when it was safe and peaceful!

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Posted in: 8-year-old Liberian girl in U.S. shunned by family after rape See in context

Feel really sorry for the little girl, I hope the Govt finds her some loving parents and not the trailer trash parents that she has. The Little girl should be given loving parents and the trash parents she has rounded up and deported back to the sh*thole they came from.

As for the boys, time for a trip to the vets and their manhood removed. I am a full supporter of rapists being sterilized and doing it with two bricks would scare the hell out of others! Make it so these little toads need to squat now to take a leak!

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Posted in: High-flying FX trader comes down with a thud See in context

FX trader, used to be an AV actress until 2006.

Was screwed by men to make money, and now screwing everyone for money.

She should get a job in government. Those bast*rds do nothing but screw the public over for money also.

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Posted in: LDP warns voters against change in Aug 30 election See in context

Well the LDP is lucky I am not a citizen yet I would be voting against the scumballs. I would be going the Japanese Communist Party. The wife who is Japanese is NOT voting for the LDP as they have done NOTHING to better Japanese and Gaikokujin relationships here in Japan.

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Posted in: Lotteria to give refunds if customers do not like new hamburger See in context

mmm Let me think. Lotteria Burger which goes down really well and tastes good or McD Burger or as it is known in Australia as Ground Up Dog Food ... Lotteria wins hands down but I would like to see more HUNGRY JACKS aka Burger King please!

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Posted in: 13-year-old Shimane boy in police custody wrote notes plotting his father’s death See in context

Yesterday people were saying 13 years old cannot make decisions in their lives on the Innocence lost: the dark side of Akihabara thread .. Example Since when do 13 year old children have the experience and wisdom to always make the right choices?

But on this Thread people are saying they are old enough! even 13 yr olds have the mental/emotional capacity to plot something like this

Age really means nothing, go look at the Child soldiers in Africa armed with AKs and blowing people away.

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Posted in: Innocence lost: the dark side of Akihabara See in context

What I was saying BeaverCleaver is that people are looking at this “Mana-chan!” through WESTERNs Glasses and posting their disapproval and saying Japan needs to change and become more westernized, Japan does not need to be westernized the gaikokujin need to Turn Japanese. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4hQ6r_87_c

WHEN IN JAPAN, DO AS THE JAPANESE DO - "Don't set your own rules when you are someone's guest.” I see a lot of Gaikokujin here in Japan complaining about Japan non-stop and saying Japan should drop its cultures, beliefs etc etc and become westernized. If people want to live in a Westernized Country then why have they come to Japan?

Teen Idols like this “Mana-chan!” is part of Japanese culture now and if people do not like it then no one has a gun to their heads telling them view it.

LFRAgain - Being a taxpaying permanent resident Japan still does not give you any rights what so ever, you need to become Japanese to have rights in Japan

And MODS, will you stop deleting anything PRO-Japan that I post. You seem to let comments attacking Japan stay yet delete comments that defend Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. Embassy issues new warning over drink-spiking in Roppongi See in context

They should feel lucky they only getting money stolen, in the west most people getting their drinks spiked are females that are then raped

Think the Japanese Embassy should warn Japanese not to visit bar or clubs in the USA because of drink-spiking and the 99% chance you will be raped if you are a female who has had her drink-spiked!

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Posted in: Innocence lost: the dark side of Akihabara See in context

official age of consent can be 13 in some places.

RUBBISH, Japanese Federal Laws states the age of consent is 13 but ALL PREFECTURE LAWS state 18 and any one over 18 having sex with anyone 18 will be charged under PREFECTURE LAWS not the FEDERAL LAW ... I have looked in to this rubbish because in 1996 I picked up a girl in a nite club that was drinking, we chatted for a few hours and went back to my place, Next morning I found out she was only 15 years old and NOT 20 as she claimed to be to enter the club.

I do not agree with this Child Idol rubbish, but as this is JAPAN you have to accept things that we do not accept in the West, we have NO RIGHTS to tell Japan what it should and should not do. We should worry about our own backyards before worrying about Japans.

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Posted in: 3 men held for accommodating two 13-year-old runaway girls in return for sex See in context

1) Did the girls agree to sex? if so then it is not rape!

2) Mother nature said old enough to bleed old enough to bred

3) If you look on the interpol site it says the legal age of sex in Japan is 13 years old set by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of Japan. Prefectures set it at 18 years old. So under Japanese Law going by the INTERPOL web site the legal age is 13 years old, so these 3 men under Japanese Federal Law did not do anything WRONG, but under Prefecture law did do something wrong.

The 13 years olds should also be getting in trouble for this. I know if I had a 13 year old daughter and she did this she be grounded until she was 40!

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Posted in: Teacher, wife busted for filming women in toilet 'just for fun' See in context

Well that is nothing new, it has been going on since I first came to Japan in 1996. I remeber in Perth Australia a guy got arrested for doing the same thing. Face it people get off on watching girls pee there are HUNDREDS of PORN VIDEOS on the net in regards to the act. Europe and the US call it GOLDEN SHOWERS I think, so you can not say Japan or Japanese are BIZARRE when it also goes on in the west!

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Posted in: Chocolixir white chocolate mango passionfruit See in context

I think I will Pass, my wife has also said the same thing!

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Posted in: Ride for the ambassador See in context

this type of ass-backwards tradition is what keep Japan back in the middle ages. such pomp and ceremony

Move to the UK if you want to see Backwards Traditions of Pomp and Ceremony!

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Posted in: How do you feel about the call by some World War II POWs for Prime Minister Taro Aso to apologize and offer reparation over their wartime forced labor at a coalmine owned by his father? See in context

Year is 2009 last time I looked, Learn from the past but leave the past in the past, stop bring the past in to the present and future, it helps no one, and just causes trouble. May Peace Prevail and all humans live in Peace.

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Posted in: Ride for the ambassador See in context

All horse were retired after the event and turned in to Sushimi for the new ambassador!.. Sakura Sashime anyone?

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Posted in: Japan can do without preaching on how to fix its economy See in context

Once again the WEST trying to tell Japan what it can and cannot do, or how it should behave. I moved from Australia to Japan to get away from this BS.

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Posted in: Will denying Kim cognac have any effect on N Korea? See in context

Makkun70 - This guy's ten times the danger of Sadam, has killed tens times the amount of his own people, but we've had no regime change because there's nothing for the allies to plunder.

Spot on, if North Korea had OIL the USA would have bombed the crap out of it a long time ago and used WMD as a reason to go to war. It is the ONLY time the US gets involved in anything is when the US can make money at the same time kicking it allies in the teeth. EXAMPLE : Iraq war, The US goes to war with Iraq over OIL Say it is because of WMD and once the fighting has finished gets the new Iraqi Government to cancel all Wheat Contracts with Australia and sign new contracts with the USA only. US goes to war asks Australia for help and then kicks OZ in the teeth by stealing our wheat contracts with Iraq with over $100 Million a year.

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Posted in: Foreign nudists flock to Gunma hot spring resort See in context

Last thing I want to see is Naked 外国人.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy in hospital after being hit by 62-year-old drunk driver in Gunma See in context

Yes another shining example of a Japanese law abiding citizen. This Yuji Takimato needs to have his license removed and be jailed for the next 20 years, there are too many drunk drivers here in Japan and too many hit and runs, I have been hit twice in 6 years and both times the scum have fled the scene and the police have NEVER found the drivers even though I handed them the license plate numbers and makes of the cars. The punishment for drivers here in Japan that break the law needs to be made stronger because at the moment it is a JOKE!

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Posted in: Obama hardens U.S. stance on North Korean defiance See in context

Kapuna - What if the "diplomatic" actions result in an angered N.Korea selling/giving their nuclear know how to Syria or Iran? What then?

I would be attaching the israelis at the moment it is FACT that the israelis sold the Nuclear Know How to the DPRK. Funny how the WEST has NOT said anything about HOW the DPRK got the NUCLEAR KNOW HOW but are worried about who the DPRK might sell it to.

teleprompter -He will furrow his brow. He will raise a finger in the air. He will be photographed at the precise instant the light behind him forms a halo around his head. He will show the clenched fisters of this world how it is done.

Can you NOT talk about that moron Bush, we are on about North Korean, stay on topic thanks!

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