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Posted in: KDDI to launch 1Gbps fiber-optic service in Oct See in context

These bandwidths are unrealistic and marketing BS.

"KDDI will charge 5,985 yen in basic monthly fees for Internet and telephone services, down 1,155 yen from the current price, if a user subscribes for two consecutive years."

O.K., this killed it anyway. I'll never sign a 2-year contract for broadband internet access. They are adapting the business model that they are using for mobile phones and try to lock customers for two years. What pisses me off is that they are even trying to do this with loyal customers by either offering new mobile phones at horrendous prices or offering a discounted phone only when renewing the current contract for another 2-years. On top of it, Japanese phones are usually locked which means that they cannot be used with a SIM card from a different carrier, even if technically possible. Rip-off artists...

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Posted in: McCain suspends campaigning over financial crisis; Obama rejects call for debate delay See in context

No, hang on, Sarah Palin can't handle unscripted questions, can't even manage a small town well, and to cap it all off, her boss has kept her padlocked away somewhere well out of the public eye.

She cannot even handle scripted questions as she mixes up which answers she has to give to which question. Her interview with Charles Gibson was a true revelation...

And the insulting thing is, mccain hasn't even invited his VP to Washington to discuss the financial meltdown - it's like he doesn't even trust his own running mate.

I agree, his consultants should have told him to take her to Washington, even though she cannot contribute anything.

If mccain doesn't even trust his own running mate, how can Americans believe she is going to be suitable as VP, let alone president????

You answered that question already. Not suitable - period.

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Posted in: Miwa Asao back in public eye after sister's death See in context

A Mainichi report on the incident said that her condition was deemed 'non-life threatening' despite receiving a large blow to the head, but she died in hospital after her condition worsened.

Interesting. Could be a sign of a Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) aka nosocomial infection, in other words an infection that she contracted in hospital. This could be a surgical site infection (SSI), urinary tract infection (UTI), ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), catheter-related bloodstream infection (CRBSI) etc., of which the two latter ones are probably the ones with the highest mortality rate.

The level of infection control and HAI surveillance in Japan is pretty low and antibiotics are often used imprudently. As a result, I would expect that antibiotic resistance is is quite high in Japan.

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Posted in: Miwa Asao back in public eye after sister's death See in context

Her sister was 17 years old and died several weeks after the accident (being hit by a car on August 12th when riding a bicycle). http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0909/NGY200809090001.html

All this happended in Mie-ken, Suzuka-City. Very tragic. Rest in peace.

I just hope that she didn't die because of malpractice. Japanese countryside hospitals are scary. Although unfair to many good physicians in Japan, the level of Japanese hospitals is much lower than in US or Europe.

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