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Posted in: Abe vows to beef up Japan-U.S. alliance See in context

We do not want Japan become a battle field of the war. U.S. Forces have engaged in countless wars in foreign lands. They like to fight in the gardens of others.

I would liken Japan to be more of a latrine than a garden.

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Posted in: Japan's trade surplus drops sharply on higher oil imports See in context

Poor little Japan. Such a waste.

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Posted in: Even though it's a workplace practice, it interferes with free marriage at workplaces, which could be a violation of the freedom of marriage guaranteed under Article 24 of the Constitution. See in context

Japan staggers around at least 2 generations behind, and completely out of touch with, the advanced nations of the world. Sad.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor protests to Tokyo after U.S. chopper window falls on school See in context

Cry me a river.

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Posted in: Reduction of over 30,000 seats at Tokyo 2020 venues proposed See in context

Honesty, integrity, sound planning, and a sense of responsibility are, in reality, not highly developed attributes in the Japanese way of doing things. Sad.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea to hold missile tracking drill See in context

Time for china and Russia to stop the imperial American war machine and arm deals and destabilization.

Maybe next time, comrade.

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Posted in: Locals to deny forced labor by Koreans at coal mine now UNESCO site See in context

Makes you realize just how honest and courageous Germany has been and how shamefully weak, disingenuous, deluded, and dishonest Japan continues to be.

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Posted in: Locals to deny forced labor by Koreans at coal mine now UNESCO site See in context

What a pathetic little country this is. The 2020 Olympics will be a smoke and mirrors exercise unseen since the Berlin venue in 1936.

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Posted in: Crown princess turns 54; says she feels awe about future See in context

Good thing she's at least got some grey matter...

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Posted in: 3 candidate mascots for Tokyo 2020 Olympics unveiled for voting by children See in context

Now, if "by children" is in reference to maturity level, the voting will be open to almost the entirety of the Japanese population. Good for them.

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Posted in: Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital See in context

7 billion people will be angered.

Roughly the entire world...? Get your numbers straight, son. Sad.

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Posted in: AKB48 and S Korean idol groups perform hits at music awards; turns out to be a disaster See in context

J&K pop both fall into the "caterwauling racket" genre. Dreadful.

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Posted in: Australian lawmaker proposes to same-sex partner on floor of parliament See in context

Sincerely, good luck to them... However, there is a time and a place for everything, and the floor of parliament is not the appropriate place to do that, irrespective of your particular orientation...

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Posted in: Calls for same-sex marriage legalization growing in Japan See in context

When the Japanese get it in their mind to do something, they can often do it quite efficiently and well. 

LOL... Now THAT is really quite priceless.

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Posted in: The last journey home -- repatriating the deceased from Japan and abroad See in context

Ahhh, the important bit:

Her dyed short hairstyle, colorful makeup and affable nature are not what one would expect from an undertaker. Kimura's philosophy on dignity in death, about which she almost feels "as if I were possessed," would seem to be guided by a higher power.

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Posted in: G’z EYE camera is shock-resistant, waterproof, low temperature-resistant See in context

*1 Tested to withstand a drop from a height of 4 meters onto a lauan plywood sheet (Casio standard).

*2 Operates underwater at a depth of 50 meters for 30 consecutive minutes (test conditions set by Casio).

I daresay the veracity of Japanese product inspection, testing, and QA should not be taken at face value. Let's just say there are precedents in this regard.

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Posted in: San Francisco mayor accepts 'comfort women' statue; Osaka to end sister-city ties See in context

But if you mean "kidnapping 200,000 women" as "the act" then no, Japan should never admit to an act that never happened, an undocumented unproven false claim which US records from during and after WWII, as well as a 7 year multiagency investigation by the US government found no evidence to support. A number of South Korean scholars question also question this claim with at least one having been persecuted by the South Korean judicial system for expressing a view counter to that held by South Korea.

The above is an excellent testimony as to why Japanese universities are amongst the world's worst.

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Posted in: Russia worried Japan becoming base for U.S. military build-up in Asia See in context

"We have no problems directly with Japan, we do not see risks there."

i.e. Japan is a weak little Nancy. LOL.

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Posted in: Ex-Abe cabinet member makes discriminatory remark about Africans See in context

The Japanese have so many, many, many failings... It's no wonder they don't have the "ability" to take responsibility for them.

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Posted in: San Francisco mayor accepts 'comfort women' statue; Osaka to end sister-city ties See in context

Ahh, Japan - the endlessly self-delusional petulant child. I don't think a single soul in San Francisco will lose a wink of sleep over it.

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Posted in: Gov't to hold meeting Dec 1 to discuss emperor's abdication date See in context

The Japanese can't keep to a schedule on anything beyond that pertaining to trains. No wonder the country is so endlessly and aimlessly adrift.

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Posted in: Japan exports climb on surging demand for cars, machinery See in context

It is always amusing to read statements such as:

But the economies of Japan's major trading partners are likely to slow in the next year, he said. "We therefore we expect real export growth to slow from 6 percent year-on-year this year to 3 percent in 2018."

The reality is:

Japan - Next year, growth will decelerate somewhat as the tailwinds that propelled the economy this year fade away. Moreover, persistent geopolitical tensions could add upward pressure on the safe-haven yen, hurting the all-important external sector. FocusEconomics panelists see the economy growing 1.2% in 2018, which is up 0.1 percentage points from last month’s forecast. For 2019, they see growth at 1.0%.

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Posted in: Trump: I should have left UCLA players in jail in China See in context

"I should have left them in jail!" he added.

Indeed, you should have.

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Posted in: Toshiba to raise $5.3 bil from new shares to avoid delisting risk See in context

That's the ticket. Toss a glass of water onto the inferno, leave things be, and hope they take of themselves. Einstein must have been prophesying about Japanese corporate culture when he coined his quote about "and expecting a different result"... (you know the one).

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Posted in: Japan to scrutinize U.N. recommendation on 'comfort women' See in context

Listen to the Japanese squeal!

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Posted in: Abe, in Diet speech, vows to promote aggressive diplomacy, raise pressure on N Korea See in context

Abe - the sad little mouse that roars and roars... lol

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Posted in: Japanese status choice among dual nationality holders surges in FY2016 See in context

if you have dual citizenship, give up your Japanese passport. Japan is a failing, corrupt, stagnant nation and it is only going to get worse.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki offends S Korean fans during concert with Japanese war flag See in context

that flag is widely used

Somewhat of a stretch, that, n'est-ce pas?

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki offends S Korean fans during concert with Japanese war flag See in context

What a silly, foolish trout.

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Posted in: S Korea rebuffs Japan's protest over 'comfort woman' invitee, shrimps See in context

Poor Japan, forever the victim.

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