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Gambare Japan!

As always, your comments continue to baffle me.

Do you understand how sanctions work? Or, do you even know what the word means for that sake?

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Posted in: Japan's rising sun flag removed from classroom at Canadian school See in context

Ma Go

What is the name of the secretary who being held by the FBI?

"The Canadian government needs to investigate the parents of that Korean students, and their stakeholders."

Excuse me, the Canadian government should do what? Nobody has committed any crimes. Canada is neither China or Japan. An actual democracy is in place in Canada, which means every single citizen has the right to voice their opinion. If everyone wants to erect a comfort woman statue they have every right to.

Generally in Canada there is a diverse opinion, but since we live in a democracy, we can vote on things.

Targeting groups due suspicion is what got Japanese people targeted during the world war. We've moved far past that, I think Japan should too.

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How does removing war-time Japanese flaq from the classroom equate to censorship?

Unlike Japan, Canadian institutions do not allow polital bias or censorship of history in their textbooks. Removing a flag due to its association with war-time Japan is understandable. Should we also hold up Germany's wartime flag?

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"Snoop was never “Gangsta” and doesn’t pretend to be, he attended a rich high school where he sold weed to Cameron Diaz."

Don't know where you are getting your information, but you are definitely misinformed. First off, Snoop was arrested for selling cocaine, and he was in jail frequently.

He was well known back in the days on Deathrow for being a member of the Rollin' 20 Crips. No one would dare pretend to be one of them unless they wanted a target on their back.

Nowadays, he's an old man. Of course he's not going to portray an adolescent behavior, especially not with his wealth and status.

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"Why is the US doing this? Why doesn't the Japanese Government do this?"

The simple answer is the Japanese government and the Yakuza are quite heavily tied together.

If you look at any of English university published textbooks on organized crime in Japan, you will find that many former prominent politicians in the country came from Yakuza families throughout the 20th century. Yakuza members are not exactly what you see in the movies.

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"And so far none of the women ministers in foreign country is doing good so far. They are basically burning their countries down."

I'm sorry, where is your logic behind this statement? It's poorly informed individuals like this that put Japan behind in the world.

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The interface of IOS certainly looks better, but with the iPhone's restrictions and limitations, I'd say Android is superior. Android is for a bit more tech savvy individual.

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Well, I don't think it's a question of whether other countries are willing to share their information with Japan.

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Unfortunately, the information you are requesting is not readily available to the general public. These documents can only be accessed from university archives.

The Yomiyuri Newspaper should be easily accessible since this is Japan.

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While Japan was not in any specific wars in 1923, it was still occupying and defending territory in East Asia, was it not?

Would the Yomiyuri newspaper have asked citizens to aid the police if they had sufficient forces in Japan?

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You might want to check your facts there. Police testimonies reveal how the police and Japanese civilians violently attacked Koreans in Tokyo. In fact, the Japanese military was so busy fighting overseas that the newspapers asked regular civilians to help the police.

Why do people in their own country not know their own history? These events have been taught widely across the globe, and they have evidence to support their claims.

Anyone who has studied world economics, studies this event. It was an important event which shows how people react when groups are competing for jobs.

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Do you have any real evidence to prove that (police records, newspaper articles)? A lot of these things have been made public in universities around the world. I researched into these claims made by Japanese, and I could only find minor crimes unrelated to this event. Are you you saying that based one person's actions it justified the mass killing of Korean people (including defencless and innocent women and children)?

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Posted in: AI robots to help teach English in 500 classrooms next year See in context

This is psychologically a very bad idea. It's just like sticking a child in front of the TV and hoping for them to learn a foreign language. Children need interaction with other human beings, otherwise their learning experience is wasted.

Having Alts replaced by robots isn't even the worst thing in the English classroom. Many of the current Japanese born English teachers can barely string a sentence together in English. Imagine how embarrassed they must feel when their English is nearly as bad as their students. Maybe this is to help them save face.

This isn't really anything new. Korea has already implemented a similar idea, where teachers teach via robots. The government has already blown a lot of cash on AI technology and hasn't really produced anything significant. We all know why this idea is being rolled out.

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Posted in: Abe willing to run in upcoming LDP leadership race See in context

If Abe is the best that Japan can produce to lead the country, it sure makes you worry about the other candidates. Considering Japan's massive population (127mill+), it's kind of sad that it can't find someone a little more sophisticated.

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Posted in: No. of homeless in Japan falls to 15-year-low See in context

I am very skeptical on these survey results. In recent months there has been a rather significant increase in homeless people roaming around the business district.

Just based on the information in this article, we can see someone isn't competently doing their job.

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So, you're defining all homosexuals based on the culture of Shudo in Japan? Don't you think that's a bit absurd? You clearly have inadequate knowledge on homosexuality in premodern Japan.

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Posted in: Major Japanese companies turn their eyes to LGBT consumers See in context

Correction: 1868

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Posted in: Major Japanese companies turn their eyes to LGBT consumers See in context


So what are you actually saying in the last sentence? :)

I'd be happy to answer your question Netgrump,

When I refer to the modern era, I'm specifically referring to the period following after the Meiji restoration in 1867. As for 'negative ideologies', I'm talking about Christianity and its influence over Western thought. Japan had a very openly homosexual culture before the Meiji restoration, and it dissappeared due to it trying to fit in with other world powers.

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In Japan, people respect historically gay people in society, homesexuality was not frowned upon unlike West. Western Nations have big opposition to gay people due to Christianity. They can learn a lot from Japan in accepting gay couples, and should also embrace them in advertising as Japan does.

Listen to this one preach to us about the Western world. Have you ever stepped out of Japan in your life. The number of Christians have been dwindling since the age of the internet. Since then, LGBT have already become a normal integrated part of society in many Western countries.

Japan 'used' to have an open gay culture, until it adopted some of our negative ideologies in the modern Era. On the surface, Japan has tried to integrate LGBT through media, but in reality? Wasn't it recent in local news, where a teacher told his pupil not to tell his peers that he was gay in fear that he would be bullied?

One of my close friends came to Canada because he was teased, bullied and harassed by his classmates, colleagues and even friends for being gay. Canada has a far more open LGBT society and we even celebrate it. So, who should be teaching who again?

I'm all pro for supporting the LGBT community, but I dislike the approach of these companies.

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Posted in: Can Japan play a role in bringing peace and stability to the Korean Peninsula? See in context

It's certainly not in Japan's interest for these two nations to unite, so it would probably be best if it was not involved.

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Posted in: Man re-arrested for scamming elderly woman out of Y2 mil See in context

Since August 2017, Matsunoshita has been arrested and charged five times for similar offenses.

Not once, but twice... BUT FIVE TIMES! OK, there is something really wrong here. It seems like somebody really wants these thugs to loot this defenseless population.

If the government really cared about these people, they would take greater measures to make it more difficult for these thugs to operate, but instead, these goons get a free out of jail pass?

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I'm baffled when I hear people say I don't need English. Just about everyone in the educated world can speak English (Sadly, there are some elite families in Japan who pay their way through school, so can you consider them educated). It is the current language that connects the world of trade.

Chinese is an extremely complex language, which only a few nations can communicate in. Most elite Chinese speak English quite well, so it is unlikely that Chinese would become an international language.

Japan's economy has been declining with the rest of the world, and many businesses have been struggling to survive domestically. That's why the government has been aggressively investing in outside markets.

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"But given a cooling off of Chinese tourists' shopping binges, once dubbed "bakugai" or "explosive shopping," spending per foreign traveler at about 150,000 yen is on the decline."

What this article doesn't mention, is why Chinese tourist shopping binges have declined. Thanks to Abe's great relations with China, China's government is imposing heavy taxes on Chinese tourists. The days of shopping sprees in Japan has gone with the wind.

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Posted in: Woman sues gov't over forced sterilization under old eugenics law See in context

Though Japan was quite late in acknowledging the mistakes of eugenics, it's not the only country that has used sterilization on its population.

In fact, countries like Canada used sterilization during the early 1930s to the 1970s based on what was thought to be a scientific movement at the time. The number patients were much fewer and only occurred in two provinces such as British Columbia and Alberta, but nevertheless it did happen.

The woman certainly deserves compensation as her life has been destroyed due to mistakes of a few people who were in power.

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Posted in: Abe gov't marks 5th anniversary, vowing to keep priority on economy See in context

With all of Japan's major banks and corporations investing outside of Japan?

Where is this magical recovery going to come from?!

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Posted in: Which set of designs for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics gets your vote? See in context

What happened to the innovation in Japan? Is Pokémon-like characters the only way to go?

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