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landOfTheLost comments

Posted in: Meet the Japanese Colonel Sanders, who’s passionate about fried chicken See in context

Thomas GoodtimeToday  10:06 am JST

kfc in japan tasted way better then in usa, i wonder why?

No way!

I have to agree!

Kentucky definitely tastes better in Japan.

The quality has declined over the years. Probably due to the quality of oil they are using in North America.

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Posted in: Are you old enough to remember a time when there were no cell phones, no email, no internet and no way to keep you connected to the world 24 hours a day? If so, do you sometimes think fondly back on that time? See in context

To be honest, not really! I'm somebody who works in the tech industry and I love it!

I think the world came out of the dark ages. With the spread of information, religion died and superstitious ideas were debunked.

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Posted in: Change of tune: Japanese music fans moving from CDs to streaming services See in context

Jeez, people still use CD's? I thought that was already ancient technology.

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Posted in: Do you think remote working, where possible, improves productivity, creativity and staff retention for a company? See in context

Of course it depends. A lot of people are distracted at home, and considering the small space that the average Japanese family lives in, its tough to find private space to work.

On the other hand, some people are a lot less stressed working from home and it gives them extra time to be more creative.

In terms of productivity, it all depends on how the company is managed. Anybody who said "yes" or "no" are purely answering based on their own personal experience or preference, which can't be applied in all situations.

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Posted in: Judo in Japan getting unwanted scrutiny for abuse, violence See in context

I've studied and taught judo and karate for over thirty years, we've never had a single instance of serious injury. My teacher was Japanese, and he was strict but he taught us self control which was most essential to protect ourselves and others who we trained with.

Judo and Karate are not dangerous sports. It's become a dangerous sport in Japan because there are no rules and no consequence.

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