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Posted in: Japan's high school English proficiency falls short of gov't targets See in context

I'm baffled when I hear people say I don't need English. Just about everyone in the educated world can speak English (Sadly, there are some elite families in Japan who pay their way through school, so can you consider them educated). It is the current language that connects the world of trade.

Chinese is an extremely complex language, which only a few nations can communicate in. Most elite Chinese speak English quite well, so it is unlikely that Chinese would become an international language.

Japan's economy has been declining with the rest of the world, and many businesses have been struggling to survive domestically. That's why the government has been aggressively investing in outside markets.

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Posted in: Japan pulls out stops to improve nightlife for foreign tourists See in context

"But given a cooling off of Chinese tourists' shopping binges, once dubbed "bakugai" or "explosive shopping," spending per foreign traveler at about 150,000 yen is on the decline."

What this article doesn't mention, is why Chinese tourist shopping binges have declined. Thanks to Abe's great relations with China, China's government is imposing heavy taxes on Chinese tourists. The days of shopping sprees in Japan has gone with the wind.

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Posted in: Woman sues gov't over forced sterilization under old eugenics law See in context

Though Japan was quite late in acknowledging the mistakes of eugenics, it's not the only country that has used sterilization on its population.

In fact, countries like Canada used sterilization during the early 1930s to the 1970s based on what was thought to be a scientific movement at the time. The number patients were much fewer and only occurred in two provinces such as British Columbia and Alberta, but nevertheless it did happen.

The woman certainly deserves compensation as her life has been destroyed due to mistakes of a few people who were in power.

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Posted in: Abe gov't marks 5th anniversary, vowing to keep priority on economy See in context

With all of Japan's major banks and corporations investing outside of Japan?

Where is this magical recovery going to come from?!

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Posted in: Which set of designs for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics gets your vote? See in context

What happened to the innovation in Japan? Is Pokémon-like characters the only way to go?

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