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Posted in: The serious crime rate for U.S. service members off their bases is approximately half that of the Japanese population. See in context

This is True GJP, yes, Sadly we do not live in that world, I am not too naive to believe that there won't be issues, however close our governments may be I'd prefer if things got better or at least stayed the same with the general populous of Japan. There are already a fair amount of places that won't ever bother serving Americans, just a sad thing to see...

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Posted in: The serious crime rate for U.S. service members off their bases is approximately half that of the Japanese population. See in context

GJP, I agree the media has a lot to do with the country's view of US service members. They also do not focus on their own crimes unless they are extremely bizarre, and outrageous; many are very strange. However this is not our country and Service members should at least respect that, if nothing else. I am an IT in the Navy stationed in Sasebo, Japan. I will openly admit that the NAVY or any other branch of the armed forces does not Screen the people which come overseas nearly as much as they should. You are supposed to have a pristine record and most importantly No felonies I know of numerous people with felonies... Mark,You can Explain it to them, however most of the miscreants they send over here are thick-headed cavemen and will continue to do whatever they please simply because they think they are the center of the universe. I do everything in my power to make America look better, and help fix a lot of the misconceptions and fears the Japanese people have of us. What little I can do helps; visiting Elementary schools on my own time and organizing Pen Pal letters to be sent to my Mothers school where she teaches in Madison WI, learning the language and being a kind person. Still there is so many horrific things which occur by Service members it will never be enough; if anything is to change our government needs to place a far more strict screening process into affect. I also feel if a service member does something to get into trouble in Japan, especially stealing or threatening the safety of others they should be removed from the country. As Service members, We are meant to be peacekeepers and to protect the public, not make them fear us by causing crimes ourselves. We should be holding ourselves up to the honesty and integrity of that of a police officer.

This article is definitely nothing to boast about, we should be causing almost no crime, we are the minority of their population to be even 1/16 of the Crime rate off base is too high. I myself am not perfect and I definitely have fun and get silly as well as wild sometimes; the Japanese themselves do this and they are very fun, all it requires is taking a little bit of time to look at where they come from and you can get along just fine.

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