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Laotian in Sapporo comments

Posted in: Duterte declares 'state of lawlessness' after bomb kills 14 See in context

Duterte is the man. Kill all the drug traffickers

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Posted in: Ramon Magsaysay awardees See in context

Duterte should have got this one for cleaning up the Philippines.?

Nooo.... He deserves a nobel prize

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Posted in: Muslim man goes on hunger strike after being served pork at Yokohama immigration center See in context

he could have simply have asked for different meal that had no pork righ? no he didnt. because that is not what religious fanatics do

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Posted in: Japan pledges $6 bil aid to Middle East ahead of G-7 Summit See in context

Will this make the terrorists less inclined to behead Japanese citizens?

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Posted in: Japan welcomes Mekong leaders in jostle for influence See in context

alright alright oh.. what?

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Posted in: Japan offers $3.5 million to help Rohingya boat people See in context

Millions are starving in Africa..

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Posted in: Abe expresses outrage at IS video purportedly showing Goto being beheaded See in context

It might have been a hoax? not that Goto was killed, but he was killed off camera.

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Posted in: In support of Goto See in context

No, what I am telling you is by using the term 'the Muslims', the posters was lumping all Muslims in with ISIS. Doing so is not only incorrect, but also is racist. ISIS may be Islam, but not all of Islam is ISIS. Get it? Amazing that in 2015 I still have to explain such a thing.

it doesnt matter how Islam and ISIS are associated. They all follow some idiot who married a 9-year old. Period.

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Posted in: In support of Goto See in context

To be more accurate, Goto is being held captive by ISIS, not 'the Muslims'.

What does ISIS stand for? Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.. So you are telling me that ISIS is not Muslim? Are you serious?

Maybe it would make more sense to say ISIS is not Islam because Islam is the most peaceful religion

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Posted in: Sony hackers reference 9/11 in new threats against theaters See in context

This is how you promote movie without spending more

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Posted in: 5 hostages escape from Sydney cafe See in context

I doubt this might have been a false-flag. Anyone thinks so?

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Posted in: Hawking warns artificial intelligence 'could mean end of humanity' See in context

Are we supposed to buy this? sorry folks, this is stupid

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Posted in: Japanese swimmer expelled from Asian Games for stealing camera See in context

i always think that Japanese are nice

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Posted in: Gov't trying to confirm report 9 Japanese have joined Islamic State See in context

ISIS fighters get paid 1000$ a month. Which is not bad if you are unemployed or really screw up your life

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Posted in: 'Modern Family,' 'Breaking Bad' win Emmy Awards See in context

Better zCall Saul

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Posted in: Pope Francis calls parents of slain journalist James Foley See in context


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Posted in: North Korea insults John Kerry over his looks See in context

why.. ? just do something you hate the US so much.. lets see what happens next

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Posted in: Japanese businessman fathered 13 surrogate babies in Thailand See in context

then who are the mothers?

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Posted in: Cop arrested for filming woman taking bath See in context

it is time to ban AV production

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Posted in: Kamikaze pilots say war horrors lost on young See in context

I wonder who came up with such idea?

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Posted in: Retailer decides not to post suspected shoplifter's face online See in context

Ok.. if that is what you should do to catch a thief in Japan.

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Posted in: Do you support the decision by donor nations to give $16 billion to Afghanistan to prevent the country from sliding back into turmoil when foreign combat troops depart? See in context

it would be like pouring the water into the sand, it would just disappear and dryout

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Posted in: Cash-strapped Khmer Rouge court gets $6 mil from Japan See in context

Come on Japan.... 6$m ??? are you kidding me?

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Posted in: AKB48 to donate another Y585 mil to disaster-stricken Tohoku See in context

<3 AKB48 ;)

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Posted in: Woman sentenced to 4 1/2 years for breaking babies' legs See in context

this is really sick and pissed me off. why is the law so ridiculous? we all know that normal people would't do such thing... those criminals are all cold blood and heartless... they can kill, hurt other without feeling any guilt. why would the society care? I wish the Death Note existed so all the evils criminals would be sent to hell within seconds.

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Posted in: 68-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of 74-year-old husband See in context

I would have asked my to kill me if i were in such situation

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Posted in: Woman prostitutes daughter to 72-year-old man for years before discovery See in context

Poor girl. The world is losing its morality !! Sad

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Posted in: Battle to sell iPhone heats up as Softbank undercuts KDDI on monthly fees See in context

I just signed up for AU, which initially I wished to go for Softbank but apparently Softbank staff told me that as a foreigner here, I need to pay for the handset which is more than 50,000 Yen... incredibly ridiculous so I went for AU and pay 0 Yen for the handset. Thanks very much AU

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for bludgeoning mother of female friend See in context

Whats wrong with these people anyway? why did they do something inhuman like that?

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Posted in: 3 men rob Tochigi hotel of Y1.5 mil See in context

first time ever i heard about hotel robbery. and it happened here in Japan???? u gotta be kidding me!!

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