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Posted in: Japanese media blasts 'cowardly' Ghosn after escape See in context

Outsmarted? With the amount of money this guy has, "he outsmart's" pretty anybody...

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Posted in: Japan ushers in 2020 See in context

..till you get to know her :D

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Posted in: What do you think of the new Japan Today design? See in context

Honestly, i like the Design, but not the usability. I will not turn the back on you, but... hopefully i get used to it :)

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Posted in: Best jumper See in context

yes! congrats!

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Posted in: Man makes Y1 mil for three months of gaming See in context

..wait a second.. you pay 330,000 yen a month for RENT?? hmmm... i don`t want to judge, just a question: who is the morron? somebody who can afford a 330,000 yen monthly investment into nothing should not call other people morron.

and to all the other moral apostles who think they should judge over other lifes, get yourself one. i am starting to get annoyed about everybody standing out with their thoughts by walking over everything that does not match their ideas. if he is happy.. why not? he doesn`t harm anybody, has a good time so what?

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Posted in: Kagawa says: 'Ask Moyes why I'm not playing' See in context

not good enough?? are you ppl crazy? did you saw him playing the whole season in dortmund? in my eyes this guy is one of the best offensive middle field player on this planet. i compare him with iniesta, just that he didn`t had the firepower around him, but has even more goal instinct than iniesta. this guy deserve to play.. i am with bluebris - think that moyes likes more a defensive play. hope you find a club to play shinji - the moment he will change the club, i buy the shirt :D

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Posted in: Hernandez double gives Mexico 2-1 win over Japan See in context

na, i dont think so nedinjapan. there is a lot of talent in this team, i just think they need something like the winning spirit. they didnt played bad at all. a win over italy would have been more then deserved. in my opinion they play way better than australia, with or without the help of the referee.

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

poor girl, hope she finds herself jumping out of this money machine and enjoy her life. hey.. you still look cute minami!

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Posted in: Nakamura quits Slovakian club over racism See in context

well done nakamura! its not against japanese, its against every human race out on this planet. this not only happens in eastern europe, this happens in every country - every weekend you got the ape noises in the premiere league, or racist cheers in italy hide suzuki. its really a shame, and nakamuras leave makes sensibilize and talk. like when boateng left the field in a friendly match and his teammates followed him. somehow we never mature as society, thats a shame.

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Posted in: Shooter kills 3 people, injures 2 in Swiss village See in context

hey everybody. here is one from switzerland. in switzerland every male citizen does have to go to the military service (if not suspended cause of illness, or he doesnt want to and then he does some civil service). the first military service called RS (rekrutenschule - schools for recruit) does hold on three months. after that, you go every year to the military service till an age of 30 (i think, i am not sure - i got a spanish passport) for three weeks. so every male citizen can take his weapon home if he likes. most of them give the weapon back when they finish the military service. there are many discussions about making it mandatory to handle over the weapon after the military service. in my opinion, i would make it mandatory. but thats not the thing here. in this tragic case, the man has been in a psychiatric hospital in 2005. at this time, all his weapons have been taken away from him and destroyed . its not clear from where he did get the weapon he used yesterday. its a tragic case, like all this cases. i would say that switzerland is as safe as japan is. i have no numbers or statistics for that. i dont say that there are no other problems. thats for sure. but safety is not really bad here around. but you could get killed by a cow (like it happens every summer when hikers cross a cow pasture).

my thoughts with the families of the victims. they are now in hands of the care teams, and not let alone. one of the nice things in switzerland. we got great social nets that helps out in such tragic cases.

many regards to japan from here.



PS: sooorry my english, its not really good :(

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Posted in: How do you feel about being a ‘gaijin’ in Japan? See in context

hmm... i spend now three of my hard earned vacations in japan (and i hope much much more) cause i love so many aspects of this (your) country. as a swiss born and raised with a spanish passport (my parents emigrated many years ago from spain to switzerland) i am used to jump between different cultures (even if the gap between the swiss and the spanish is not so big as the japanese and european). the swiss cultures is in many parts pretty similiar to the japanese one, and for so, i feel very comfortable in many aspects. but i noticed something i am not quiet sure if it has to do with the mentality or its just an accumulation of bad luck. sometimes i feel in japan like people are much more aware of foreign people in the sence that they are not direclty scared, but kind of reserved cause.. argh, hard to say, maybe they think that non japanese are more criminals. i had this very embarassing happening once i can`t forget.

i was on the way from nikko to, i dont remember the name, a small village up in the mountains near the first lake. a very beautiful place by the way. so i was sitting in this bus with, my luck, japanese friend. the bus stopped at a regular stop and some young guys stepped out of the bus. the payed the ticket on the way out till one started to search his wallet. the bus driver started to get nervous and the guy runned back to where he was sitting before wanting to go off. his seat was right in front of ours, so he came there and searched the floor. he searches his backpack, floor again, backpack.. floor.. floor backpack... in this moments, when he was searching his wallet, i notices like people watched at me all the time. i felt so bad in this moment.. i think i did get a really red face. i felt so guilty without having done something. my friend did notice i was getting nervous and i told her that maybe the people were thinking that maybe i did steal the wallet. she could not answer, how. i mean, what answer could she have gave to me?? i started to search the floor under my seat cause maybe the wallet could have slipped on the floor. in this searching process, i noticed that between the seats, there was like a plastic bridge, with a notch. so i thougt it had could felt in this notch. and stood up and checked the seat where he was sitting before. bingo... there it was. but i didnt take the wallet, i told it to my japanese friend. she took the wallet and the hole bus was clapping hands. clapping hands and watching at me. i felt so bad... cause maybe they thought i had stolen it and put it there. but.... it was my feeling, and i am not sure if people were thinking like that. but moving around japan makes me feel sometimes like a bad guy as people do avoid me. when i am in the metro, most of the time the seat beside me is empty, even if its a bit crowded (not if its very crowded). most woman change the street side when nobody around and i am on the same streetside. and i am more the babyface then the classic criminal looking guy (what is very silly, i know, but we got some stereotypes in the head). it makes me feel a bit bad, cause i really want to comunicate with japanese people. even if i cant speak japanese. cause i really love this country. thats the only thing that makes me feel bad sometimes. but.... its my thoughts, maybe i just have to get over it and dont care about what people are thinking :D hasta luego!

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Posted in: China outperforming Japan in campus romance See in context

first of all hi to the jtoday community, and sorry for my poor english. i am reading now this site for one year (since my first visit to japan, followed by one more and the third next month. well, since i felt in love with this mysterious and great country). i am living in switzerland and freezing off my butt right now. even if it has nothing to do with the topic, i just wanted to introduce myself :D

well.. i think i would have spend the rest of my days just reading jtoday without considering a registration, but after having so much fun reading the comments (not just on this particular article) i just thought to thank you all for having me warm up my heart (had to come back from the sentence about my frozen everything) while reading your comments, most of all nicky`s.. it was a very nice comment on how love can sometimes feel less active in a relationship, and sometimes more.. but knowing that mr. perfect is perfect like he is in the eye of the beholder is very very nice :D (vice versa) - i wish somebody would have told me that once hahahahaha

thanks everybody!!

have a great day,


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