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Posted in: 80-year-old woman with dementia killed by train after wandering onto tracks See in context

It's a terrible way to go, but for anyone facing more years in this kind of purgatory, death may be better. Scientific research needs to double down and find a prevention or cure ASAP, before society is overwhelmed by their numbers.

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Posted in: Sword of one of Japan’s last samurai discovered in house in America See in context

The term "last samurai" is misleading. The entire warrior class, females included, was eliminated simultaneously through a series of edicts between 1870 to 1872 that ended the class system.

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Posted in: Former Trump advisor Flynn offers testimony for immunity: report See in context

The clock is ticking on the naked emperor's reign. Wonder if he'll request immunity in exchange for his own testimony.

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Posted in: For most Japanese, April Fools' Day still no joke See in context

Think I'll run out and buy a copy of Tokyo Shimbun tomorrow, just in case they try to pull another fast one.

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Posted in: Police killing exposes anger, fear of Chinese in France See in context

This article flips back and forth between the "Chinese community" and "Asian community". These terms are not interchangeable..

Let's see, the Asian Community might include Malaysian Chinese, Singaporean Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, Thai Chinese, Taiwanese, Indonesian Chinese, Filipino Chinese, etc, whose numbers, according to Wikipedia, approach 50 million. I've got no problem with mixing the terms.

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Posted in: Trump signs legislation rolling back Obama-era regulations See in context

In America, ultimately, greed rules.

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Posted in: China overtakes Japan on S Koreans' worst countries list See in context

Asking a citizen of any Asian country which neighbor he detests is bound to receive predictable answers. You could have obtained exactly the same replies/percentages by conducting this poll during the Yuan Dyansty.

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Posted in: B-25 bombers to fly over Ohio to honor historic air raid on Japan See in context

Some of the posts in here play down the damage achieved by the raid. Actually In Yokosuka, at least one bomb from the B-25 piloted by Lt. Edgar E. McElroy struck the nearly completed Japanese aircraft carrier Ryūho, forcing its launch to be delayed until November. This prevented the ship from taking part at Midway and other operations through the summer of 1942. Needless to say, it also gave the Americans a huge boost in morale --- more so than the much more important victory at Midway, because the details of that battle were kept under wraps for security reasons.

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Posted in: Rock 'n' roll legend Chuck Berry dies at 90 See in context

I saw him perform live, here in Tokyo, duck walk and all. My life is complete.

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Posted in: Dog bite incidents in Japan number in the thousands every year See in context

I don't think I've ever seen a Pit Bull in Japan. An online search in Japanese was inconclusive. There doesn't seem to be any law against owning them.

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Posted in: Tokyo's homeless boast their own upscale neighborhood See in context

Looking at Sensato's photo link, I wonder how prone they are to flooding.

Around that section of the Tama River it's little more than a trickle, maybe 30 meters wide even during the rainy season. I crossed over the river in Sept. 1974 aboard the Shinkansen, just after a very wet typhoon that filled the Tama all the way to the elevated dikes on both sides, and overflowed in parts of Kawasaki City. Quite an inspiring sight. I don't think it's happened again since then, but we all know Mother Nature can be capricious. Still, a fairly rare occurrence, and there would be time for the authorities to take proactive measures and order an evacuation.

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Posted in: Tokyo's homeless boast their own upscale neighborhood See in context

Thanks, Sensato. I wonder how much longer until 7-11 opens a convenience store on the corner! They can count on patronage from the golfers who go down to the flats by the river to whack their balls as well.

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Posted in: In Trump's first speech to Congress, will decorum hold? See in context

I hope the Democrat Senators and Congressmen moon him en masse.

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Posted in: If money were no object, would you buy an apartment, existing home, or have one built to order in Japan? See in context

If money were no object, I would buy Japan's Supreme Court building, just for the pleasure of tearing it down. Along with as many other buildings designed by Tadao Ando as possible. To call them ugly doesn't do them justice: they are hideous.

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Posted in: Trump blasts media in rambling press conference See in context

It's clear the MSM is feeling great pangs of conscience for having given Trump the benefit of a doubt during the campaign. What they report may not be nearly enough to undo the damage.

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Posted in: Trump says White House 'fine-tuned machine,' despite turmoil See in context

Benedict Donald is losing it. Rupert Murdoch better move quickly, he's about to lose control over his blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy his TV network got elected.

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Posted in: NY Times says Trump campaign team had repeated contact with Russian intelligence See in context

I suspect Mr. Trump has fallen victim to 美人局 (pronounced tsutsumotase), as Japanese call the honey trap. Someday soon I expect to turn on my computer and see him singing in the golden shower, so to speak, under the tender ministrations of a krasyvaya dyevushka.

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Posted in: Who would you say has been the most famous fictional character of the past two centuries? See in context

Brainiac, in John P. Marquand's novels, Mr. Moto was based mostly in China. In the films, where he was played by Hungarian actor Peter Lorre, he was all over the place.

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Posted in: Trump's national security adviser Flynn resigns over contacts with Russia See in context

Mmmm hmmm. "The Art of the Deal." Not!

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Posted in: Senator says GOP colleagues question Trump's mental health See in context

An obnoxious egotist is not necessarily insane. Anyone who thinks he'll make a good president probably is, however. That's what happens after several years of exposure to Fox News and Murdoch-induced paranoia.

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Posted in: Australian PM, Trump offer different versions of phone call on refugee deal See in context

Don't worry, Rupert Murdoch will fix everything. He owns the whole world.

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Posted in: California campaign to secede gains momentum See in context

California will just build a wall. And make the US pay for it.

And the wall will have picture windows, so Californians can moon the people on the other side of the wall.

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Posted in: China's tourism authority urges boycott of APA hotel group See in context

As my dear old dad used to say, "Life is difficult for those who cannot control their wackiness." But APA's owners are so rich, I guess they can afford to put a higher priority on proselytizing their wacky views of history than filling their guest rooms, Who knows, there may even be a few Japanese who will book a room with APA just to show their approval. But not many.

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Posted in: Trump backs off pledge of immediate immigration change See in context

I am always befuddled at how far out to the sea the liberal mind is.

bass@from the tone of your posts, I think it's accurate for you to end the above statement with "befuddled."

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Posted in: Trump's 'war with the media' raises questions of trust See in context

They're already calling Spicer "Baghdad Sean." And Trump vs. the media is shaping up to become "the mother of all battles."

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Posted in: Trump, spokesman slam U.S. media over inauguration crowd coverage See in context

Trump's delusions are pathological, and, equally worrisome, contagious. Mr. Pence might be taking charge of the government before the start of the baseball season.

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Posted in: APA hotel chain under fire over book denying Rape of Nanking See in context

What makes the argument so ridiculous is that even if you disregard the number of deaths due to the "Nanjing Incident" (between 0 and 300,000, depending on who's making the claim), over 20 million Chinese civilian deaths were recorded as a result of Japan's "incursions" between 1928 (Jinan Incident) and 1945. So when you look at the totals (China was 2nd in WW2 civilian deaths after the Soviet Union), how is denying what occurred in China's capital city (at that time) over a period of several weeks in 1937-38 going to matter that much? Or to consider matters from the other perspective, how many Japanese civilians, in Japan, were killed or subjected to atrocities at the hands of Chinese soldiers?

This is not just world-class denial on the part of APA Hotel's owner; it's callous disrespect for human life.

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Posted in: Nikkei hits 13-month high See in context

Opportunistic greed caused it.

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Posted in: Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' becomes German bestseller See in context

Let's just be thankful Hitler didn't have Twitter back then, or who knows what havoc might have ensued.

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Posted in: Man turns himself in over fatal assault in Tokyo's Shimbashi See in context

Garbage can kicking is a capital crime in Tokyo's 23 wards.

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