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Posted in: Tutu says Bush, Blair should face trial at The Hague See in context

We all know this won´t ever happen, but we should ask Interpol to call for the detention of these people and to put them in their most wanted list.

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Posted in: Nadeshiko Japan stuck in economy class, while men's team go business class See in context

I guess that division has to do with the importance of each discipline. Being a football fan, I cannot name even one female player.

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Posted in: The Stress-Free Guide to Leaving Japan See in context

Good idea. Moving out after 7 years in Japan wa very stressful. I was so busy dealing with so many things that I could not enjoy my last weeks in that great country. This book could have helped me...

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Posted in: ANA and TAM Airlines announce code-sharing agreement See in context

with the lack of a direct flight to brazil, i would think that most passengers would opt for using a north american carrier and connect through their closer hub

Well, there are some hundred thousands brazilians living in Japan and 2 million nikkei living in Brazil. Those with a Brazilian passport need a visa just to be on transfer in the US. Besides, when you are on transfer in the US you can lose 4 or more hours (having to go through immigration and be considered a terrorist until you prove otherwise), that for business travelers are quite valuable.

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Posted in: Dolphins caught, not killed, in Taiji cove: Sea Sheperd See in context

If dolphins were as smart as some claim them to be, they wouldn't return every year to the same spot, just to be killed.

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Posted in: Where, oh where has my little car gone? See in context

"a Brazilian of Japanese descent What type of passport does this person carry?"

Obviously, at least a Brazilian one. Being of Japanese descent give them a special status of residence. I have been in Japan for seven years, and seldomly seen or heard about Afghans. They should be very easy to identify here, unless they are Japanese posing as Afghans to confuse the police and make the story believable to the Japanese audience.

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Posted in: Italy's Zaccheroni appointed Japan soccer coach See in context

Funny, in Argentinean newspapers they are saying it will be Pekerman. They must be wrong.

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Posted in: Execution chamber at Tokyo Detention House opened to media See in context

Japanese society has traditionally punished with death to their meanest citizens. I think it is a good thing for the public to see these facilities and listen to the inmates. It is necessary for all of us to have the more possible information in order to judge whether it is good or bad to have the death penalty.

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Posted in: 23 injured by monkeys in Shizuoka See in context

These bands of bad monkeys (two that wait outside, one that enters to steal food and attack the resident) are just the tip of the iceberg of a revolution that has already started. The monkey revolution is coming!

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Posted in: The Biographical Dictionary of Notable Figures with Hilarious Names See in context

In return, I can say there are some names in Japanese that sound very funny in Spanish. The funniest is Kaga Mariko, which means Faggot Sh*t

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Posted in: ANA to reduce fuel surcharge from October See in context

Good news. I was wondering when they were going to do it, because fuel price has stabilized around 90$.

I agree with everybody else that is asking for an "all inclusive" price. 10 years ago shops were forced to publish the final price, including tax, in order to give customers all the information about how much they are going to pay. The government could do the same with plane tickets. I really don't care if they use the money to buy fuel. Just tell me the final price.

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Posted in: Nursery school head charged with molesting 4-year-old girl See in context

People here confess even if they are not guilty. Abuse can be proved, but just "touching" is much more difficult to prove. My wife works with small children and she is always kissing and hugging them. At first mothers were surprised and now fully accept it, but I always thought that if instead of her it was me the one to kiss and hug their daughters they would not be so happy.

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Posted in: Majority of weight-loss products fail to cut kilos See in context

The basic probles is that a lot of people think there is an easy way to get in shape, better the golf swing or learning a language. If we depart from the premise "it is going to get time, sweat and tears", so much people would be less disappointed...

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Posted in: ANA becomes 1st airline to make draft beer available in-flight See in context

Great development! Remember it is the only airline that offers this. Therefore, 1000 yen does not seem too much.

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Posted in: Ichiro depressed by another lost Mariners season See in context

I watched a couple of matches and it does not seem to be so much of a "team" there. Ichiro is the only star that team has and I admire not only his dedication but his loyalty.

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Posted in: The shrinking state of Japanese salarymen's pocket money See in context

In my case (male), I am the one taking care of the family finances. We earn more than we spend (which is below average), but we usually do things as a family, so all of us "enjoy" the money. If one wants to go out alone with friends is OK, but we do not have a budget for that.

I never understood why men, being away from home all day, want to spend the night with their co-workers and the weekends playing golf with their bosses.

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Posted in: Iniesta scores in extra time to give Spain World Cup See in context

Great game it was. This was one of the few tournaments where you can say "the best team won". The bulk of good football Spain produced during this tournament was far beyond what any other team did (except for Germany, maybe). Holland was a fighting rival, with few ideas but with a world cup final attitude. Maybe they are now asking themselves "Why were we so cheap? We could have played as we know. We could have...". Spain took the risks, played the football it knows it can play and in the end got its reward. Viva España!

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Posted in: Going bananas See in context

I really like the idea and it seems to be a profitable one...

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Posted in: Constant drone of vuvuzelas killing World Cup atmosphere See in context

I am one of those that has decded to press the mute button. I realized that I could not listen to any sound from the field that was not the vuvus. Check yourselves: is any other game you can hear voices, the sound of the foot kicking the ball, the fans´ expressions, coaches´ shouts, etcetera. Here, I can hear nothing. I heard players, coaches, spectators and tv watchers are complaining a lot. This just have started, I dont think anyone can live a month of vuvus...

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Posted in: World Cup probably already over for Japan See in context

The WC is full of surprises. The pool is difficult, yes, but anything can happen. Go Japan! Lose the final match against Argentina!

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Posted in: Telephone fraudsters' ill-gotten gains don't last long See in context

I guess they have to say they lost it somehow, because if they say "I still have the money", they will torture them until they say where it is.

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Posted in: Baseball campaigns to return to Olympics See in context

I don´t know why the article and some comments say it is popular in Latin America. Maybe in Central America, but all South America (excluding Venezuela)does not practice, watch or even understand about baseball.

It would be stupid to compare it with more traditional "sports" as archery, as they have always been part of the Olympics and they only take about 60 people to each meeting, including players and coaches.

I agree with the comment above: a 3-4 hour game is a hard sell for people who do not understand anything about baseball

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Posted in: 10-year-old boy drowns trying to save younger sibling in Saga See in context

Little hero. I dont know if his actions saved his brother, but he gave his life to do it. I wish my son, when he is confronted with a situation like this, acts like this boy.

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Posted in: 'Heroes' actress Hayden Panettiere gets chilly reception in Taiji See in context

It all comes down to domestication. Cows are domesticated, dolphins and whales are not.

Who says cows are domesticated? DO you know anyone that has a cow at his/her home? If you mean that they are easy notice their whereabouts and control their movements, then I think we should stop eating all types of fish, except for the ones that come from fish farms.

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Posted in: Nine for Aya See in context

This woman is the best: sexy, rich and experienced. Genarally here men love young women, but "arafo" are the best.

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Posted in: Canada beats U.S. 3-2 in overtime to claim ice hockey gold See in context

I am glad for Canadians, but for 99% of the world this is a no-news.

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Posted in: Kim Yu-na wins figure skating gold with record score; Asada 2nd See in context

Yu-na´s performance was just perfect. In another league from the other women. I think she has the chance of being one of those athletes that appear from time to time and completely dominate a sport (like Tiger, Federer, Schumacher and Asashoryu).

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Posted in: S Korean arrested for bomb threat over Olympic speedskating judge's decision See in context

Three years in prison for a text message? Who did he send it to?

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Posted in: Two-year-old boy found dead in puddle in Ibaraki See in context

I dont know how is in Ibaraki, but in Hiroshima you cannot throw the garbage at 2 pm. I dont know how anyone can think that leaving a 2 year old alone will bring no consequences. Unless she is really fast, she went to her home (100 meters), entered, prepared the garbage bag, throw it and then walked another 100 meters, thing that takes around 5 minutes, enough for bad things to happen.

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Posted in: Japanese ask: Is U.S. backlash on Toyota a ploy to boost American auto producers? See in context

Well, the US have the same right to require safety in the cars sold there as Japan has to require safety in the meat sold here.

I don´t know why so many people here applaud when the Japanese government puts safety first but complain when other governments do the same. But maybe, just maybe, Japanese government used safety issues to stop imports of meat such as the US government is using safety issues now to cripple Japanese automakers.

Moderator: Readers, beef is not relevant to this discussion. Stay on topic please.

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