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Larissa Katherine comments

Posted in: Leonardo DiCaprio urges government action on Amazon fires See in context

Right.. like he has any idea of all the ulterior motives behind this by the current governments opposition, it's not that simple. The fires are seasonal(in most part) and have happened every year. No it's not great, yes the idea is to put it out OF COURSE. What's more, he should really work on getting his country back in order with its own nature considering they only left 16% of their native vegetation remaining.

ps: the oceans are the real lungs of the earth, not the amazon.

I love your acting Leo, please stick to that.

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Posted in: Ito: Tattoo-friendly onsen, panoramic ocean views and capybaras See in context

Dear kolohe,

because it actually matters to people who have tattoos. if you had any and understood the hassle of finding an onsen to enjoy you'd understand.

If your unable to relate, feel free to enjoy all the other "better" points that work for you.

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Posted in: Fukushima evacuees resist return as 'Reconstruction Olympics' near See in context

For six years, she and her daughters lived in free accommodation supported by government subsidies, but support for "voluntary" evacuees ended in March 2017.

She moved and now struggles to pay the 130,000 yen monthly rent.

For real? Japanese citizens get paid for anything they do the equivalent or even more than a foreigner on a "highly skilled" visa. With six years of free accommodation if you can't really get things going your likely using the benefit as a commodity than an actual support to stand up again. Rent is literally what makes saving up money the hardest thing here. With the current labor shortage, working 7 days a week? Got a husband? Plus 2 kids which either are old enough to work some part-time or young enough to qualify for even more benefits from the government.

Sorry, but sounds the incapacity of paying the 130,000 rent has nothing to do with the disaster anymore.

(btw i'm part of an ngo that's supported at least 300 people back in 2011 and nearly all of them nowadays are back on track in life, 2 of these people are very good friends with me till this day.)

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