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Posted in: Japan prepares for COVID state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo See in context

I hope they printed a lot of CASH. All that department stores and other shops will need money to pay to their workers.

Also I dont understand why they didnt close the restaurants ?

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Posted in: Diet begins examining bill to release asylum seekers See in context

Crime will rise.

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Posted in: Wily crooks harness pandemic to spawn new scams See in context

I'm afraid there is more to come...

I would like the police to step-up and chase those criminals.

The only problem is the PUNISHMENT for that kind of SCAMS which is very low compared to the EARNINGS the criminal makes.

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Posted in: GSDF to hold drills with U.S. Marines, French army, possibly in May See in context

Anything related to French in war doctrine doesn't work.

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Posted in: Starving for more chips in a tech-hungry world See in context

Come to China we have a lot of iPAD and laptops, no shortage here.

Ups I forgot you guys have no factories in America.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan survey shows more optimism over economic recovery See in context

Optimism it is.

Then I better buy more BTC for my Yen.

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Posted in: Japan's February job availability logs 1st fall in 5 months See in context

I'm waiting for Universal Basic Income. Anyway my salary is FLAT low.

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Posted in: Mie becomes 1st prefecture to ban outing of sexual minorities See in context

Good job Mie prefecture!

I hope the rest will follow!

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Posted in: U.S., Belgium, France and Japan to hold Mideast naval exercise See in context

Anything related to French in war doctrine is worthless.

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Posted in: FY2020 earnings upgrades triple downgrades as vaccines ease caution See in context

Good news!

Good to hear that at least someone is doing well in this pandemic.

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Posted in: Goodbye gas: Volvo to make only electric vehicles by 2030 See in context

Don't worry they will use oil for something else.

Like Elon spaceships.

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Posted in: Water leaks indicate new damage at Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

I just came with idea, why don't we just put the reactors into the ocean?

It should dilute easily within vast ocean space?

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., India, Australia call for return of democracy in Myanmar See in context

I hope they have good connection for this call, as recently my network doesn't do that well.

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Posted in: Ex-director sues Amnesty Japan for firing him over Japanese ability See in context

Amnesty International, a nongovernmental organization focused on ending abuses of human

That's says all.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends above 30,000 mark for 1st time in over 30 years See in context

To the moon!

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Posted in: Myanmar protesters gather in Tokyo against coup at home See in context

Can someone explain, why they protest in Tokyo?

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Posted in: Japan’s households, firms continue to hoard cash as pandemic persists See in context

I know what they will do.

I mean governments and politicians.

They will put expiry date on your HOARDED money.

If you don't use it within a certain time it will be gone.

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Posted in: Ex-bank employee arrested for stealing ¥52 mil; blames it on stress See in context

The problem is not that she stole it.


Is it going to be BOW or 1-3 year in prison?

Both are ridiculous.

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Posted in: SoftBank Group net profit soars to ¥1.17 trillion in third quarter See in context

It's not Japan only, it's everywhere.

Socialism for rich, capitalism for poor.

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks end at 30-year high on global economic recovery hopes See in context

I see most of you guys complaining about stock market, I guess you are on the wrong side of the fence.

Its all bubble, but do you prefer to stay poor?

Come and join us!

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Posted in: Koike says Olympics facing 'major issue' after Mori's sexist remarks See in context

Move Olympics to Florida!

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Posted in: Japan's foreign workers hit hard by pandemic See in context

Buddy, I think Japan doesn't care about tax amount if you can print unlimited amount of money.

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring doctor over mask request See in context

Hmm I wouldn't say I'm being childish, I just don't like hypocrisy.

I know that what this guy DID shouldn't happen and it's wrong.


We have a state of emergency all around Japan and everyone is going out to restaurants, cinemas, travel, etc. and no-one is following them saying "Hey Sir you shouldn't go outside if it isn't truly necessary".

BOTH are not prohibited by LAW, but in the first case, I see people behaving like MASK POLICE while in the second case everyone is going out on a jammed train having fun in pubs, restaurants, and other places.

This is the real issue. That many people forget.

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring doctor over mask request See in context

There you go, another case of Mask police yet,

There is no law that you HAVE to wear a mask. No one should be forced.

I understand that what this guys did to the doctor was bad and shouldn't be done.

Now my post will be banned as anyone with opposite point of view isn't welcomed here.

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Posted in: Japan to hold 1st competitive cybersecurity talent search See in context

I heard it's going to be a paper test so you can fully show your skills and abilities in how you operate computer.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to build lunar orbiting outpost See in context

What ??? Seriously??? How about investing that money in research towards the next plague or health services ect ?

This is the investment for the humans to survive.

Let's be honest global warming is a man-made disaster. We need to go to space to save human kind from viruses, plagues, earth destruction and so on.

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Posted in: Corporate bankruptcies in 2020 fall to 31-year low with gov't aid See in context

Simple conclusion. We need more government aid and businesses will never bankrupt!

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Posted in: Universal basic income proposal by Suga adviser may be hard sell in Japan See in context

Wow, I like it, but in my opinion it would cause huge labour shortage as people wouldn't want to do certain jobs. Why should they work in farming or factory if it's physically demanding. Everyone would start to look for easy jobs if not they would just survive with universal income.

That means either higher immigration or higher prices so the producers can pay better wages.

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Posted in: Tokyo school for Chinese strives to overcome coronavirus impact See in context

I think we take too many students that come to Japan to work instead of studying.

That's the answer for low education quality.

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Posted in: Vaccine mistrust in Japan dates back decades See in context

I've decided to give my dose to the most in need people like elders, doctor, nurses.

As I'm still young and my organism is resilient, I will be taking mine dose maybe in 10-20 years.

I hope my sacrifice will let someone live a life.

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