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Posted in: Suga says plan to release Fukushima water coming soon See in context

Fukushima radioactive fish, swine fever, seems like I'm going vegetarian soon!

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Posted in: Japan considers extending Go To Travel subsidy campaign past January See in context

Great news for Hospitality Industry! Keep the money flowing that direction unless you want to have millions unemployed.

Plus inflation will come as Europe is going to lockdown again. Which leads to factories being closed, amount of goods being produced drops while amount of money is being printed and distributed.

So it means that the price of goods will go up as there won't be less of them in the market. Cheerios guys!

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Posted in: Coronavirus pandemic deepens Japan's demographic crisis See in context

We all know what the problem is economy and work ethics. Plus missed policies like 600 000 yen for newly weds.

There ain't be babies if people will have to work 24/7 for some pennies because husband can't make enough to upkeep the family so wives need to go to work as well. Plus 600 000 yen for newlyweds, what that will do if there ain't no jobs.

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Posted in: Hitachi to abolish seals for internal documents, cut paper by 70% See in context

Finally. Do something with that paperwork as well. Time to start using computers.

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Posted in: If Google's a monopoly, who is harmed by its market power? See in context

Google and monopoly ridiculous.

Again their are picking on these poor people from Google who can barely afford for anything.

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Posted in: Japan expects fewer newborns in 2021 as pandemic affects pregnancies See in context

Wow, and all along I thought while people were stuck at home they would be getting busy.

As I mention before in one of my posts. Couples won't have babies if their economic situation is unstable, especially here in Japan.

You might think people were stuck at home and it will cause more babies but the reality is that for many many years Japanese economy is sluggish causing reproduction rate to be low.

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Posted in: PayPal to allow cryptocurrency buying, selling and shopping on its network See in context

PayPal is desperate even for pennies...

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Posted in: Appeal filed for former top bureaucrat accused of killing reclusive son See in context

Alex this is called self-defense in Japan

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Posted in: Suga, in Indonesia, says Southeast Asia key for Japan See in context

If it's the key to Japan then open borders for foreigners! So they can come and work freely!

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Posted in: Haircuts and golf OK as virus curbs ease in Melbourne See in context

Im waiting for a stage 3!

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Posted in: Sushi chain starts contactless service as pandemic grinds on See in context

I read on Yahoo news that many Japanese Sushi restaurants are bankrupting.

No wonder! If it's 200yen for a scoop of rice and paper sliced radioactive fish from God knows where.

Same bankruptcy path awaits for Ramen.

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Posted in: Cabinet to spend ¥549.2 bil in reserve funds on virus subsidies See in context

Great! I'm tired of going to work everyday, especially that it's Japanese environment, I prefer to stay home get that 15 000 a day and relax with my family instead of slaving all day for Japanese company.

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Posted in: Record 96,000 households receive gov't support for rent amid pandemic See in context

I feel sorry for all in need.

Some people are happy with Go To Travel or Eat, and I would want to try it too. Although I keep thinking if in the time like this isn't it better to save that money for the future.

Many people are struggling and I would prefer the government to actually think how in a long run deal with this crisis by creating jobs.

Don't give them the fish, give them the rod so they can catch it by themselves.

Crisis didn't begin yet, stay safe, help each other. Cheers

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Posted in: Japanese firms fall woefully short of meeting gov't goals on women in management See in context

The place of a woman in Japanese society is at home taking care of children, cleaning, making meals for husband and family.

This data clearly show that even women don't want to change the status quo. They prefer to be shufu instead of sweating at work for 12 h a day.

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Posted in: Berlin allows 'comfort woman' statue to remain for time being See in context

Finally some common sense. Good for Germany and Korea, seems like Japan is going to learn a lesson.

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Posted in: Japan unveils 3,000-ton new submarine See in context

Great! People don't have jobs, and anything to eat but awesome we have submarine.

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Posted in: Japan's top court backs lower pay for nonregular employees See in context

I saw it on TV, shameful.

On the other hand what did you expect if they will say they are eligible for bonuses then no-one will want to do full time, shain enslavement.

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Posted in: Japan to give some travel agencies more subsidies for Go To Travel program See in context

Why do we need tourists can't the government just subsidy all the hotels without tourists being necessary?

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Posted in: 24-year-old woman found stabbed to death in Kyoto See in context

I don't want to point no fingers, but could you check her unemployed or brokenhearted boyfriend for alibi?

I think I heard that story too many times...

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Posted in: Campaigning starts for 2nd referendum on Osaka metropolis plan See in context

Proponents say such a measure will lead to cost-effective governance by eliminating duplication of work between the Osaka prefectural and city governments. 

Yeah that's for sure anything that comes from the government is cost-effective. Stalin said that too!

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Posted in: Bomb threats for Bitcoin bewilder local governments in Japan See in context

Of course they want you to think Bitcoin is bad and digital currency is the worst evil because someone made threats for transaction of 500 000$ which actually can be traced easily if you know blockchain technology.

While banks like JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank laundered $2 TRILLION and there is no problem.

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Posted in: 2 brothers arrested after keeping father’s corpse in house for 9 months See in context

Unemployed means they cant pay for inheritance tax to keep the house.

They keep collecting the pension like every other average unemployed Japanese who lives with their retired parents or family.

Thats regular.

Cmon guys it's not like this is for the first time, we all got used to it.

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Posted in: Australian state warns members of public who don’t comply with pandemic regulations See in context

saying close contacts of those infected who refuse a test will have to spend 21 days in quarantine

So now they want to FORCE you to take test.

Soon after they will FORCE you to take vaccine injections to all Australian citizen.

Better leave Australia before it will be too late!

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Posted in: Japan may need to consider compiling 3rd extra budget: LDP lawmaker See in context

Cmom guys we all know it's not only Japan, printers around the world are operating 24/7.

The BOJ said on Friday it would begin experimenting next year on how to operate its own digital currency, joining efforts by other central banks to catch up to rapid private-sector innovation

BOJ already knows FIAT money is confetti. Only BTC & Gold to protect your savings that's why they want to start digital currency.

PayPal bought 50 million worth of BTC.

Last call guys, last call.

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Posted in: Fishermen oppose release of Fukushima water into ocean See in context

Dump it to the ocean!

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Posted in: Bach to visit Japan to meet Suga, Tokyo Olympic leaders in November See in context

Give him cash, soon it will be confetti anyway.

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Posted in: American poet Louise Gluck wins Nobel Literature Prize See in context

Never heard about this lady but congratulationsé

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Posted in: 89-year-old ex-top bureaucrat pleads not guilty over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context

When I read it I just want to puke...

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Posted in: 89-year-old ex-top bureaucrat pleads not guilty over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context

What a joke?

Remember guys regular people don't have rights.

Most terrible thing from all of that is that small kid died.

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Posted in: Budget requests hit record ¥105.4071 tril, fueled by pandemic spending See in context


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