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Posted in: 85-year-old motorist hits teenage girls after ignoring family call not to drive See in context

Bungle, I think you bungled that one. I'm 84 years old, drive 25K a year now, down from a high of 40K a few years back,, over 1 1/2 million miles without an accident, play tennis 4 times a week. You're suggesting that because some older people cause accidents, that I should be forced to give up my license?. I'll go along with more frequent testing to be sure that there isn't a decline in ability, but giving up a license while perfectly capable of safely driving a vehicle is a rediculous non solution to a non problem

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Posted in: S Korea says it won't seek to renegotiate 'comfort women' deal with Japan See in context


Interesting term used to describe young women forced into sex with Japanese military personnel "prostitutes"

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Posted in: Baby hatch operator calls for allowing anonymous childbirth See in context

Yubaru-Such information is useful for reference, and of interest to many readers

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Posted in: N Korean boats off Japan spark spy scare, but some say they are just luckless fishermen See in context

It seems if NK was sending their citizens to spy on Japan, they would provide a little better equipment to get them there ALIVE. Dead agents provide little information of value.

Just athought!

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