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Posted in: 86-year-old man admits killing 16-year-old granddaughter but says he was drunk See in context

This poor girl. Growing up ina home that was always fighting, trying to escape only to meet the root of the evil. Hope she's at peace now.

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Posted in: Cases of patients turned away by hospitals up fivefold over virus See in context

So do they say if they are being directed to a facility that deals with cv19? Are they turned away because the hospital out of ventilators or out of beds?

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Posted in: Japanese manga publishers file lawsuit in New York against 4 pirate sites See in context

Im confused by the folks suggestions they need to make a subscription site for manga. Here in the US I can think of 4 off the top of my head that are supported by copywrite holders.

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Posted in: MLB needs to protect fans at every ballpark before someone dies See in context

It is pretty easy for the right people to get numbers on. What happened to attendance and seat purchases for the clubs that extended netting? And the NHL added netting over the glass some years ago, how did the effect attendance? Once you have that info the clubs should be able to make some models of the economic cost of netting.

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Posted in: You can freeze that? See in context

Love the herb ice cube idea!

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Posted in: Church cancels anime singer’s concert because of her involvement with adult video games See in context

I just don't understand how they are ok with a intensely violent, sadistic anime like higurashi but draw the line with eroge.

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Posted in: 5,000 sprint for title of ‘Lucky Man’ See in context

Getting a good starting position is one aspect of the 'lucky' part. Otherwise it's just a foot race and luck would have nothing to do with it.

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Posted in: Woman in her 60s dies after being hit by child on ice skating rink See in context

Helmets for recreational skating is totally over kill. Keep the rink attendance at a reasonable level so people can manuver around each other and have a few paid safety officers ON THE ICE to police people skating fast/dangerously and evict skaters that don't follow the rules.

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Posted in: Halloween's impact not as big as some media make it out to be See in context

What surprises me is that the lads spend less on white day than the ladies on valentines day. Come on guys pick up your game!

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Posted in: How to make a creamy cauliflower soup without any cream See in context

I too clicked on the recipe thinking it would be a non-dairy recipe since it's lack of cream was touted in the title.

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Posted in: Fukuoka senior arrested for stealing a single grape See in context

He's a monster, what human would just throw grape skins on the sidewalk?

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Posted in: 69-year-old camp site employee kills man, injures man's son in Gumma car incident See in context

Please slow down and stay alert when driving, especially where pedestrians often share the road. My experience here in California is that many park employees 'zip' around the campsites while doing their duties perhaps due to driving the same small roads day in and day out.

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Posted in: Couple films own suicide jumping in front of train in Sapporo, streams it online See in context

The headline says Sapporo... 'Reckless' bames Tokyo for the aberrant behavior.

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Posted in: The proper response when your wife says 'I can’t make dinner tonight?' Japanese Twitter debates See in context

"no problem, everything ok?*. Simple response that doesn't subtext "why can't you".

Its up to both people in a marriage to know how thier spouce communicates even when your spouse is a terrible communicator.

After 35yrs with the same lady I can honestly say I don't miss those first couple of years when we were trying to figure out what it meant to be married to each other.

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Posted in: Hundreds of school walkouts planned on Columbine anniversary See in context

First, missing one day of school in America won't effect your test scores at all. To think the kids total education would be hampered my missing a day a month would even be a stretch.

On the other hand direct contact with organized groups that stand up to bad government is a civics lesson you'll never fully grasp from reading a book or listening to a lecture.

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Posted in: Filipino man arrested after 10 guns, 200 bullets found in vacated room See in context

I saw the word "automatic". That means machine gun, like Hollywood spray bullets everywhere kind of gun. Even these are dang near impossible to get in the US.

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Posted in: Gov't to test safety of burying radioactive soil in spring See in context

Can't they bury it under/around the Diet?

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Posted in: Skeletonized body found in storage case in apartment during moving preparations See in context

"I can't lift this case - better call the cops and have them move it for me".

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Posted in: Hawaii missile alert mistake feeds doubts about a real emergency See in context

For every person that thought "OMG what do I do" during the false alarm please head over to ready.gov and start making your family plan now. Let's capitalize on Hawaiis bone headed mistake and get ready for the next flood/earthquake/hurricane etc.

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Posted in: Man's body found at yakuza office in Tokyo’s Akasaka district See in context

He "fell down the stairs"?

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Posted in: 1st driverless car test on public road held in central Japan See in context

I'm surprised how behind Japan is in this technology. We've had autonomous cars testing here in the sf bay area for years. They move at regular traffic speeds and don't have to memorize the course first. Naturally they have in car humans to take the control if things go bad but so far they have a stellar record.

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Posted in: At least 3 dead in shooting at Colorado Walmart See in context

Replica toy guns sold in the US must have a blaze orange tip - please note that black spray paint is sold on isle 5. What I find odd is the restrictions don't apply to bb guns which can look real and shoot a (low powered) metal bb. It only applies to guns that shoot plastic bbs.

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Posted in: One girl dead, another injured after leaping from 5th floor of condo See in context

Geoff, it's called empathy and it's not a bad trait to have. You should be proud of enduring those hardships without slipping into depression but you should also understand some people don't have that mental fortitude.

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening truck driver with toy gun in Tochigi See in context

If this toy gun was an air-soft gun then it would look like the real deal even up close.

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Posted in: Fukushima teacher tapes students’ mouths shut for talking during class See in context

To paraphrase Chris Rock - "I'm not saying he should have done it, but I UNDERSTAND".

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Posted in: Court upholds injunction to halt restart of Takahama reactors See in context

So how has Japan made up the 33% loss of energy production? Is the energy shortages? Did they start burning more oil/coal to make up the difference? Can someone point me to that kind of info?

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Posted in: Police officer fires warning shot after being charged at by knife-wielding 15-year-old boy See in context

@piecewarrior - the article stated that he shot into the ground and a later comment stated he shot low and missed. But in either case you may want to know that bullets don't 'ricochet' in the since you are probably thinking off. When a handgun round hits something hard at close range (under 25m) it basically shatters into a bunch of sliver sized fragments. These fragments travel parallel to the ground (object hit) and fan out all kinds of directions. Due to the new small size of the fragments they lack the energy to do more than give you a nasty cut. So in summary a warning shot to the ground has very little likelihood of causing real damage to the suspect or innocents near by.

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Posted in: Homeless guys happy to 'rent' themselves out See in context

Anyone who works for a wage is renting themselves out - don't fool yourself.

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Posted in: Human roadblock for Japanese firms developing autonomous cars See in context

How many deaths are self driven cars responsible for? I guess none til they are actually on the road.

I work in Palo Alto CA and self driven cars a common thing around here as both Google and Apple are testing their systems. A recent news agency found that all of the 16 accidents these cars we involved in were due to the fault of the other driver. Such as rear ended at stop light, side swiped on city streets etc.

The biggest obstacle is going to be realigning the culture of cars where drivers feel its OK to cheat the laws. Going 'a little' over the speed limit, not coming to complete stop at intersections and that sort of thing. The auto cars will be that annoying grandma of a driver that follows all the laws to the letter and we as humans will have to calm the F down and let it look out for our best interests.

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