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Was he a video game player?

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A similar event happened at LeRoy High School in LeRoy, New York. Girls began to have seizures and tics like Tourette's.

It became a national interest in the United States as different factions tried to connect the episodes to chemical spills, ground water contamination, and other problems.

Doctors eventually arrived at different solutions. One group was treated for Conversion Disorder, a psychiatric problem A second doctor said it was PANDAS, mental breaks connected to infection. One group was treated with antipsychotics, and the other with antibiotics. Both treatments appeared to work equally well.

No one realized that the first girl had stopped symptoms when she left school, but they returned when she went back to classes. That says her problem was Subliminal Distraction. The girl took two art classes daily and was active using her computer at home performing school work and social media activities.

It is possible that these girls in Fukuoka Prefecture also created Subliminal Distraction exposure. It's an engineering/design problem with human physiology discovered when it caused mental breaks for office workers in 1964. The cubicle was designed to block peripheral vision for a concentrating worker to stop it in offices by 1968.

Computers allow the mental break causing design mistake to be created almost anywhere. Long hours of exposure are required for the full mental break which remits when exposure stops. But low levels of exposure can cause bizarre symptoms.

This problem of the physiology of sight also causes the mental breaks from QiGong participation.

If you have a computer at home you should investigate Subliminal Distraction, learn what it is, then take simple free precautions to avoid it.

I study it as the cause of college suicides.

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The study is typical of work done attempting to understand schizophrenia. it is a diagnosis in the DSM, nothing more. It involves psychosis symptoms lasting 6 months. In the 1600's and 1700's London even the apparently severely mentally ill spontaneously remitted symptoms. There were no drugs or treatments then. Mental illness has not changed over the centuries. Where are those spontaneous remissions today? They are being claimed as positive outcomes for drug and talk therapy treatments.

Without understanding what schizophrenia is and what causes it the study looks at patient histories for common elements such as previous pot use. <VisionAndPsychosis.Net>

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These deaths are happening for the same reason college suicides happen. Schools do not warn students about a little known problem American engineers discovered when it caused mental breaks for office workers in 1964.

Today computers and other view-screen devices allow students and home computer users to make the design mistake then have Subliminal Distraction exposure for the mental break engineers discovered.

When did you ever hear of a student suicide from bullying before the invention of the computer?


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These studies never consider a common problem discovered when it caused mental breaks for office workers in the United States forty years ago. The cubicle was designed to stop it in offices by 1968.

Students have activities that replicate the "special circumstances" that allowed this problem in offices.

Some one with chronic exposure so that the manic or depressive episode repeats would be diagnosed as Bipolar.

In nine years writing emails and letters I found only one doctor, Dr Carlat, Tuffs, who said he had seen the believed harmless episodes when he was in residency. VisionAndPsychosis.Net is a psychology project about the problem.

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Leopold had a long life an enjoyed his successes. His victim had no such opportunity. Leopold was rewarded for his deed. It is not possible to determine how much deterrence is provided by the death penalty. No one can wind back the clock and relive a test period of time with the death penalty the first time through history and without a death penalty the second to determine that. We are left with meaningless arguments.

It comes down to perfecting the science to prove guilt without doubt in each murder case.

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There have been many studies like this which issue pronouncements but do not realize they didn't take all factors into account. One such factor is Subliminal Distraction exposure. SD, a normal feature in everyone's physiology of sight, was discovered as a problem when it caused mental breaks for office workers. The cubicle was invented to stop the problem by 1968. With the advent of computers and other view screen devices the problem can be created in homes and student dorms. The family size plus how and where the home computer is used would be a factor.

The Virginia Tech, Redlake tribal school, Jokela, Finland school, and Atlanta Day Trader killers all created this problem. The Finnish National Police actually released a photo of Peka-Eric Auvinen's bedroom computer placed beside a closet door mirror so that Auvinen would detect his own movement as a reflection in peripheral vision to cause Subliminal Distraction exposure (repeating subliminal failed attempts to execute the vision startle reflex). Auvinen executed eight before committing suicide in Jokela Finland.

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Anorexia is most likely an altered mental state created by Subliminal Distraction exposure. Complex behaviors like that can be created by operant conditioning. When the subliminal stimulation of the subconscious happens with Subliminal Distraction exposure and is perceived as a punishment or reward it can shape beliefs and behavior. Concerns of weight and physical appearance are raised to pathological levels producing life threatening activities.

There is a single case of a self trained Qi Gong user becoming addicted to performing the exercise with others. He would have been addicted to the subliminal stimulation of the subconscious while performing Qi Gong. That same stimulation can happen anywhere there is full mental investment with detectable movement in peripheral vision. It is accidental subliminal operant conditioning.

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I began to follow these mass shootings in 2002. Did you know there has been a mass murder in Japan caused by the same problem that causes them in the United States? In June 2008 Tomohiro Kato rented a two ton truck, drove it into a crowd, jumped out and stabbed seventeen killing seven.

He was a temp worker and video game player. He had the opportunity for Subliminal Distraction exposure. Several other mass killers had this problem.

No one in their right mind plans and executes an attack like Columbine.

The Columbine killers were heavy computer users. The court sealed all information so that none is available to connect Subliminal Distraction. But the Virginia Tech, Redlake School, Joleka Finland School, and Atlanta Day Trader killers all created this problem.

Computer use in a location where there is repeating detectable threat-movement in peripheral vision will cause psychiatric symptoms. With enough exposure in a compact time frame there will be a mental break. The problem is known but those who work in Systems Furniture, cubicles, believe it is only a harmless temporary episode. It is unknown in any area of mental health services.

These killers are having Subliminal Distraction exposure. Then they have the subtle mental event in which they believe and act out the delusions. Only Barton in Atlanta understood he was having a mental break. Both Columbine killers were having psychiatric problems that match the symptoms of serious Subliminal Distraction exposure.


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The bottom line about the guns from the United States is that only 17% of the guns confiscated have been submitted for tracing. Of that 17% traced 90% are from the US. Most are handguns.

To buy a handgun in the US you must be a citizen of the state where you purchase it. We have an instant check for ID and criminal record before the paperwork can be processed. A driver's license is necessary.

Those guns can be traced back to that buyer and gun store. Why is this not done?

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Posted in: Man jumps to death from station platform in Yokohama; two women injured See in context

Why should there be any suicides of college students? What was this student studying? There has been an ongoing problem of college suicides and student disappearances in the United States. Three of the missing students were computer science majors. One recent missing students, Hannah Upp, attempted suicide. Many of the missing are found suicides.

Students have behaviors that would allow Subliminal Distraction exposure. Heavy computer use increases that probability. Did this student have such increased probability of exposure?

I am interested because I have a site that investigates these deaths, VisionAndPsychosis.Net.

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Posted in: People used to say 'why do we have to use tax money to deal with suicides, when this is an individual problem?' But unless the entire community understands that this is an issue, it can't be solved. See in context

The reason that high intelligence and wealth mark those who commit suicide may be Subliminal Distraction.

Those with high intelligence are more likely to have behaviors that allow Subliminal Distraction exposure if the other conditions are met. They are concentration to a level of light dissociation while there is detectable movement in peripheral vision.

Cubicles were designed to deal with the problem of mental breaks in business offices in the 1960's. But India and Japan do not often offer Cubicle Level Protection.

It is difficult to get enough exposure to cause problems. That happens when someone creates the "special circumstances" for exposure and uses that location for weeks.

Mass school shooters have done that.

VisionAndPsychosis.Net is a five year investigation of Subliminal Distraction.

Efforts to solve this problem will not succeed until Subliminal Distraction is evaluated.

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Posted in: Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. troops has mental problems after war service See in context

There have been incidents where vets have disappeared after having sudden mental events. Both were found after crawling in to a small space to die.

The problem is that PTSD is a failed explanation for the mental problems. From the posts above you can see that it depends on a political diagnosis that trauma causes these events.

It is more likely that these mental problems are being caused by a little known problem with physiology, Subliminal Distraction.

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Posted in: Virginia Tech begins day of mourning a year after mass shooting See in context

There has been additional violence at VTech. The case was only reported in local newspapers. It was a knife attack.

The mass shooting happened because VTech failed to provide Cubicle Level Protection for student study areas and to warn students.

The phenomenon was discovered when it caused mental breaks for office workers. The cubicle was designed to deal with the vision startle reflex to stop mental events in business offices by 1968.


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