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LarsK comments

Posted in: Man arrested for punching 2-year-old son in face See in context

The cops should have let him "trip" in the stairs as they took him away.

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Posted in: Tokyo police release PR video in English to assure foreign visitors Japan is safe See in context

The police chase around 9 minutes in were likely foreigners. Wouldn't it be better if they didn't mention that and acted like it was a normal pursuit?

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Posted in: Suspect says another man in his van killed 13-year-old girl See in context

The timeline above is very confusing.....

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 77-year-old father in Sapporo See in context

Why are they always pointing out that the person is unemployed? Does that automatically make them crazy?

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Posted in: Revised law banning child porn possession goes into effect See in context

I see child porn even in manga form as an instigator to actually performing child porn. Ban it all, get some of the perv label of Japan.

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Posted in: Revised law banning child porn possession goes into effect See in context

I didn't see anybody mention this;

Now anyone who “possesses child pornography for the purpose of satisfying his/her sexual interest” faces imprisonment of up to one year or a fine of up to one million yen.

So I can possess and sell it, as long as I don't pleasure myself watching the pictures or movies? A big loophole in the law, unless there are more not written in this article.

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Posted in: Arrested American Toyota exec to be released See in context

Good luck for any other foreign female executive to get a high ranking job in Japan after this.

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Posted in: Father of bullied boy who killed himself files criminal complaint See in context

My son is half Japanese. In 1st and 2nd grade the kids called him gaijin. The teachers didn't do anything. One kid was fighting with him all the time, and he scratched him in the face around the eyes. I went over to the parents of the kid and was pretty hard on them. The kid never did anything to my son again.

This is classic Japanese behavior, sweep it under the rug and don't talk about it....

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