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You know, it's nothing short of hilarious to watch people misconstrue an article and then run right into flaming each other in the 'comments' section. I mean, really? Come on now. I know It's easier to get enraged than it is to make an intelligent and relevant comment. It isn't entirely your fault though because this article, though still interesting, was not well written.

The article fails the readers about halfway in. The segueway between the 'dolls you bang' and the 'dolls you don't' wasn't clear at all and fails to clearly state that the Volks line of dolls are in not sex dolls. Yeah, the relationship between people and their dolls is interesting and occasionally intense. Dollfies are more of a creative outlet of fashion design and appearance but are not marketed/intended for sex in any way, shape or form.*

*The phenomenon of Super Dollfie is better explained by this Japanorama*. It's done by the BBC3 and is hosted by Johnathan Ross. It covers dolls in popular culture in Japan and addresses the Volks Super Dollfie phenomenon and it's potential effects on the population.**

Yeah, it's strange (I think it is even considered odd in some ways among the Japanese since collectors hide their identities) but Dollfies (specifically) are not detrimental. If someone wants to collect dolls, let them collect dolls. If someone wants to take that to the 'unhealthy obsession' collecting limit then that's their business. If they don't want to contribute to the gene pool then that is their decision and I am totally fine with it.

Other than falling under the heading DOLLS MADE IN JAPAN, Dollfie and the aforementioned sex dolls have absolutely nothing in common.

Of course there may be an exception to the rule but I knew stupid people in college who would do naughty things to anything from kitchen utensils to musical instruments. Let's hope they got help. Perversion is a general affliction and not related to collectable dolls in particular (just ask an ER nurse).

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